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Lightweight (57-63 kilograms), Men

Date25 July – 8 August 2021
LocationRyōgoku Kokugikan, Sumida, Tokyo, Japan
Participants29 from 29 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

As part of the continuing plans to restructure Olympic boxing, the lOC increased the maximum weight limit from 60 to 63 kg. Far more important to the outcome of the medals was the lack of international competition since 2019 and the sheer luck of the draw. The top seeded Frenchman Sofiane Oumiha had the misfortune to be drawn against Keyshawn Davis for his first bout. Davis had seemingly given up on his Olympic ambitions by signing a contract to box professionally, but the COVID-19 pandemic gave him an unexpected reprieve.

Davis had won three pro bouts when it became apparent that both the Pan-American and final world qualifying events would not take place and Pan-American qualification for Tokyo would be via the world rankings. As the only American eligible via those rankings, Davis was asked to take the US Olympic team spot and performed well in Japan. After a win over Enrico Lacruz he took out Oumiha in the second round of their bout, then completed his rout of Europeans with wins over two other highly rated fighters in Gabil Mamedov and Hovhannes Bachkov.

Over on the other side of the draw something similar was happening via the fists of Cuban Andy Cruz. Ranked in a lowly position due to a lack of competition, the two-time world champion reached the final with three comfortable wins.

The gold medal bout was a throwback to the great Cuba-USA rivalries of the last quarter of the 20th century. Cruz and Davis shared the first two rounds so the title came down to the three final minutes. One of the judges believed Davis had done enough to win but the other four came down in favour of the Cuban fighter, which earned Cruz the gold medal.

The traditional award for the best boxer of the Games, the Val Barker Trophy, was not awarded in 2021 due to the AIBA not being involved in running the Olympic tournament, but Cruz won an award bearing the same name that was given out at the 2021 AIBA men’s World Championships later in the year.

1Andy CruzCUBGold
2Keyshawn DavisUSASilver
=3Harry GarsideAUSBronze
=3Hovhannes BachkovARMBronze
=5Wanderson de OliveiraBRA
=5Gabil MamedovROC
=5Zakir SafiullinKAZ
=5Elnur AbduraimovUZB
=9Luke McCormackGBR
=9Sofiane OumihaFRA
=9Jonas JonasNAM
=9Cavid ÇələbiyevAZE
=9Dzmitry AsanauBLR
=9Richarno ColinMRI
=9Daisuke NarimatsuJPN
=9Bakhodur UsmonovTJK
=17John UmePNG
=17Alston RyanANT
=17Enrico LacruzNED
=17Wessam SlamanaEOR
=17Damian DurkaczPOL
=17Leodán PezoPER
=17Baatarsükhiin ChinzorigMGL
=17Manish KaushikIND
=17Yaroslav KhartsyzUKR
=17Obada Al-KasbehJOR
=17Abdelhaq NadirMAR
=17Fiston MbayaCOD
=17Leonel de los SantosDOM

Round One

Date25 July 2021 — 12:18
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the second round.
Match #125 Jul 12:18Sofiane OumihaFRA
Match #225 Jul 12:36Keyshawn DavisUSADecisionEnrico LacruzNED
Match #325 Jul 12:51Richarno ColinMRIDecisionAbdelhaq NadirMAR
Match #425 Jul 13:06Gabil MamedovROCDecisionDamian DurkaczPOL
Match #525 Jul 13:24Hovhannes BachkovARMDecisionAlston RyanANT
Match #625 Jul 13:39Cavid ÇələbiyevAZEDecisionYaroslav KhartsyzUKR
Match #725 Jul 18:18Bakhodur UsmonovTJKDecisionLeonel de los SantosDOM
Match #825 Jul 18:36Elnur AbduraimovUZBDecisionBaatarsükhiin ChinzorigMGL
Match #9Andy CruzCUB
Match #1025 Jul 18:51Luke McCormackGBRDecisionManish KaushikIND
Match #1125 Jul 19:06Dzmitry AsanauBLRDecisionObada Al-KasbehJOR
Match #1225 Jul 19:24Wanderson de OliveiraBRADecisionWessam SlamanaEOR
Match #1325 Jul 19:39Zakir SafiullinKAZDecisionLeodán PezoPER
Match #1425 Jul 19:54Daisuke NarimatsuJPNDecisionFiston MbayaCOD
Match #1525 Jul 20:09Harry GarsideAUSDecisionJohn UmePNG
Match #16Jonas JonasNAM

Round Two

Date31 July 2021 — 12:03
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #131 Jul 12:03Keyshawn DavisUSAReferee stops contestSofiane OumihaFRA
Match #231 Jul 12:18Gabil MamedovROCDecisionRicharno ColinMRI
Match #331 Jul 12:36Hovhannes BachkovARMDecisionCavid ÇələbiyevAZE
Match #431 Jul 12:51Elnur AbduraimovUZBDecisionBakhodur UsmonovTJK
Match #531 Jul 18:03Andy CruzCUBDecisionLuke McCormackGBR
Match #631 Jul 18:18Wanderson de OliveiraBRADecisionDzmitry AsanauBLR
Match #731 Jul 18:36Zakir SafiullinKAZWalkoverDaisuke NarimatsuJPN
Match #831 Jul 18:51Harry GarsideAUSDecisionJonas JonasNAM


Date3 August 2021 — 11:54
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #103 Aug 11:54Keyshawn DavisUSADecisionGabil MamedovROC
Match #203 Aug 12:12Hovhannes BachkovARMDecisionElnur AbduraimovUZB
Match #303 Aug 18:30Andy CruzCUBDecisionWanderson de OliveiraBRA
Match #403 Aug 18:48Harry GarsideAUSDecisionZakir SafiullinKAZ


Date6 August 2021 — 14:32
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final match.
Match #106 Aug 14:32Keyshawn DavisUSADecisionHovhannes BachkovARM
Match #206 Aug 14:47Andy CruzCUBDecisionHarry GarsideAUS

Final Round

Date8 August 2021 — 14:15
Match 1/208 Aug 14:15Andy CruzCUBDecisionKeyshawn DavisUSA