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Slalom, Men

Date27 February 1994
LocationHafjell Alpinsenter, Øyer
Participants57 from 25 countries
FormatTwo runs, total time determined placement.
Course Setter (Run 1)Pavel GrašičSLO
Course Setter (Run 2)Erik SkaslienNOR
Venue detailsGates: 74 / 68
Length: ?
Start Altitude: 485 m
Vertical Drop: 227 m

Alberto Tomba, the 1988 gold medalist and 1992 silver medalist in the slalom, was somewhat past his best in the giant slalom, but he still led the 1993-94 slalom World Cup, having won that title in 1992, and winning four of the eight pre-Olympic slaloms. On the first run, he was unimpressive, placing 12th in a time that left him 1.84 seconds behind the run leader, Thomas Stangassinger of Austria. Fourth off on the second run, Tomba produced a near-perfect run, and taking the early lead. One-by-one the 11 skiiers ahead of him came down the course, and one-by-one his time held up, until the final skier, Stangassinger. Stangassinger would finish only seventh on the second run, and edged ahead of Tomba by only 0.15 seconds, but the gold medal went to the Austrian. Tomba won his third consecutive Olympic medal in the slalom.

PosNrSkierNOCTimeRun 1Run 2
18Thomas StangassingerAUT2:02.021:01.00 (1)1:01.02 (7)Gold
21Alberto TombaITA2:02.171:02.84 (12)59.33 (1)Silver
32Jure KoširSLO2:02.531:02.55 (8)59.98 (3)Bronze
437Mitja KuncSLO2:02.621:02.82 (11)59.80 (2)
55Thomas FogdöSWE2:03.051:02.98 (15)1:00.07 (4)
64Finn Christian JaggeNOR2:03.191:02.16 (5)1:01.03 (8)
734Casey PuckettUSA2:03.471:02.97 (14)1:00.50 (5)
818Angelo WeissITA2:03.721:02.77 (10)1:00.95 (6)
911Patrick StaubSUI2:04.191:02.46 (6)1:01.73 (9)
1027Andrej MiklavcSLO2:04.351:02.57 (9)1:01.78 (10)
1120Andrea ZinsliSUI2:04.941:02.87 (13)1:02.07 (13)
1235Mika MarilaFIN2:04.991:02.54 (7)1:02.45 (15)
1323Mats EricsonSWE2:05.491:03.25 (16)1:02.24 (14)
1436Thomas GrandiCAN2:05.541:03.48 (18)1:02.06 (12)
1517Michael von GrünigenSUI2:05.881:03.94 (21)1:01.94 (11)
1619Yves DimierFRA2:06.991:03.72 (20)1:03.27 (18)
1722Paul AccolaSUI2:07.561:04.45 (24)1:03.11 (17)
1832Kiminobu KimuraJPN2:07.971:05.26 (26)1:02.71 (16)
1926Takuya IshiokaJPN2:10.341:05.94 (27)1:04.40 (19)
2054Vicente TomásESP2:13.441:06.71 (28)1:06.73 (21)
2156Hur Seung-WookKOR2:13.661:07.43 (29)1:06.23 (20)
2257Attila BónisHUN2:20.431:10.87 (30)1:09.56 (22)
AC12Kjetil André AamodtNOR1:01.80 (2)– (AC)DNF
AC7Peter RothGER1:01.84 (3)– (AC)DNF
AC15Thomas SykoraAUT1:02.03 (4)– (AC)DNF
AC29Rob CrossanCAN1:03.45 (17)– (AC)DNF
AC25Sébastien AmiezFRA1:03.66 (19)– (AC)DNF
AC33Tetsuya OkabeJPN1:03.98 (22)– (AC)DNF
AC31Matt GrosjeanUSA1:04.24 (23)– (AC)DNF
AC39Jeremy NobisUSA1:04.86 (25)– (AC)DNF
AC3Armin BittnerGER– (AC)DNF
AC10Günther MaderAUT– (AC)DNF
AC13Bernhard GstreinAUT– (AC)DNF
AC14Lasse KjusNOR– (AC)DNF
AC21Bernhard BauerGER– (AC)DNF
AC24Fabrizio TescariITA– (AC)DNF
AC28Johan WallnerSWE– (AC)DNF
AC30Norman BergamelliITA– (AC)DNF
AC38Erik SchlopyUSA– (AC)DNF
AC40Ovidio GarcíaESP– (AC)DNF
AC42Gaku HirasawaJPN– (AC)DNF
AC43Tobias HellmanSWE– (AC)DNF
AC44Lyubomir PopovBUL– (AC)DNF
AC45Gerard EscodaAND– (AC)DNF
AC46Kristinn BjörnssonISL– (AC)DNF
AC47Simon Wi RuteneNZL– (AC)DNF
AC49Bill GaylordGBR– (AC)DNF
AC50Xavier UbeiraESP– (AC)DNF
AC51Haukur ArnórssonISL– (AC)DNF
AC52Federico van DitmarARG– (AC)DNF
AC53Petar DichevBUL– (AC)DNF
AC58Marcin SzafrańskiPOL– (AC)DNF
AC59Vedran PavlekCRO– (AC)DNF
AC60Levan AbramishviliGEO– (AC)DNF
AC6Gregor GrilcSLO1:02.46 (AC)DQ
AC9Ole Kristian FurusethNOR1:01.16 (AC)DQ
AC16Marc GirardelliLUX– (AC)DQ
DNS41Tobias BarnerssoiGER– (DNS)
DNS48Marco BüchelLIE– (DNS)
DNS55Achim VogtLIE– (DNS)