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Extra-Lightweight (≤48 kilograms), Women

Date24 July 2021
LocationNippon Budokan, Chiyoda, Tokyo
Participants28 from 28 countries

In the super-lightweight, the four seeded judoka shared the medals. Three of them had already won World titles. Top seed, and eventual gold medallist, Distria Krasniqi from Kosovo moved down from the half-lightweight to the super-lightweight in 2018 in order to avoid a clash with teammate, and Rio gold medal winner, Majlinda Kelmendi in the qualification for Tokyo. In the semi-final of the 2019 World Championships, Krasniqi was defeated by Funa Tonaki from Japan. Further honours, however, including the European title in 2021, earned her the top-ranking spot. In her four bouts, Krasniqi did not require the Golden Score once. She won the first two by Ippon (full point), against Lin Chen-Hao from Chinese Taipei after just 19 seconds. After losing to Mönkhbatyn Urantsetseg for bronze at the 2021 World Championships, Krasniqi took revenge and defeated the three-time Olympian and 2013 World Champion from Mongolia in the semi-final by Waza-ari (half point) for an O-soto-gari. In the final, she again met the home favourite Tonaki, world champion in 2017 and runner-up in 2018 and 2019. Krasniqi prevailed via Waza-ari with an Uchi-mata (Inner thigh throw). By winning silver, Tonaki claimed the first medal for Japan at the Tokyo Olympics. She had eliminated reigning Olympic champion, Paula Pareto of Argentina, in the quarter-final.

Bronze went to Mönkhbatyn and Dariya Bilodid from Ukraine, maybe the most successful judoka in this class since Rio with two titles at both the World Championships (2018, 2019) and the European Championships (2017, 2019). After falling victim to Funa earlier in the competition, although she had defeated her in two World Championships finals, Bilodid won the bronze medal match by Kuzure-kesa-gatame for an Ippon in the last second of the match against Israel’s Shira Rishony.

1Distria KrasniqiKOSGold
2Funa TonakiJPNSilver
=3Dar'ia BilodidUKRBronze
=3Mönkhbatyn UrantsetsegMGLBronze
=5Shira RishonyISR
=5Catarina CostaPOR
=7Lin Chen-HaoTPE
=7Paula ParetoARG
=9Gabriela ChibanaBRA
=9Mary Dee VargasCHI
=9Li YananCHN
=9Julia FigueroaESP
=9Éva CsernoviczkiHUN
=9Irina DolgovaROC
=9Maruša ŠtangarSLO
=9Milića NikolićSRB
=17Ayşə QurbanlıAZE
=17Luz ÁlvarezCOL
=17Shirine BoukliFRA
=17Katharina MenzGER
=17Shushila Devi LikmabamIND
=17Francesca MilaniITA
=17Otgontsetseg GalbadrakhynKAZ
=17Gang Yu-JeongKOR
=17Harriet BonfaceMAW
=17Soniya BhattaNEP
=17Michaela WhitebooiRSA
=17Gulkader ŞentürkTUR

Round One

Date24 July 2021 — 11:00
FormatWinners advance to round two.
Match #124 Jul 11:00Distria KrasniqiKOSbye
Match #224 Jul 11:06Mat 1Gabriela ChibanaBRAIpponHarriet BonfaceMAW
Match #324 Jul 11:13Mat 1Irina DolgovaROCIpponSoniya BhattaNEP
Match #424 Jul 11:19Mat 1Lin Chen-HaoTPEIpponFrancesca MilaniITA
Match #524 Jul 11:26Mönkhbatyn UrantsetsegMGLbye
Match #624 Jul 11:32Mat 1Mary Dee VargasCHIWaza-ariKatharina MenzGER
Match #724 Jul 11:39Mat 1Julia FigueroaESPIpponGulkader ŞentürkTUR
Match #824 Jul 11:45Mat 1Shira RishonyISRIpponLuz ÁlvarezCOL
Match #924 Jul 11:52Dar'ia BilodidUKRbye
Match #1024 Jul 11:58Mat 1Milića NikolićSRBIpponShirine BoukliFRA
Match #1124 Jul 12:05Mat 1Catarina CostaPORWaza-ariAyşə QurbanlıAZE
Match #1224 Jul 12:11Mat 1Li YananCHNIpponOtgontsetseg GalbadrakhynKAZ
Match #1324 JulFuna TonakiJPNbye
Match #1424 JulMat 1Éva CsernoviczkiHUNIpponShushila Devi LikmabamIND
Match #1524 JulMat 1Paula ParetoARGIpponMichaela WhitebooiRSA
Match #1624 JulMat 1Maruša ŠtangarSLOIpponGang Yu-JeongKOR

Round Two

Date24 July 2021 — 12:18
FormatWinners advance to quarter-finals.
Match #124 Jul 12:18Mat 1Distria KrasniqiKOSIpponGabriela ChibanaBRA
Match #224 Jul 12:24Mat 1Lin Chen-HaoTPEWaza-ariIrina DolgovaROC
Match #324 Jul 12:41Mat 1Mönkhbatyn UrantsetsegMGLIpponMary Dee VargasCHI
Match #424 Jul 12:47Mat 1Shira RishonyISRIpponJulia FigueroaESP
Match #524 Jul 12:54Mat 1Dar'ia BilodidUKRWaza-ariMilića NikolićSRB
Match #624 Jul 13:00Mat 1Catarina CostaPORIpponLi YananCHN
Match #724 Jul 13:07Mat 1Funa TonakiJPNIpponÉva CsernoviczkiHUN
Match #824 Jul 13:13Mat 1Paula ParetoARGIpponMaruša ŠtangarSLO


Date24 July 2021 — 13:20
FormatWinners advance to semi-finals. Losers advance to repêchage for bronze medal tournament.
Match #124 Jul 13:20Mat 1Distria KrasniqiKOSIpponLin Chen-HaoTPE
Match #224 Jul 13:26Mat 1Mönkhbatyn UrantsetsegMGLIpponShira RishonyISR
Match #324 Jul 13:33Mat 1Dar'ia BilodidUKRIpponCatarina CostaPOR
Match #424 Jul 13:39Mat 1Funa TonakiJPNIpponPaula ParetoARG


Date24 July 2021 — 17:00
FormatWinners advance to bronze medal matches.
Match #124 Jul 17:00Mat 1Shira RishonyISRIpponLin Chen-HaoTPE
Match #224 Jul 17:08Mat 1Catarina CostaPORWaza-ariPaula ParetoARG


Date24 July 2021 — 17:17
FormatWinners advance to gold medal final. Losers advance to bronze medal matches.
Match #124 Jul 17:25Mat 1Distria KrasniqiKOSWaza-ariMönkhbatyn UrantsetsegMGL
Match #224 Jul 17:17Mat 1Funa TonakiJPNIpponDar'ia BilodidUKR

Final Round

Date24 July 2021 — 18:18
Match 3/524 Jul 18:18Mat 1Dar'ia BilodidUKRIpponShira RishonyISR
Match 3/524 Jul 18:28Mat 1Mönkhbatyn UrantsetsegMGLIpponCatarina CostaPOR
Match 1/224 Jul 18:38Mat 1Distria KrasniqiKOSWaza-ariFuna TonakiJPN