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Normal Hill, Individual, Men

Date5 – 6 February 2022
LocationZhangjiakou National Ski Jumping Centre, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province
Participants53 from 20 countries
DetailsHill Size : 106 m
Inrun Angle : 35°
Inrun Length : 100.0 m
K-Point : 95 m
Landing Angle : 34.1°
Take-Off Angle : 11°
Take-Off Height : 2.37 m
Total Height : 114.7 m

Of the three medalists in the normal hill at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, only one, Norway’s Robert Johansson, who had also taken bronze in the large hill individually and gold with the team, returned in 2022. Piotr Żyła of Poland, who had last competed at the Olympics in 2014, was the reigning World Champion, with Germany’s Karl Geiger, who had won silver in the team large hill in 2018, as World runner-up. World Bronze had gone to Anže Lanišek of Slovenia, who was champion in the medium hill at the 2012 Winter Youth Olympics.

Another Norwegian, Marius Lindvik, came out on top of the qualifying round, followed by Johansson and Żyła. Lindvik was the silver medalist in this event at the 2016 Winter Youth Olympics, where he had also taken silver with the cross-country skiing / ski jumping / Nordic combined team. Geiger and Lanišek placed 9th and 15th respectively. The field after the first round of the final was entirely different and was led by Ryoyu Kobayashi of Japan, who had been fourth in qualifying. Kobayashi was seventh in this event in 2018, but had since seen considerable success at the World Cup, and thus his strength in Beijing was not a complete surprise. Second was Slovenia’s Peter Prevc, the runner-up at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, while Kamil Stoch of Poland was third. Stoch was the 2014 Olympic champion in this event, the 2014 and 2018 large hill champion, and a bronze medalist from the 2018 team event. In 2019, he had been World runner-up in the normal hill. Lanišek was 9th, while none of the other favorites made the top ten.

In the second round, Kobayashi managed to rank fifth overall, but it was sufficient to maintain his hold on gold. The winner of this final jump was Austria’s Manuel Fettner, who slid into silver medal position after weaker performances from Prev and Stoch that saw them rank 8th and 13th respectively in the round and 4th and 6th overall. Dawid Kubacki, the 2019 World Champion who had been only eighth in the first round, came back with a second-ranked jump that allowed him to capture the bronze medal. Kubacki had also taken bronze with the large hill team in 2018.

1Ryoyu KobayashiJPNGold
2Manuel FettnerAUTSilver
3Dawid KubackiPOLBronze
4Peter PrevcSLO
5Yevgeny KlimovROC
6Kamil StochPOL
7Marius LindvikNOR
8Danil SadreyevROC
9Timi ZajcSLO
10Stefan KraftAUT
11Constantin SchmidGER
12Antti AaltoFIN
=13Anže LanišekSLO
=13Daniel HuberAUT
15Karl GeigerGER
16Mackenzie Boyd-ClowesCAN
17Gregor DeschwandenSUI
18Roman KoudelkaCZE
19Jan HörlAUT
20Robert JohanssonNOR
21Piotr ŻyłaPOL
22Vladi ZografskiBUL
23Roman TrofimovROC
24Stephan LeyheGER
25Simon AmmannSUI
26Stefan HulaPOL
27Junshiro KobayashiJPN
28Lovro KosSLO
29Čestmír KožíšekCZE
30Halvor Egner GranerudNORDQ Jump 2
31Markus EisenbichlerGER
=32Yukiya SatoJPN
=32Mikhail NazarovROC
34Artti AigroEST
35Dominik PeterSUI
36Arda İpçioğluTUR
37Killian PeierSUI
38Naoki NakamuraJPN
39Casey LarsonUSA
40Kevin MaltsevEST
=41Giovanni BresadolaITA
=41Sergey TkachenkoKAZ
43Kevin BicknerUSA
44Decker DeanUSA
45Matthew SoukupCAN
46Danil VassilyevKAZ
47Yevhen MarusiakUKR
48Daniel Andrei CacinaROU
49Patrick GasienicaUSA
50Andrei FeldoreanROU
51Filip SakalaCZE
52Anton KorchukUKR
53Song QiwuCHN

Qualifying Round (5 February 2022 — 14:20)

Top 50 finishers advance to final.

Judge ALiang BingCHN
Judge BStanislav SlavíkCZE
Judge CDan MattoonUSA
Judge DJørn LarsenNOR
Judge EVadim LisovskyRUS
Judge SCJürgen WinklerAUT
150Marius LindvikNOR116.7Q
243Robert JohanssonNOR116.6Q
334Piotr ŻyłaPOL112.1Q
452Ryoyu KobayashiJPN111.4Q
546Stefan KraftAUT108.5Q
637Manuel FettnerAUT107.5Q
732Gregor DeschwandenSUI106.4Q
821Antti AaltoFIN105.0Q
953Karl GeigerGER103.9Q
1041Yukiya SatoJPN103.6Q
1139Stephan LeyheGER101.6Q
1227Simon AmmannSUI100.4Q
1326Vladi ZografskiBUL99.7Q
1430Yevgeny KlimovROC99.5Q
1549Anže LanišekSLO98.5Q
1628Dawid KubackiPOL98.3Q
1722Mackenzie Boyd-ClowesCAN97.1Q
1829Danil SadreyevROC97.0Q
1917Roman KoudelkaCZE93.4Q
2044Killian PeierSUI92.8Q
2118Giovanni BresadolaITA91.8Q
227Čestmír KožíšekCZE91.4Q
=2348Markus EisenbichlerGER90.8Q
=2345Daniel HuberAUT90.8Q
2524Dominik PeterSUI88.9Q
2631Junshiro KobayashiJPN88.2Q
2716Stefan HulaPOL87.9Q
2851Halvor Egner GranerudNOR87.4Q
2933Naoki NakamuraJPN87.0Q
3042Timi ZajcSLO84.3Q
3119Mikhail NazarovROC81.4Q
323Kevin MaltsevEST80.2Q
=3325Roman TrofimovROC80.0Q
=3323Artti AigroEST80.0Q
3540Lovro KosSLO79.0Q
3635Kamil StochPOL78.7Q
3747Jan HörlAUT78.5Q
3836Peter PrevcSLO77.0Q
3938Constantin SchmidGER76.0Q
4012Daniel Andrei CacinaROU70.9Q
412Casey LarsonUSA69.8Q
4220Decker DeanUSA66.6Q
4311Kevin BicknerUSA61.8Q
448Patrick GasienicaUSA61.2Q
456Andrei FeldoreanROU55.0Q
4615Arda İpçioğluTUR52.8Q
4714Matthew SoukupCAN52.7Q
484Yevhen MarusiakUKR49.8Q
4913Danil VassilyevKAZ46.2Q
505Sergey TkachenkoKAZ43.1Q
519Filip SakalaCZE39.2
521Anton KorchukUKR38.0
5310Song QiwuCHN24.3

Final Round (6 February 2022 — 19:00)

Two jumps, with both scored on distance and form. Only the top 30 jumpers (and ties) from the first jump advance to the second jump.

Judge ALiang BingCHN
Judge BVadim LisovskyRUS
Judge CDan MattoonUSA
Judge DJørn LarsenNOR
Judge EJürgen WinklerAUT
Judge SCStanislav SlavíkCZE
1Ryoyu KobayashiJPN275.0
2Manuel FettnerAUT270.8
3Dawid KubackiPOL265.9
4Peter PrevcSLO265.4
5Yevgeny KlimovROC261.5
6Kamil StochPOL260.9
7Marius LindvikNOR260.7
8Danil SadreyevROC259.4
9Timi ZajcSLO259.3
10Stefan KraftAUT258.1
11Constantin SchmidGER257.3
12Antti AaltoFIN256.1
=13Anže LanišekSLO253.6
=13Daniel HuberAUT253.6
15Karl GeigerGER252.8
16Mackenzie Boyd-ClowesCAN252.6
17Gregor DeschwandenSUI250.8
18Roman KoudelkaCZE249.5
19Jan HörlAUT248.8
20Robert JohanssonNOR248.3
21Piotr ŻyłaPOL245.5
22Vladi ZografskiBUL245.3
23Roman TrofimovROC244.7
24Stephan LeyheGER244.4
25Simon AmmannSUI239.5
26Stefan HulaPOL237.8
27Junshiro KobayashiJPN234.0
28Lovro KosSLO229.6
29Čestmír KožíšekCZE211.9
30Halvor Egner GranerudNOR
31Markus EisenbichlerGER118.4
=32Yukiya SatoJPN118.1
=32Mikhail NazarovROC118.1
34Artti AigroEST116.7
35Dominik PeterSUI116.0
36Arda İpçioğluTUR115.0
37Killian PeierSUI114.6
38Naoki NakamuraJPN114.5
39Casey LarsonUSA113.2
40Kevin MaltsevEST112.5
=41Giovanni BresadolaITA110.3
=41Sergey TkachenkoKAZ110.3
43Kevin BicknerUSA108.1
44Decker DeanUSA106.6
45Matthew SoukupCAN103.0
46Danil VassilyevKAZ101.0
47Yevhen MarusiakUKR97.4
48Daniel Andrei CacinaROU95.8
49Patrick GasienicaUSA89.8
50Andrei FeldoreanROU84.3