| Event type

Normal Hill, Individual, Men

Date8 – 10 February 2018
LocationAlpensia Ski Jumping Centre, Alpensia Resort, Mountain Cluster, Daegwallyeong
Participants57 from 19 countries
Judge #1Mun Jong-SeonKOR
Judge #2Teppo NieminenFIN
Judge #3Erik StahlhutGER
Judge #4Ryszard GunkaPOL
Judge #5Miloš KernSLO
DetailsK-Point: 98 m

The qualification competition on 8 February reduced the field from 57 to 50 competitors, with no major casualties. The favorites, Germany’s Andreas Wellinger and Poland’s Kamil Stoch, made the two best jumps and confirmed their excellent form.

In the final, two days later, the conditions were difficult, with air temperature around minus 10 celsius and with varying wind. In the first round, the Pole Stefan Hula held a surprising lead, after a jump of 111 m. He was followed by his compatriot Stoch and the Norwegian Johann André Forfang, who were equal in second place. Wellinger was still in contention, lying in fifth place, with the German Richard Freitag fourth.

In the second round, Robert Johansson of Norway, lying 10th after the first round, equaled the hill record with a jump of 113.5 m. With five jumpers to go, Johansson was still leading, but was overtaken by Wellinger, who put in a stylish jump, also 113.5 m. Freitag could not respond, dropping to ninth place, but Forfang passed Johansson with a good second jump, but not good enough to catch Wellinger. With the two Poles remaining, defending champion Stoch had a disappointing jump and ended without a medal. Hula, in spite of rather good wind conditions, could not live up to his first jump, and finished behind Stoch. Andreas Wellinger, who won two silver medals in the 2017 World Championships, claimed his first international championships gold medal in a tough competition under difficult conditions. Simon Ammann, double gold medalist in 2002 and 2010, was called back from the start gate four times before his last jump and finished in 11th place. Bronze medalist Johansson said after his second jump that he had no feeling in his feet, because of the cold and windy conditions. The competition came to an end after midnight local time.

1Andreas WellingerGERGold
2Johann André ForfangNORSilver
3Robert JohanssonNORBronze
4Kamil StochPOL
5Stefan HulaPOL
6Daniel-André TandeNOR
7Ryoyu KobayashiJPN
8Markus EisenbichlerGER
9Richard FreitagGER
10Karl GeigerGER
11Simon AmmannSUI
12Peter PrevcSLO
13Stefan KraftAUT
14Vladi ZografskiBUL
15Andreas StjernenNOR
16Tilen BartolSLO
17Michael HayböckAUT
18Kevin BicknerUSA
19Maciej KotPOL
20Daiki ItoJPN
21Noriaki KasaiJPN
22Gregor SchlierenzauerAUT
23Manuel FettnerAUT
24Denis KornilovROC
25Roman KoudelkaCZE
26Mackenzie Boyd-ClowesCAN
27Jonathan LearoydFRA
28Jernej DamjanSLO
29Gregor DeschwandenSUI
30Yevgeny KlimovROC
31Junshiro KobayashiJPN
32Michael GlasderUSA
33Timi ZajcSLO
34Mikhail NazarovROC
=35Dawid KubackiPOL
=35Davide BresadolaITA
37Aleksey RomashovROC
38Andreas AlamommoFIN
39Casey LarsonUSA
40Janne AhonenFIN
41Choi Seo-WuKOR
42Sebastian ColloredoITA
43Vincent Descombes SevoieFRA
44Viktor PolášekCZE
45Alex InsamITA
46Will RhoadsUSA
47Martti NommeEST
48Federico CeconITA
49Eetu NousiainenFIN
50Antti AaltoFIN
51Sergey TkachenkoKAZ
52Kim Hyeon-GiKOR
53Vojtěch ŠtursaCZE
54Čestmír KožíšekCZE
55Artti AigroEST
56Kevin MaltsevEST
57Arda İpçioğluTUR

Qualifying Round (8 February 2018 — 21:30)

Top 50 finishers advance to final.

155Andreas WellingerGER133.5Q
257Kamil StochPOL131.7Q
349Dawid KubackiPOL129.6Q
456Richard FreitagGER129.1Q
551Stefan KraftAUT128.6Q
648Markus EisenbichlerGER127.7Q
744Karl GeigerGER125.5Q
854Daniel-André TandeNOR123.0Q
946Stefan HulaPOL122.7Q
1042Simon AmmannSUI122.3Q
1141Maciej KotPOL122.0Q
1222Yevgeny KlimovROC121.4Q
1353Johann André ForfangNOR121.1Q
1443Peter PrevcSLO120.2Q
1547Andreas StjernenNOR119.3Q
1645Jernej DamjanSLO118.9Q
1721Vladi ZografskiBUL118.8Q
1850Junshiro KobayashiJPN118.4Q
1952Robert JohanssonNOR118.3Q
2037Noriaki KasaiJPN117.7Q
2135Ryoyu KobayashiJPN115.3Q
2240Tilen BartolSLO115.1Q
2326Mackenzie Boyd-ClowesCAN114.6Q
2428Roman KoudelkaCZE114.5Q
2530Kevin BicknerUSA114.0Q
2639Michael HayböckAUT112.4Q
2738Manuel FettnerAUT109.4Q
2831Denis KornilovROC107.2Q
2936Timi ZajcSLO107.1Q
3018Jonathan LearoydFRA106.7Q
3125Daiki ItoJPN106.0Q
3233Gregor SchlierenzauerAUT104.0Q
3324Alex InsamITA101.9Q
346Aleksey RomashovROC98.5Q
3514Andreas AlamommoFIN98.3Q
3617Sebastian ColloredoITA97.9Q
=3712Davide BresadolaITA95.8Q
=3710Janne AhonenFIN95.8Q
391Choi Seo-WuKOR94.7Q
409Michael GlasderUSA94.6Q
418Mikhail NazarovROC93.7Q
4229Antti AaltoFIN93.6Q
4334Gregor DeschwandenSUI92.3Q
4420Vincent Descombes SevoieFRA92.1Q
4527Will RhoadsUSA91.9Q
4616Casey LarsonUSA90.9Q
473Viktor PolášekCZE90.1Q
485Martti NommeEST88.2Q
492Federico CeconITA87.9Q
5023Eetu NousiainenFIN85.5Q
5113Sergey TkachenkoKAZ83.7
5215Kim Hyeon-GiKOR83.1
5319Vojtěch ŠtursaCZE81.5
5432Čestmír KožíšekCZE80.6
5511Artti AigroEST80.0
567Kevin MaltsevEST74.2
574Arda İpçioğluTUR68.2

Final Round (10 February 2018 — 21:35)

Two jumps, with both scored on distance and form. Only the top 30 jumpers (and ties) from the first jump advance to the second jump.

1Andreas WellingerGER259.3
2Johann André ForfangNOR250.9
3Robert JohanssonNOR249.7
4Kamil StochPOL249.3
5Stefan HulaPOL248.8
6Daniel-André TandeNOR242.3
7Ryoyu KobayashiJPN240.8
8Markus EisenbichlerGER240.2
9Richard FreitagGER240.0
10Karl GeigerGER236.7
11Simon AmmannSUI236.6
12Peter PrevcSLO234.3
13Stefan KraftAUT233.6
14Vladi ZografskiBUL226.5
15Andreas StjernenNOR225.8
16Tilen BartolSLO220.8
17Michael HayböckAUT219.7
18Kevin BicknerUSA217.4
19Maciej KotPOL217.0
20Daiki ItoJPN214.7
21Noriaki KasaiJPN213.3
22Gregor SchlierenzauerAUT212.2
23Manuel FettnerAUT211.7
24Denis KornilovROC209.6
25Roman KoudelkaCZE209.2
26Mackenzie Boyd-ClowesCAN208.1
27Jonathan LearoydFRA207.9
28Jernej DamjanSLO201.3
29Gregor DeschwandenSUI185.3
30Yevgeny KlimovROC168.2
31Junshiro KobayashiJPN98.8
32Michael GlasderUSA98.7
33Timi ZajcSLO98.6
34Mikhail NazarovROC92.1
=35Dawid KubackiPOL92.0
=35Davide BresadolaITA92.0
37Aleksey RomashovROC91.7
38Andreas AlamommoFIN91.3
39Casey LarsonUSA89.4
40Janne AhonenFIN85.1
41Choi Seo-WuKOR83.9
42Sebastian ColloredoITA83.8
43Vincent Descombes SevoieFRA82.4
44Viktor PolášekCZE81.9
45Alex InsamITA76.9
46Will RhoadsUSA75.5
47Martti NommeEST73.8
48Federico CeconITA72.3
49Eetu NousiainenFIN68.0
50Antti AaltoFIN60.8