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Trap, Women

Date28 – 29 July 2021
LocationAsaka Shooting Range, Nerima, Tokyo
Participants26 from 19 countries

Like the skeet event, the women’s trap event was now held in the same format as the men’s event, and was also held over two days for the first time, with 125 shots in qualification. A record number of 26 women competed in this event, including the medallists from the 2018 World Championships Zuzana Rehák Štefečeková (gold), Wang Xiaojing (silver) and Silvana Stanco (bronze). Wang also won silver at the 2019 World Shotgun Championships, where Ashley Carroll won gold and Fátima Gálvez took bronze. Carroll, who was also the standing world record holder for the final rounds (48), did not compete in Tokyo. The multiple world champion, and 2012 Olympic gold medallist, Jessica Rossi did compete, as did the standing world record holders for the qualification rounds (123) and the 2008 Olympic gold medallist Satu Mäkelä-Nummela. Of the 2016 Olympic medallists only silver medallist Natalie Rooney returned for the Tokyo Games.

The qualification round was won by Rehák Štefečeková with a world record, as she became the first woman ever to record a perfect 125. Six shooters qualified for the final and, after the first 25 target shots, the lowest shooter was eliminated. After another 10 shots, and with only four shooters still competing, Alessandra Perilli and Laetisha Scanlan both had 26 hits and, as the tie breaker was the placement of the qualification round, Scanlan was eliminated, which gave Perilli a medal. Perilli was eliminated next, but finishing third made her the first ever Olympic medallist from San Marino. Perilli had already finished fourth in this event at the 2012 Games in London, then delivering the best Olympic result for her nation. Rehák Štefečeková won the gold medal after twice winning silver in 2008 and 2012, and missing the 2016 Rio Games, to become the first ever Olympic shooting gold medallist for Slovakia.

12022Zuzana Rehák ŠtefečekováSVK125 (1)43 (1)Gold
22112Kayle BrowningUSA120 (6)42 (2)Silver
31971Alessandra PerilliSMR122 (2)29 (3)Bronze
41066Laetisha ScanlanAUS121 (4)26 (4)
51545Silvana StancoITA121 (3)22 (5)
61067Penny SmithAUS120 (5)13 (6)
72111Madelynn BernauUSA119 (7)
81544Jessica RossiITA119 (8)
91861Sandra BernalPOL118 (9)
101811Natalie RooneyNZL117 (10)
111208Wang XiaojingCHN117 (11)
121372Carole CormenierFRA117 (12)
131721Alejandra RamírezMEX116 (13)
141341Fátima GálvezESP116 (14)
151906Darya SemyanovaROC116 (15)
161391Kirsty HegartyGBR116 (16)
171907Yekaterina SubbotinaROC116 (17)
181202Deng WeiyunCHN115 (18)
191574Yukie NakayamaJPN115 (19)
201171Selin AliBUL115 (20)
211671Ray BassilLBN114 (21)
221312Maggy AshmawyEGY113 (22)
231442Ana Waleska SotoGUA113 (23)
241361Satu Mäkelä-NummelaFIN113 (24)
251373Mélanie CouzyFRA110 (25)
261441Adriana RuanoGUA110 (26)

Qualifying Round

Date28 – 29 July 2021 — 9:00
Format125 targets in five series of 25. Top six advanced to final round.
PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsSeries 1 PointsSeries 2 PointsSeries 3 PointsSeries 4 PointsSeries 5 PointsShoot-Off
12022Zuzana Rehák ŠtefečekováSVK1252525252525Q
21971Alessandra PerilliSMR1222425252424Q
31545Silvana StancoITA1212425252324+3Q
41066Laetisha ScanlanAUS1212425242325+2Q
51067Penny SmithAUS1202324252424+2Q
62112Kayle BrowningUSA1202324242425+1Q
72111Madelynn BernauUSA1192425222424
81544Jessica RossiITA1192523242324
91861Sandra BernalPOL1182423222425
101811Natalie RooneyNZL1172323232325
111208Wang XiaojingCHN1172224232424
121372Carole CormenierFRA1172523242322
131721Alejandra RamírezMEX1162223252125
141341Fátima GálvezESP1162224222523
151906Darya SemyanovaROC1162224242323
161391Kirsty HegartyGBR1162424232223
171907Yekaterina SubbotinaROC1162424252023
181202Deng WeiyunCHN1152125232224
191574Yukie NakayamaJPN1152124222523
201171Selin AliBUL1152224232422
211671Ray BassilLBN1142420232423
221312Maggy AshmawyEGY1131924242224
231442Ana Waleska SotoGUA1132123232323
241361Satu Mäkelä-NummelaFIN1132323242122
251373Mélanie CouzyFRA1102222222222
261441Adriana RuanoGUA1102321222321

Final Round

Date29 July 2021 — 14:30
Format50 targets in series of 5. After 25 targets, the lowest scoring shooter is eliminated after every series..
PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsRound 1 PointsSeries 6 PointsSeries 7 PointsSeries 8 PointsSeries 9 PointsSeries 10 PointsSeries 6 Total PointsSeries 7 Total PointsSeries 8 Total PointsSeries 9 Total Points
12022Zuzana Rehák ŠtefečekováSVK43214544525303438
22112Kayle BrowningUSA42204553524293437
31971Alessandra PerilliSMR2919433232629
41066Laetisha ScanlanAUS2619522426
51545Silvana StancoITA2217522
61067Penny SmithAUS1313