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20 kilometres, Men

Date16 February 1980 — 09:00
LocationMt. Van Hoevenberg Recreation Area, Lake Placid (Cross Country Complex)
Participants49 from 18 countries
FormatVariable penalty for each missed target. The target had two circles, an inner and an outer. Shots outside the outer circle brought a two-minute penalty. Shots between the circles brought a one-minute penalty.
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 124 m
Maximum Climb: 62 m
Shooting 1: Prone at 4.0 km, 50 m range
Shooting 2: Standing at 8.0 km, 50 m range
Shooting 3: Prone at 12.0 km, 50 m range
Shooting 4: Standing at 16.0 km, 50 m range
Total Climbing: 447 m

A new biathlon star had emerged at the 1978 World Championships. East Germany’s 20-year-old Frank Ullrich won gold medals in the 10 km sprint and relay, and in addition, won silver in the 20 km. At the 1979 World Championships he added two more gold medals to his collection, again winning the 10 km sprint and as a member of the winning East German relay team. Completing the East German team in Lake Placid were the reigning World Champion at 20 km, Klaus Siebert and Eberhard Rösch, with two individual medals from the 1978 World Championships.

At the first shooting range, a Soviet newcomer, 28-year-old Anatoly Alyabyev from Arkhangelsk had taken the lead, three seconds ahead of the Finn Erkki Antila. The East Germans started badly. Ullrich had one penalty minute and was 33 seconds behind the leader, and Siebert and Rösch were far behind, with two penalty minutes each. After the second shooting round, where both Alyabyev and Ullrich had perfect series, Ullrich took the lead, just one second ahead of Alyabyev. At the third shooting range, the surprising Alyabyev had another perfect shooting and regained the lead, 19 seconds ahead of Ullrich, who had another penalty minute. Ullrich was the fastest skier of the day, and when he arrived at the last shooting range he still had good chances for an Olympic gold. He again had a penalty minute, but Alyabyev, starting five minutes behind Ullrich, had to make his fourth perfect shooting round to challenge Ullrich for the gold. And he did, leaving the last range with a ½-minute lead over the East German. Alyabyev hung on and won the gold medal, just 11 seconds ahead of the fast finishing Ullrich. Rösch, who started so badly, had advanced steadily during the race with three perfect shooting rounds and finished as the bronze medalist, almost three minutes behind the winner.

PosNrBiathleteNOCTimePenaltiesSkiing (Pos)
142Anatoly AlyabyevURS1-08:16.3101-08:16.31 (10)Gold
237Frank UllrichGDR1-08:27.7931-05:27.79 (1)Silver
34Eberhard RöschGDR1-11:11.7321-09:11.73 (13)Bronze
413Svein EngenNOR1-11:30.2531-08:30.25 (11)
516Erkki AntilaFIN1-11:32.3241-07:32.32 (3)
644Yvon MougelFRA1-11:33.6031-08:33.60 (12)
729Vladimir BarnashovURS1-11:49.4941-07:49.49 (6)
87Vladimir AlikinURS1-12:05.3061-06:05.30 (2)
910André GeourjonFRA1-12:53.3721-10:53.37 (24)
1045Arduino TiraboschiITA1-13:06.0521-11:06.05 (25)
1115Ronnie AdolfssonSWE1-13:10.9051-08:10.90 (8)
1221Sören WikströmSWE1-13:13.3451-08:13.34 (9)
1349Sigleif JohansenNOR1-13:20.1221-11:20.12 (27)
1430Zdeněk HákTCH1-13:33.7641-09:33.76 (14)
1527Klaus SiebertGDR1-13:48.7161-07:48.71 (5)
163Keith OliverGBR1-14:02.3021-12:02.30 (32)
178Siegfried DocknerAUT1-14:35.2841-10:35.28 (22)
1839Heikki IkolaFIN1-15:02.1651-10:02.16 (18)
1919Adriano DarioliITA1-15:11.2251-10:11.22 (20)
2033Denis SandonaFRA1-15:21.0121-13:21.01 (39)
2114Angelo CarraraITA1-15:31.8931-12:31.89 (34)
2236Peter ZelinkaTCH1-15:36.4061-09:36.40 (15)
2324Odd LirhusNOR1-15:39.4181-07:39.41 (4)
2431Alfred EderAUT1-15:44.2841-11:44.28 (29)
2546Jim WoodGBR1-15:45.3731-12:45.37 (35)
2638Rudi HornAUT1-16:03.8361-10:03.83 (19)
2723Peter AngererFRG1-16:07.6081-08:07.60 (7)
285Masaichi KinoshitaJPN1-16:21.4621-14:21.46 (42)
2935Alois KanamüllerFRG1-17:34.8061-11:34.80 (28)
306Gerd WinklerFRG1-17:48.5771-10:48.57 (23)
3140Sven FahlénSWE1-17:49.2381-09:49.23 (16)
322Raimo SeppänenFIN1-19:15.6761-13:15.67 (38)
3318Graeme FergusonGBR1-19:53.9871-12:53.98 (36)
3447Urs BrechbühlSUI1-19:59.1381-11:59.13 (31)
3528Marjan BurgarYUG1-20:11.6861-14:11.68 (41)
361Martin HagenUSA1-21:02.9581-13:02.95 (37)
3717Roland BurnSUI1-21:12.97111-10:12.97 (21)
3825Glen Jobe, Jr.USA1-21:36.5261-15:36.52 (44)
3920Hiroyuki DeguchiJPN1-21:53.1671-14:53.16 (43)
4022Yuri MitevBUL1-21:58.06101-11:58.06 (30)
4141Tsusumisa KikuchiJPN1-24:44.30111-13:44.30 (40)
4212Josef SkalníkTCH1-26:17.13151-11:17.13 (26)
4348Vladimir VelichkovBUL1-27:57.24181-09:57.24 (17)
449Ying ZhenshanCHN1-28:47.00131-15:47.00 (45)
4534Johnny RugerUSA1-33:30.80211-12:30.80 (33)
4626Wang YumjieCHN1-33:49.77161-17:49.77 (46)
4743Luis RíosARG1-55:26.50211-34:26.50 (47)
AC11Jorge SalasARG– (–)DNF
AC32Raúl AbellaARG– (–)DNF