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Individual Pursuit, 4,000 metres, Men

Date30 July – 1 August 1984
LocationOlympic Velodrome, California State University at Dominguez Hills, Carson, California
Participants33 from 21 countries

The best pursuiters in the world were the East Germans and Soviets. In their absence, the favorite’s role fell to Rolf Gölz (FRG), who had placed second at the 1982 World Championships. Despite the boycott, the field had 33 riders, the largest ever Olympic starting field for this event. The qualifying was led by American Steve Hegg, a former national team ski racer, who won by almost 11 seconds over France’s Pascal Robert, with Golz placing fifth. There were four rounds of match races, and Hegg and Gölz easily made it to the final, with Gölz overtaking his opponents in both the quarters and semis. In the final, Gölz started quickly but Hegg caught him by 2,500 metres and pulled away to an easy victory. In the bronze medal race, another American, Leonard Harvey Nitz, defeated Australian Dean Woods to take third place. After his defeat, Gölz told Hegg, )You wouldn’t have beaten me in Germany,) to which Hegg replied, )I really don’t care - this is Los Angeles.)

Hegg and Nitz’s medals were unusual for the United States in track cycling, although the Eastern Bloc boycott had much to do with this. But shortly after the competition, it was revealed that several members of the American track cycling team, including Hegg and Nitz, had participated in blood doping – usually done by harvesting their own blood several weeks before the competition and then re-injecting it shortly before the event. But because the US team had not planned this correctly, they did not have time to harvest their own blood, so they had blood injected from other donors, a very dangerous practice because of the risk of antibody reactions and viral contamination. This was not illegal at the time, but in 1985, blood doping would be banned by the IOC.

1Steve HeggUSAGold
2Rolf GölzFRGSilver
3Leonard Harvey NitzUSABronze
4Dean WoodsAUS
5Jørgen PedersenDEN
6Jelle NijdamNED
7Pascal RobertFRA
8Michael GrendaAUS
9Rudi CeyssensBEL
10Roberto CaloviITA
11Anthony CuffNZL
12Shaun WallaceGBR
13Gabriel CuruchetARG
14Alex StiedaCAN
15Jörg MüllerSUI
16Carlos GarcíaURU
17 r1/5Gary TrevisiolCAN
18 r1/5Henning LarsenDEN
19 r1/5Maurizio ColomboITA
20 r1/5Sixten WackströmFIN
21 r1/5Stephan JohoSUI
22 r1/5Hans FischerBRA
23 r1/5William PalaciosCOL
24 r1/5Karl KrenauerAUT
25 r1/5Éric LouvelFRA
26 r1/5Steve BentGBR
27 r1/5Fernando VeraCHI
28 r1/5Balbino JaramilloCOL
29 r1/5Diomedes PantonPHI
AC r1/5Pedro CainoARGovertaken
AC r1/5Hsu Chin-TeTPEovertaken
AC r1/5Eduardo CuevasCHIovertaken
AC r1/5Ingo WittenbornFRGovertaken

Qualifying Round (30 July 1984 — 10:00)

Top 16 advanced to round one.

1Steve HeggUSA4:35.57Q
2Pascal RobertFRA4:46.51Q
3Leonard Harvey NitzUSA4:46.99Q
4Jørgen PedersenDEN4:48.42Q
5Rolf GölzFRG4:48.55Q
6Dean WoodsAUS4:49.51Q
7Roberto CaloviITA4:49.89Q
8Michael GrendaAUS4:51.46Q
9Rudi CeyssensBEL4:51.51Q
10Jelle NijdamNED4:51.77Q
11Shaun WallaceGBR4:51.91Q
12Jörg MüllerSUI4:52.57Q
13Alex StiedaCAN4:54.28Q
14Carlos GarcíaURU4:54.37Q
15Anthony CuffNZL4:55.06Q
16Gabriel CuruchetARG4:55.07Q
17Gary TrevisiolCAN4:57.01
18Henning LarsenDEN4:58.17
19Maurizio ColomboITA4:59.72
20Sixten WackströmFIN4:59.94
21Stephan JohoSUI5:00.30
22Hans FischerBRA5:00.47
23William PalaciosCOL5:01.17
24Karl KrenauerAUT5:01.18
25Éric LouvelFRA5:01.52
26Steve BentGBR5:02.17
27Fernando VeraCHI5:02.53
28Balbino JaramilloCOL5:04.12
29Diomedes PantonPHI5:14.27
ACPedro CainoARGovertaken
ACHsu Chin-TeTPEovertaken
ACEduardo CuevasCHIovertaken
ACIngo WittenbornFRGovertaken

Heat One (10:00)

1Diomedes PantonPHI5:14.27

Heat Two

1Carlos GarcíaURU4:54.37Q
2Steve BentGBR5:02.17

Heat Three

1Hans FischerBRA5:00.47
ACHsu Chin-TeTPEovertaken

Heat Four

1Sixten WackströmFIN4:59.94
2Fernando VeraCHI5:02.53

Heat Five

1Gabriel CuruchetARG4:55.07Q
2Karl KrenauerAUT5:01.18

Heat Six

1Gary TrevisiolCAN4:57.01
2William PalaciosCOL5:01.17

Heat Seven

1Dean WoodsAUS4:49.51Q
ACEduardo CuevasCHIovertaken

Heat Eight

1Anthony CuffNZL4:55.06Q
2Balbino JaramilloCOL5:04.12

Heat Nine

1Leonard Harvey NitzUSA4:46.99Q
2Michael GrendaAUS4:51.46Q

Heat Ten

1Steve HeggUSA4:35.57Q
ACPedro CainoARGovertaken

Heat Eleven

1Shaun WallaceGBR4:51.91Q
2Jörg MüllerSUI4:52.57Q

Heat Twelve

1Rudi CeyssensBEL4:51.51Q
2Stephan JohoSUI5:00.30

Heat Thirteen

1Jelle NijdamNED4:51.77Q
2Éric LouvelFRA5:01.52

Heat Fourteen

1Henning LarsenDEN4:58.17
2Maurizio ColomboITA4:59.72

Heat Fifteen

1Pascal RobertFRA4:46.51Q
ACIngo WittenbornFRGovertaken

Heat Sixteen

1Roberto CaloviITA4:49.89Q
2Alex StiedaCAN4:54.28Q

Heat Seventeen

1Jørgen PedersenDEN4:48.42Q
2Rolf GölzFRG4:48.55Q

Round One (31 July 1984)

Winner of each heat advanced to the quarter-finals.

Heat One

1Michael GrendaAUS4:48.99Q
2Rudi CeyssensBEL4:49.53

Heat Two

1Jelle NijdamNED4:46.78Q
2Roberto CaloviITA4:50.11

Heat Three

1Dean WoodsAUS4:43.72Q
2Shaun WallaceGBR4:50.80

Heat Four

1Rolf GölzFRG4:42.63Q
2Jörg MüllerSUI4:53.07

Heat Five

1Jørgen PedersenDEN4:45.34Q
2Alex StiedaCAN4:51.75

Heat Six

1Leonard Harvey NitzUSA4:44.97Q
2Carlos GarcíaURU4:53.72

Heat Seven

1Pascal RobertFRA4:47.94Q
2Anthony CuffNZL4:50.49

Heat Eight

1Steve HeggUSA4:40.26Q
2Gabriel CuruchetARG4:51.04

Quarter-Finals (31 July 1984 — 13:20)

Winner of each heat advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One

1Leonard Harvey NitzUSA4:43.98Q
2Jørgen PedersenDEN4:46.65

Heat Two

1Dean WoodsAUS4:48.04Q
2Jelle NijdamNED4:52.98

Heat Three

1Rolf GölzFRG4:37.70Q
ACPascal RobertFRAovertaken

Heat Four

1Steve HeggUSA4:37.10Q
ACMichael GrendaAUSovertaken

Semi-Finals (1 August 1984 — 10:00)

Winner of each heat advanced to the final.

Heat One

1Rolf GölzFRGno timeQ
ACLeonard Harvey NitzUSAovertaken

Heat Two

1Steve HeggUSA4:47.07Q
2Dean WoodsAUS4:55.02

Final Round (1 August 1984 — 14:00)

Match 1/2 (14:00)

1Steve HeggUSA4:39.35
2Rolf GölzFRG4:43.82

Match 3/4 (14:00)

1Leonard Harvey NitzUSA4:44.03
2Dean WoodsAUS4:44.08