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Skeet, Women

Date25 – 26 July 2021
LocationAsaka Shooting Range, Nerima, Tokyo
Participants28 from 22 countries

The women’s shotgun events started on the third day with the skeet event. For the first time, the women’s skeet event was held over two days as the format of the qualification round was changed to the same format as the men’s event. Both now had 75 shots on the first day and 50 shots on the second day for a total of 125 shots in the qualification. The format of the final was also changed again, with six shooters qualifying for a final of six rounds with 10 shots each, with the lowest shooter eliminated after every round beginning from round two.

The world record holder for both the qualification round (124), tied with Amber Hill, and the final round (59) was Wei Meng who finished fourth in this event in Rio and won silver at the 2019 World Shotgun Championships. Both the reigning 2019 World Champion Diana Bacosi, and the reigning 2019 World Junior Champion Zilya Batyrshina competed in Tokyo. The 2018 World Shooting Championships saw a clean sweep with Caitlin Connor, Kim Rhode and Amber English of the United States, but of the three, only English could compete in Tokyo. Also absent in Tokyo was Amber Hill, who tied the world record for the qualification rounds in March 2021 and led the world ranking. Sadly, she contracted COVID-19 shortly before travelling to Japan.

Wei won the qualification round by equaling her own world record with 124, missing only one target. Bacosi finished second with 123, and English was third with 121. These three also occupied the medal positions after the final, starting from zero. The qualification places fourth to sixth were determined in a shoot-off, and the ranking was important for the final as the lowest placed was eliminated in the case of a tie. English was the last to miss a target in the final with her 16th shot but Bacosi was always close behind and took the lead after 30 shots. With the 44th shot English re-took the lead and went on to secure the gold medal with her 59th shot with Bacosi winning silver and Wei settling for bronze.Also participating in this event was the first ever female shooting competitor for Senegal, the Italian-born Chiara Costa.

12113Amber EnglishUSA121 (3)56 (1)Gold
21541Diana BacosiITA123 (2)55 (2)Silver
31209Wei MengCHN124 (1)46 (3)Bronze
42051Isarapa ImprasertsukTHA120 (4)36 (4)
51413Nadine MesserschmidtGER120 (5)26 (5)
61908Nataliya VinogradovaROC120 (6)17 (6)
71261Antri EleftheriouCYP119 (7)
82102Iryna MalovichkoUKR119 (8)
91371Lucie AnastassiouFRA119 (9)
102116Austen SmithUSA119 (10)
112052Sutiya JiewchaloemmitTHA118 (11)
121722Gabriela RodríguezMEX118 (12)
132021Danka BartekováSVK118 (13)
141272Barbora ŠumováCZE118 (14)
151902Zilya BatyrshinaROC117 (15)
161691Ibtissam MarirhiMAR117 (16)
171213Zhang DonglianCHN116 (17)
181031Melisa GilARG115 (18)
191863Aleksandra JarmolińskaPOL114 (19)
201542Chiara CàineroITA114 (20)
211572Naoko IshiharaJPN114 (21)
221591Zoya KravchenkoKAZ113 (22)
231191Francisca CrovettoCHI112 (23)
241161Maryam HassaniBRN112 (24)
251062Laura ColesAUS112 (25)
261592Asem OrynbayKAZ111 (26)
271812Chloe TippleNZL108 (27)
281941Chiara CostaSEN108 (28)
DNS1392Amber HillGBR– (DNS)

Qualifying Round

Date25 – 26 July 2021 — 9:00
Format125 targets in five series of 25. Top six advanced to 25-target final round.
PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsSeries 1 PointsSeries 2 PointsSeries 3 PointsSeries 4 PointsSeries 5 PointsShoot-off Points
11209Wei MengCHN1242525252425Q
21541Diana BacosiITA1232525252424Q
32113Amber EnglishUSA1212325242425Q
42051Isarapa ImprasertsukTHA1202324252424+6Q
51413Nadine MesserschmidtGER1202424242424+5Q
61908Nataliya VinogradovaROC1202525232324+1Q
71261Antri EleftheriouCYP1192424232325
82102Iryna MalovichkoUKR1192424232523
91371Lucie AnastassiouFRA1192423252423
102116Austen SmithUSA1192325252323
112052Sutiya JiewchaloemmitTHA1182323242325
121722Gabriela RodríguezMEX1182323242424
132021Danka BartekováSVK1182422252423
141272Barbora ŠumováCZE1182424232423
151902Zilya BatyrshinaROC1172223232524
161691Ibtissam MarirhiMAR1172223242523
171213Zhang DonglianCHN1162324232422
181031Melisa GilARG1152324232223
191863Aleksandra JarmolińskaPOL1142223242124
201542Chiara CàineroITA1142222232423
211572Naoko IshiharaJPN1142421232323
221591Zoya KravchenkoKAZ1132422222421
231191Francisca CrovettoCHI1122421212224
241161Maryam HassaniBRN1122222222323
251062Laura ColesAUS1122422222420
261592Asem OrynbayKAZ1112322241923
271812Chloe TippleNZL1082218222323
281941Chiara CostaSEN1082520222318
DNS1392Amber HillGBR

Final Round

Date26 July 2021 — 14:50
Format60 targets in series of 10. After 20 targets, the lowest scoring shooter is eliminated after every series..
PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsSeries 1 PointsSeries 2 PointsSeries 3 PointsSeries 4 PointsSeries 5 PointsSeries 6 PointsSeries 2 Total PointsSeries 3 Total PointsSeries 4 Total PointsSeries 5 Totals Points
12113Amber EnglishUSA561099109919283847OR
21541Diana BacosiITA551091099819293847
31209Wei MengCHN46981091017273646
42051Isarapa ImprasertsukTHA369999182736
51413Nadine MesserschmidtGER269891726
61908Nataliya VinogradovaROC178917