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200 metres Butterfly, Men

Date26 – 28 July 2021
LocationOlympic Aquatics Centre, 2-1, 2chome, Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tatsumi-no-Mori Seaside Park, Tokyo, Japan
Participants38 from 30 countries

Hungary’s Kristóf Milak was a heavy favorite in this event. He came in as the 2019 World Champion where he had broken Michael Phelps’s 10-year-old world record and Milak was more than two seconds faster than the next active performer. Others expected to challenge for the lesser medals were the 2012 gold medallist Chad le Clos of South Africa and Japan’s Daiya Seto, the 2018 short-course World Champion. Seto’s teammate, Tomoru Honda, was also watched carefully as he had beaten Seto at Japan’s Olympic Trials in April.

Milak was never challenged, leading the semi-finals by over two seconds, and winning the gold medal by 2½ seconds over Honda. Seto would not qualify for the final and le Clos, who was close to the lead for 100 metres in the final, could not hold on and would finish fifth. The bronze medal went to Italy’s Federico Burdisso, who had recently won silver at the European Championships.

Two days after this final, Milak would win another medal with silver in the 100 fly, trailing American Caeleb Dressel. None of the other 200 finalists would feature in that event.

1Kristóf MilákHUN1:53.58 (1 h5)1:52.22 (1 h2)1:51.25 (1)Gold
2Tomoru HondaJPN1:55.10 (3 h5)1:55.31 (3 h1)1:53.73 (2)Silver
3Federico BurdissoITA1:55.14 (3 h4)1:55.11 (3 h2)1:54.45 (3)Bronze
4Tamás KenderesiHUN1:55.18 (2 h3)1:55.17 (2 h1)1:54.52 (4)
5Chad le ClosRSA1:55.96 (5 h5)1:55.06 (1 h1)1:54.93 (5)
6Leonardo de DeusBRA1:54.83 (2 h5)1:54.97 (2 h2)1:55.19 (6)
7Gunnar BentzUSA1:55.46 (4 h3)1:55.28 (4 h2)1:55.46 (7)
8Krzysztof ChmielewskiPOL1:55.77 (4 h5)1:55.29 (5 h2)1:55.88 (8)
9Zach HartingUSA1:54.92 (2 h4)1:55.35 (4 h1)
10Noè PontiSUI1:55.05 (1 h3)1:55.37 (6 h2)
11Daiya SetoJPN1:55.26 (4 h4)1:55.50 (7 h2)
12Aleksandr KudashevROC1:55.54 (5 h4)1:55.51 (5 h1)
13Eddie WangTPE1:54.44 (1 h4)1:55.52 (6 h1)
14Léon MarchandFRA1:55.85 (5 h3)1:55.68 (8 h2)
15Giacomo CariniITA1:55.33 (3 h3)1:55.95 (7 h1)
16Louis CroenenBEL1:55.78 (6 h4)1:56.67 (8 h1)
17David ThomasbergerGER1:56.04 (6 h5)
18Matthew TempleAUS1:56.25 (7 h5)
19Tomoe HvasNOR1:56.30 (1 h2)
20Antani IvanovBUL1:56.36 (6 h3)
21Denys KesilUKR1:56.37 (7 h3)
22Quah Zheng WenSGP1:56.42 (2 h2)
23Brendan HylandIRL1:57.09 (3 h2)
24Sajan PrakashIND1:57.22 (4 h2)
25Kregor ZirkEST1:57.26 (5 h2)
26Alexei SancovMDA1:57.55 (6 h2)
27Jakub MajerskiPOL1:57.91 (8 h3)
28Mun Seung-WuKOR1:58.09 (7 h4)
29Ihor TroianovskyiUKR1:58.37 (7 h2)
30Ethan du PreezRSA1:58.50 (8 h5)
31Luis VegaCUB1:59.00 (8 h2)
32Ayman KelziSYR1:59.57 (1 h1)
33Matin BalsiniIRI1:59.97 (2 h1)
34Keanan DolsJAM2:00.25 (3 h1)
35David MorganAUS2:00.27 (8 h4)
36Navaphat WongcharoenTHA2:01.43 (4 h1)
37Richard NagySVK2:01.91 (5 h1)
38Simon BachmannSEY2:03.54 (6 h1)

Round One (26 July 2021 — 19:17)

14Kristóf MilákHUN1:53.58Q
23Eddie WangTPE1:54.44Q
37Leonardo de DeusBRA1:54.83Q
46Zach HartingUSA1:54.92Q
56Noè PontiSUI1:55.05Q
63Tomoru HondaJPN1:55.10Q
75Federico BurdissoITA1:55.14Q
84Tamás KenderesiHUN1:55.18Q
94Daiya SetoJPN1:55.26Q
101Giacomo CariniITA1:55.33Q
112Gunnar BentzUSA1:55.46Q
127Aleksandr KudashevROC1:55.54Q
131Krzysztof ChmielewskiPOL1:55.77Q
141Louis CroenenBEL1:55.78Q
157Léon MarchandFRA1:55.85Q
165Chad le ClosRSA1:55.96Q
176David ThomasbergerGER1:56.04
182Matthew TempleAUS1:56.25
191Tomoe HvasNOR1:56.30
205Antani IvanovBUL1:56.36
213Denys KesilUKR1:56.37
226Quah Zheng WenSGP1:56.42
233Brendan HylandIRL1:57.09
244Sajan PrakashIND1:57.22
252Kregor ZirkEST1:57.26
267Alexei SancovMDA1:57.55
278Jakub MajerskiPOL1:57.91
288Mun Seung-WuKOR1:58.09
295Ihor TroianovskyiUKR1:58.37
308Ethan du PreezRSA1:58.50
318Luis VegaCUB1:59.00
326Ayman KelziSYR1:59.57
332Matin BalsiniIRI1:59.97
343Keanan DolsJAM2:00.25
352David MorganAUS2:00.27
365Navaphat WongcharoenTHA2:01.43
374Richard NagySVK2:01.91
387Simon BachmannSEY2:03.54

Heat One (19:17)

16Ayman KelziSYR1:59.570.64
22Matin BalsiniIRI1:59.970.66
33Keanan DolsJAM2:00.250.61
45Navaphat WongcharoenTHA2:01.430.56
54Richard NagySVK2:01.910.71
67Simon BachmannSEY2:03.540.73

Heat Two (19:23)

11Tomoe HvasNOR1:56.300.66
26Quah Zheng WenSGP1:56.420.56
33Brendan HylandIRL1:57.090.66
44Sajan PrakashIND1:57.220.70
52Kregor ZirkEST1:57.260.63
67Alexei SancovMDA1:57.550.60
75Ihor TroianovskyiUKR1:58.370.63
88Luis VegaCUB1:59.000.67

Heat Three (19:29)

16Noè PontiSUI1:55.050.70Q
24Tamás KenderesiHUN1:55.180.70Q
31Giacomo CariniITA1:55.330.67Q
42Gunnar BentzUSA1:55.460.72Q
57Léon MarchandFRA1:55.850.67Q
65Antani IvanovBUL1:56.360.72
73Denys KesilUKR1:56.370.61
88Jakub MajerskiPOL1:57.910.64

Heat Four (19:35)

13Eddie WangTPE1:54.440.56Q
26Zach HartingUSA1:54.920.64Q
35Federico BurdissoITA1:55.140.69Q
44Daiya SetoJPN1:55.260.59Q
57Aleksandr KudashevROC1:55.540.70Q
61Louis CroenenBEL1:55.780.67Q
78Mun Seung-WuKOR1:58.090.64
82David MorganAUS2:00.270.63

Heat Five (19:41)

14Kristóf MilákHUN1:53.580.69Q
27Leonardo de DeusBRA1:54.830.66Q
33Tomoru HondaJPN1:55.100.62Q
41Krzysztof ChmielewskiPOL1:55.770.62Q
55Chad le ClosRSA1:55.960.66Q
66David ThomasbergerGER1:56.040.72
72Matthew TempleAUS1:56.250.65
88Ethan du PreezRSA1:58.500.69

Semi-Finals (27 July 2021 — 11:35)

14Kristóf MilákHUN1:52.22Q
25Leonardo de DeusBRA1:54.97Q
38Chad le ClosRSA1:55.06Q
46Federico BurdissoITA1:55.11Q
56Tamás KenderesiHUN1:55.17Q
67Gunnar BentzUSA1:55.28Q
71Krzysztof ChmielewskiPOL1:55.29Q
83Tomoru HondaJPN1:55.31Q
95Zach HartingUSA1:55.35
103Noè PontiSUI1:55.37
112Daiya SetoJPN1:55.50
127Aleksandr KudashevROC1:55.51
134Eddie WangTPE1:55.52
148Léon MarchandFRA1:55.68
152Giacomo CariniITA1:55.95
161Louis CroenenBEL1:56.67

Heat One (11:35)

18Chad le ClosRSA1:55.060.60Q
26Tamás KenderesiHUN1:55.170.69Q
33Tomoru HondaJPN1:55.310.62Q
45Zach HartingUSA1:55.350.63
57Aleksandr KudashevROC1:55.510.73
64Eddie WangTPE1:55.520.58
72Giacomo CariniITA1:55.950.66
81Louis CroenenBEL1:56.670.66

Heat Two (11:41)

14Kristóf MilákHUN1:52.220.68Q
25Leonardo de DeusBRA1:54.970.66Q
36Federico BurdissoITA1:55.110.69Q
47Gunnar BentzUSA1:55.280.72Q
51Krzysztof ChmielewskiPOL1:55.290.65Q
63Noè PontiSUI1:55.370.69
72Daiya SetoJPN1:55.500.61
88Léon MarchandFRA1:55.680.68

Final (28 July 2021 — 10:49)

14Kristóf MilákHUN1:51.250.66OR
28Tomoru HondaJPN1:53.730.62
36Federico BurdissoITA1:54.450.66
42Tamás KenderesiHUN1:54.520.68
53Chad le ClosRSA1:54.930.59
65Leonardo de DeusBRA1:55.190.66
77Gunnar BentzUSA1:55.460.70
81Krzysztof ChmielewskiPOL1:55.880.63