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Giant Slalom, Men1

Date19 February 1998
LocationMt. Higashidate, Shiga Kogen, Yamanouchi
Participants62 from 28 countries
FormatTwo runs, total time determined placement.
Course Setter (Run 1)Filip GartnerNOR
Course Setter (Run 2)Toni GigerAUT
DetailsGates: ?
Length: ?
Start Altitude: 1969 m
Vertical Drop: 439 m

Switzerland’s Michael von Grünigen had won the World Cup GS in both 1996 and 1997, but in the 1997-98 season, Hermann Maier was leading the World Cup race. After the event was delayed one day because of a blizzard, Maier won this gold medal, winning both legs of the giant slalom, adding the gold to the one he had won in the Super G three days before. Von Grünigen never quite caught form, placing fifth on the first run, and sixth on the second run, eventually winning a bronze medal. The silver medal went to the surprising Austrian Stephan Eberharter. Five years before, this would not have been thought unusual, as Eberharter won gold medals at the 1991 World Championships in the Super G and Combined. But a series of injuries then derailed his career and he was even off the World Cup circuit for two full years. But Nagano marked his return to the top flight, as in 2002 at Salt Lake City he would win the gold medal, adding a gold in the Super G at the 2003 World Championships, and from 2002-2004 he won seven World Cup titles, including the overall in 2002 and 2003.

PosNrSkierNOCTimeRun 1Run 2
13Hermann MaierAUT2:38.511:20.36 (1)1:18.15 (1)Gold
211Stephan EberharterAUT2:39.361:20.94 (3)1:18.42 (3)Silver
36Michael von GrünigenSUI2:39.691:20.98 (5)1:18.71 (6)Bronze
44Hans KnaußAUT2:39.711:21.16 (6)1:18.55 (4)
517Jure KoširSLO2:39.981:20.97 (4)1:19.01 (8)
67Steve LocherSUI2:40.301:21.98 (11)1:18.32 (2)
79Paul AccolaSUI2:40.571:21.31 (7)1:19.26 (11)
816Lasse KjusNOR2:40.651:21.92 (10)1:18.73 (7)
91Christian MayerAUT2:40.671:20.84 (2)1:19.83 (14)
1010Fredrik NybergSWE2:40.951:22.32 (15)1:18.63 (5)
1112Ian PiccardFRA2:41.101:22.08 (14)1:19.02 (9)
125Urs KälinSUI2:41.171:22.00 (12)1:19.17 (10)
1320Christophe SaioniFRA2:41.241:21.84 (9)1:19.40 (12)
1415Marco BüchelLIE2:41.991:22.52 (19)1:19.47 (13)
1519Matteo NanaITA2:42.371:22.43 (18)1:19.94 (15)
1621Sergio BergamelliITA2:42.781:22.38 (16)1:20.40 (17)
1728Tom StiansenNOR2:42.881:21.40 (8)1:21.48 (24)
1826Mitja KuncSLO2:43.091:22.66 (20)1:20.43 (18)
1924Sami UotilaFIN2:43.451:23.43 (24)1:20.02 (16)
2032Daron RahlvesUSA2:43.591:22.81 (21)1:20.78 (21)
2135Patrik JärbynSWE2:43.821:23.19 (22)1:20.63 (20)
2229Jernej KoblarSLO2:43.961:23.49 (25)1:20.47 (19)
2334Thomas LodlerCRO2:44.211:23.26 (23)1:20.95 (22)
2441Andrzej Bachleda-CuruśPOL2:46.241:24.17 (28)1:22.07 (27)
2550Kiminobu KimuraJPN2:46.351:25.02 (30)1:21.33 (23)
2636Sacha GrosUSA2:46.891:24.57 (29)1:22.32 (28)
2752Tejs BrobergDEN2:47.141:25.14 (32)1:22.00 (26)
2845Vedran PavlekCRO2:47.541:25.61 (35)1:21.93 (25)
=2948Marcel MaxaCZE2:49.511:25.88 (36)1:23.63 (32)
=2943Takuya IshiokaJPN2:49.511:26.16 (38)1:23.35 (30)
3144Alain BaxterGBR2:49.821:26.29 (39)1:23.53 (31)
3259Stefan GeorgievBUL2:50.891:27.76 (40)1:23.13 (29)
3349Hur Seung-WookKOR2:52.271:27.87 (41)1:24.40 (33)
3460Ivars CiagunsLAT2:53.591:28.52 (42)1:25.07 (34)
3562Marko ĐorđevićSCG2:58.471:30.34 (44)1:28.13 (35)
3663Aleksandar StojanovskiMKD3:01.171:31.83 (45)1:29.34 (36)
DNF14Patrick HolzerITA1:22.39 (17)– (DNF)
DNF23Markus EberleGER1:24.01 (26)– (DNF)
DNF39Kalle PalanderFIN1:24.02 (27)– (DNF)
DNF38Víctor GómezAND1:25.07 (31)– (DNF)
DNF46Gerard EscodaAND1:25.23 (33)– (DNF)
DNF47Enis BećirbegovićBIH1:26.15 (37)– (DNF)
DNF61Dmitry KvachKAZ1:29.95 (43)– (DNF)
DNF42Kristinn BjörnssonISL1:25.47 (34)– (DNS)
DNF2Kjetil André AamodtNOR– (DNF)
DNF8Alberto TombaITA– (DNF)
DNF22Harald Christian Strand NilsenNOR– (DNF)
DNF25Bernhard KnaussSLO– (DNF)
DNF30Achim VogtLIE– (DNF)
DNF31Casey PuckettUSA– (DNF)
DNF33Martin HanssonSWE– (DNF)
DNF37Andrey FilichkinRUS– (DNF)
DNF40Kentaro MinagawaJPN– (DNF)
DNF53Mika MarilaFIN– (DNF)
DNF54Vasily BezsmelnitsynRUS– (DNF)
DNF55Renato GašparCRO– (DNF)
DNF56Haukur ArnórssonISL– (DNF)
DNF57Byun Jong-MoonKOR– (DNF)
DNF58Lyubomir PopovBUL– (DNF)
DQ13Thomas GrandiCAN[1:23.31] (DQ)
DQ18Joël ChenalFRA1:22.05 (13)[1:20.04] (DQ)
DQ27Bode MillerUSA1:56.98 (46)[1:24.68] (DQ)
DNS51Jóhann Haukur HafsteinISL– (DNS)