| Event type

Individual, Open

Date17 June 1956
LocationStockholms Olympiastadion, Stockholm
Participants66 from 24 countries
FormatTwo rounds. Total score for both rounds determined placement.

For the first time women were allowed to compete in Olympic show jumping. Two did so, Pat Smythe of Great Britain and Brigitte Schockaert of Belgium, with Smythe finishing 10th and Schockaert tied for 34th. The competition was held over two rounds, with the total number of faults for both rounds determining placement. The course had 14 obstacles, although the 5th obstacle was a double one, and the 12th was a three-part obstacle, thus with 17 jumps spread over 775 metres, with the time allowance given for a speed of 400 m/min.

The favorite was German Hans Günter Winkler who had won the World Championships in 1954 and 1955. Winkler led after the first round with only 4.00 faults, trailed by the defending gold medalist Pierre Jonquères d’Oriola with 7.00, and five riders with 8.00 faults – including the Italian D’Inzeo brothers and Pat Smythe. However, Winkler had pulled a muscle in his groin towards the end of the first round, and only started the final round to help his German team in the team competition with the aid of painkillers. However he was not able take the amount he needed to be comfortable in the saddle and was given coffee to help combat dizziness and double vision before he rode. Riding his prize horse Halla, Winkler rode a clean second round to win the gold medal with a total of 4.00 faults, as Halla seemed to ride the course on her own. The silver medal went to Raimondo D’Inzeo, whose second round was the only other clean ride in the competition. His brother, Piero D’Inzeo, was the bronze medalist, finishing with 11.00 faults.

Winkler competed at six Olympics (1956-76) winning five gold medals, one silver, and one bronze, but this was his only individual medal. Raimondo D’Inzeo competed at eight Olympics (1948-76), winning six medals with one gold – in this event in 1960. His brother, Piero, also competed at the same eight Olympics, also winning six medals, but no golds. He would win the silver medal in this event in 1960.

Winkler’s mount Halla, a bay mare, would follow him to the 1960 Olympics and win a team gold there, in addition to his two jumping golds in Stockholm, as Halla became the first horse to win three Olympic gold medals. Halla was by a trotting stallion and was foaled on 16 May 1945. She competed through the Brussels Grand Prix on 25 October 1960 and then was retired to stud, later dying in 1979, at 34-years-old.

PosCompetitorHorseNOCFaultsRound #1Round #2
1Hans Günter WinklerHallaGER4.004.00 (1)0.00 (=1)Gold
2Raimondo D'InzeoMeranoITA8.008.00 (=3)0.00 (=1)Silver
3Piero D'InzeoUruguayITA11.008.00 (=3)3.00 (4)Bronze
=4Fritz ThiedemannMeteorGER12.008.00 (=3)4.00 (=5)
=4Wilf WhiteNizefelaGBR12.008.00 (=3)4.00 (=5)
6Pierre Jonquères d'OriolaVouletteFRA15.007.00 (2)8.00 (=10)
7Henrique CalladoMartingilPOR16.0012.00 (=8)4.00 (=5)
8Carlos D'EliaDiscutidoARG19.0015.00 (11)4.00 (=5)
9Mohamed Selim ZakiInch'AllahEGY20.0016.00 (=12)4.00 (=5)
10Pat SmytheFlanaganGBR21.008.00 (=3)13.00 (17)
=11Hugh WileyTrail GuideUSA24.0016.00 (=12)8.00 (=10)
=11Alfons Lütke WesthuesAlaGER24.0016.00 (=12)8.00 (=10)
=11Albert SzatolaAranyosHUN24.0016.00 (=12)8.00 (=10)
14Carlos López-QuesadaTapatioESP27.7527.00 (=30)0.75 (3)
=15Bill SteinkrausNight OwlUSA28.0020.00 (=20)8.00 (=10)
=15Paco GoyoagaFahnenkönigESP28.0020.00 (=20)8.00 (=10)
17Pedro MayorgaCoriolanoARG32.0016.00 (=12)16.00 (=18)
18Kevin BarryBallyneetyIRL35.0023.00 (=26)12.00 (16)
=19William de RhamVa ViteSUI36.0020.00 (=20)16.00 (=18)
=19Peter RobesonScorchinGBR36.0016.00 (=12)20.00 (=21)
=21Andrey FavorskyManevrURS40.0020.00 (=20)20.00 (=21)
=21Gamal HaressNefertiti IIEGY40.0020.00 (=20)20.00 (=21)
23Billy RingroseLiffey ValeIRL44.0024.00 (=28)20.00 (=21)
24Salvatore OppesPagoroITA47.0023.00 (=26)24.00 (=26)
25Naldo DassoRamitoARG48.5016.00 (=12)32.50 (36)
26Koichi KawaguchiFujiJPN52.0028.00 (32)24.00 (=26)
=27Frank ChapotBelairUSA52.2536.25 (41)16.00 (=18)
=27Patsy KiernanBallynontyIRL52.2519.00 (19)33.25 (37)
29Bernard de FombelleDoriaFRA52.7512.00 (=8)40.75 (42)
30Salih KoçBasakTUR53.2524.00 (=28)29.25 (32)
31Kunihiro OhtaEforegiotJPN54.2520.00 (=20)34.25 (38)
32Anders GernandtRöhällSWE55.0032.00 (=35)23.00 (25)
33Nelson Pessoa FilhoRelinchoBRA58.0032.00 (=35)26.00 (28)
=34Alexander StoffelBricoleSUI59.0027.00 (=30)32.00 (=33)
=34Brigitte SchockaertMuscadinBEL59.0032.00 (=35)27.00 (29)
36Carlos, Marqués FigueroaGracieuxESP61.5033.50 (40)28.00 (30)
37Marc BüchlerDurocSUI64.5028.50 (33)36.00 (=39)
38Alpaslan GüneşEsmer AltinTUR65.2533.25 (39)32.00 (=33)
39Vladimir RaspopovKodeksURS76.5032.00 (=35)44.50 (43)
40Wilhelm StewenLojalFIN83.0047.00 (44)36.00 (=39)
41Eloy de MenezesBiguáBRA85.0056.25 (47)28.75 (31)
42Renyldo FerreiraBibelotBRA85.5029.25 (34)56.25 (44)
43Raymond LombardDandyBEL86.5050.50 (45)36.00 (=39)
44Georges CalmonVirtuosoFRA86.7554.75 (46)32.00 (=33)
45Tor BurmanRouquadeSWE101.0043.25 (42)57.75 (45)
DNFGeorges PofféHicamboyBEL12.00 (=8)– (DNF)
DNFOmar El-HaddaryAuerEGY88.50 (48)– (DNF)
DNFKauko PaananenLassiFIN44.50 (43)– (DNF)
DNFArvi TervalampiMarrasFIN108.50 (=49)– (DNF)
DNFLajos SomlayDobosHUN108.50 (=49)– (DNF)
DNFIstván SzondyHiganyHUN108.50 (=49)– (DNF)
DNFBoris LilovBostonURS108.50 (=49)– (DNF)
DNFBedri BökeDominoTUR108.50 (=49)– (DNF)
DNFVíctor MolinaTamanacoVEN108.50 (=49)
DNFJesús RivasMurachiVEN108.50 (=49)
DNFRoberto MollSorocaimaVEN108.50 (=49)
DNFPeter Lichtner-HoyerRienziAUT108.50 (=49)
DNFAdolf LaudaSchönbrunnAUT108.50 (=49)
DNFRomuald HalmBiankaAUT108.50 (=49)
DNFRodrigo da SilveiraLimerickPOR108.50 (=49)
DNFJoão AzevedoLicornePOR108.50 (=49)
DNFBert JacobsDumbellAUS108.50 (=49)
DNFSaing PenPomponCAM108.50 (=49)
DNFIsoup GanthyFlatteur IICAM108.50 (=49)
DNFBirck ElgaaenOsiraNOR108.50 (=49)
DNFDouglas WijkanderBimboSWE108.50 (=49)