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1,500 metres, Women

Date2 – 6 August 2021
LocationJapan National Stadium, Kasumigaoka, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Participants45 from 25 countries

The favorites were Kenyan Faith Kibiegon and the Netherlands’ Sifan Hassan, but the kicker was that it was uncertain if Hassan would run. She was entered in the 1,500, 5,000, and 10,000 but until the Olympics began it was not expected that she would attempt that unprecedented triple. In the end she ran all three races.

Kibiegon and Hassan were evenly matched, having split their two races in 2021, with Kibiegon having a slight head-to-head margin with 8 wins to Hassan’s 6. Their PRs were also close, Kibiegon at 3:51.07 to Hassan’s 3:51.95.

The heats were run on 2 August in the morning and that evening Hassan ran the 5K, winning gold in that event. She and Kibiegon qualified for the 1,500 final where they were joined by Britain’s Laura Muir, expected to be medal contender, but for Hassan qualifying was anything but easy. She fell at the beginning of the bell lap when a runner fell in front of her, and she tripped over her. Hassan quickly got to her feet and caught the field, and then outkicked everyone to win the heat.

In the final Hassan took the early lead but she and Kibiegon were at the lead through three laps as Muir and Canada’s Gabriela Stafford exchanged places just behind them. At the bell Hassan upped the pace but, on the backstretch, Kibiegon went past her and continued to increase her lead to the finish line. Kibiegon recorded 3:53.11, the sixth fastest time ever and an Olympic record, to win gold.

Behind her, Laura Muir passed Hassan as well and won silver in a British record 3:54.50, while Hassan held on for bronze. A few days later, she would complete an unprecedented triple when she also won the 10,000.

12758Faith KibiegonKENGold
22015Laura MuirGBRSilver
32993Sifan HassanNEDBronze
41842Freweyni GebreezibeherETH
51390Gabriela StaffordCAN
61058Linden HallAUS
73706Winnie NanyondoUGA
82678Nozomi TanakaJPN
91774Marta PérezESP
103884Elinor PurrierUSA
111060Jessica HullAUS
123869Cory McGeeUSA
131622Kristiina MäkiCZE
6 h2 r2/31411Lucia StaffordCAN
7 h2 r2/31894Sara KuivistoFIN
8 h1 r2/32407Gaia SabbatiniITA
8 h2 r2/31625Diana MezuliáníkováCZE
9 h1 r2/32027Katie SnowdenGBR
9 h2 r2/31847Lemlem HailuETH
10 h1 r2/33158Martyna GalantPOL
10 h2 r2/33229Marta Pen FreitasPOR
11 h2 r2/31183Élise VanderelstBEL
12 h1 r2/32104Caterina GranzGER
12 h2 r2/33865Heather MacLeanUSA
13 h1 r2/32750Winny ChebetKEN
13 h2 r2/32755Edinah JebitokKEN
7 h2 r1/32031Revee Walcott-NolanGBR
8 h2 r1/31768Esther GuerreroESP
9 h2 r1/32681Ran UrabeJPN
10 h1 r1/32336Ciara MageeanIRL
10 h2 r1/31396Natalia HawthornCAN
11 h1 r1/32387Federica Del BuonoITA
11 h2 r1/33360Claudia BoboceaROU
11 h3 r1/32334Sarah HealyIRL
12 h1 r1/32923Laura GalvánMEX
12 h3 r1/31854Diribe WeltejiETH
13 h1 r1/33222Salomé AfonsoPOR
13 h2 r1/32510Aisha PraughtJAM
13 h3 r1/31631Simona VrzalováCZE
14 h1 r1/31057Georgia GriffithAUS
14 h2 r1/31727Anjelina Nadai LohalithEOR
15 h1 r1/32112Hanna KleinGER
15 h2 r1/33811María Pia FernándezURU
AC h3 r1/31677Zourah AliDJI
AC h3 r1/32880Rababe ArafiMAR