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Team, Open

Date6 – 7 August 2021
LocationBaji Koen Equestrian Park, Setagaya, Tokyo
Participants54 from 19 countries
FormatTwo rounds. Four rider teams. Best three scores in each round determined team total. Team event held concurrently with final two rounds of individual qualifying.

The show jumping team event was significantly shortened from previous editions. In the place of a convoluted system in which three rounds of qualifying took place in tandem with the individual event before a two-round final, a single round of team qualifying led a single round final. Teams were also reduced from four to three members. The 2018 World Equestrian Games had been played out before the host country, the USA, and an experienced Swedish team. Despite the pandemic contrived delay to the Olympic Games, the same two teams rose to the top in Tokyo.

Sweden, having already provided three of the top five in the individual event, qualified for the final with a perfect score of three clear rounds, a fence ahead of Germany and Belgium. It was France, however, who made the running in the final. The first two riders contributed only a single time penalty apiece, which left anchor rider Penelope Leprevost needing only to avoid having two fences down to win gold. Unfortunately for Leprevost, her horse refused to cooperate and was eliminated whilst on the verge of victory.

With France dropping out of contention, the focus switched to Sweden and the USA as they tied on eight faults, which necessitated a jump-off for the championships. Over a shortened course all six riders completed without a single mistake between them. The tiebreaker was the combined time of each three-person team, and this came down to the final member of the Swedish team, Peder Fredricson. He needed to finish clear in under 40.20 to ensure the first Swedish victory in this event since 1924. Fredricson clocked 39.01.

Henrik von Eckermann
Malin Baryard-Johnsson
Peder Fredricson
Rolf-Göran Bengtsson (DNS)
2United StatesUSASilver
Laura Kraut
Jessica Springsteen
McLain Ward
Kent Farrington (DNS)
Pieter Devos
Jérôme Guéry
Gregory Wathelet
Niels Bruynseels (DNS)
Willem Greve
Marc Houtzager
Maikel van der Vleuten
Harrie Smolders
Martin Fuchs
Bryan Balsiger
Steve Guerdat
Beat Mändli (DNS)
Marlon Zanotelli
Pedro Veniss
Rodrigo Pessoa
Yuri Mansur
Fabián Sejanes
Martín Dopazo
Matías Albarracín
José Larocca (DNS)
Simon Delestre
Pénélope Leprévost
Mathieu Billot
Nicolas Delmotte (DNS)
Andre Thieme
Maurice Tebbel
Daniel Deußer
Christian Kukuk (DNS)
10Great BritainGBR
Holly Smith
Harry Charles
Ben Maher
Scott Brash (DNS)
Nayel Nassar
Mohamed Talaat
Muhammad Tahir Zeyada
Abdel Said (DNS)
12People's Republic of ChinaCHN
Li Yaofeng
Zhang Xingjia
Li Zhenqiang
Zhang You (DNS)
Ali Al-Ahrach
El Ghali Boukaa
Abdelkebir Ouaddar
14New ZealandNZL
Bruce Goodin
Tom Tarver-Priebe
Daniel Meech
Uma O'Neill (DNS)
15Czech RepublicCZE
Ondřej Zvára
Anna Kellnerová
Aleš Opatrný
Kamil Papoušek (DNS)
Enrique González
Eugenio Garza
Patricio Pasquel
Manuel González (DNS)
Alberto Michán
Teddy Vlock
Ashlee Bond (DNS)
Daisuke Fukushima
Koki Saito (DNS)
Eiken Sato (DNS)
Mike Kawai (DNS)
Shane Sweetnam
Bertram Allen (DNS)
Darragh Kenny (DNS)