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Normal Hill, Individual, Men

Date12 – 13 February 2010
LocationWhistler Olympic Park, Whistler
Participants61 from 18 countries
Judge #1Daniel LindSWE
Judge #2Ryszard GunkaPOL
Judge #3Hidemitsu MoriJPN
Judge #4Kemp FrippCAN
Judge #5Josef KleislGER
DetailsK-Point: 95 m

The star of the Salt Lake City Olympics was a 20-year-old Swiss called Simon Ammann, who had seemingly come from nowhere to win both Olympic title in a stunning upset. The years after his triumph were barren and it was not until after his unsuccessful defence of those gold medals in Torino that he began to show the form he had displayed in 2002 with any great consistency. By the start of the 2010 Games Ammann was in a rich vein of form and had already collected five World Cup victories in the season to date. His rivals for the top space on the Olympic podium included the veteran four-time world champion from Poland, Adam Małysz, the returning Janne Ahonen and any member of the powerful Austrian quartet.

Ammann, jumping last of the 51 competitors in the first round, flew out to the 105 metre mark in the opening round then waited in the drizzle as his rivals almost all improved their distances in the second round. With the final jump of the competition he floated away to set a new hill record at 108 metres and regain the title he had won in 2002. Behind him were Małysz in second and Austria’s Gregor Schlierenzauer in third. Janne Ahonen’s attempt to win a medal at his fifth Olympics was thwarted by a mere handful of points. This was the first event of the Vancouver Olympics to be completed.

1Simon AmmannSUIGold
2Adam MałyszPOLSilver
3Gregor SchlierenzauerAUTBronze
4Janne AhonenFIN
5Michael UhrmannGER
6Robert KranjecSLO
7Peter PrevcSLO
8Thomas MorgensternAUT
9Anders JacobsenNOR
10Martin SchmittGER
11Wolfgang LoitzlAUT
=12Roman KoudelkaCZE
=12Tom HildeNOR
14Jakub JandaCZE
15Daiki ItoJPN
16Michael NeumayerGER
17Noriaki KasaiJPN
18Anders BardalNOR
=19Andreas KoflerAUT
=19Janne HapponenFIN
21Antonín HájekCZE
22Kalle KeituriFIN
23Bjørn Einar RomørenNOR
=24Emmanuel ChedalFRA
=24Primož PiklSLO
26Denis KornilovRUS
27Kamil StochPOL
28Vincent Descombes SevoieFRA
=29Sebastian ColloredoITA
=29Nikolay KarpenkoKAZ
=31Stefan HulaPOL
=31Pascal BodmerGER
33Pavel KarelinRUS
34Taku TakeuchiJPN
35Andreas KüttelSUI
36Krzysztof MiętusPOL
37Shohei TochimotoJPN
=38Lukáš HlavaCZE
=38Jernej DamjanSLO
40Kim Hyeon-GiKOR
=41Peter FrenetteUSA
=41Nick AlexanderUSA
43Andrea MorassiITA
44Aleksey KorolyovKAZ
45Vitaliy ShumbaretsUKR
46Dmitry IpatovRUS
47David LazzaroniFRA
48Choi Heung-CheolKOR
49Anders JohnsonUSA
50Volodymyr BoshchukUKR
42 r1/2Tomáš ZmoraySVK
43 r1/2Choi Yong-JikKOR
44 r1/2Mackenzie Boyd-ClowesCAN
45 r1/2Ilya RoslyakovRUS
46 r1/2Trevor MorriceCAN
47 r1/2Stefan ReadCAN
48 r1/2Oleksandr LazarovychUKR
49 r1/2Eric MitchellCAN
50 r1/2Alexandre MabbouxFRA
AC r2/2Harri OlliFINDQ
AC r1/2Roberto DellasegaITADQ

Qualifying Round (12 February 2010 — 10:00)

Top 40 finishers advanced to final. Ten jumpers pre-qualified based on World Cup points.

151Michael UhrmannGER138.5Q
244Jakub JandaCZE135.5Q
345Michael NeumayerGER135.0Q
=443Antonín HájekCZE134.5Q
=449Daiki ItoJPN134.5Q
=646Noriaki KasaiJPN133.5Q
=648Harri OlliFIN133.5Q
824Janne HapponenFIN133.0Q
940Martin SchmittGER132.5Q
1041Tom HildeNOR132.0Q
1135Kalle KeituriFIN130.0Q
1242Kamil StochPOL127.5Q
=1347Emmanuel ChedalFRA127.0Q
=1329Peter PrevcSLO127.0Q
=1538Jernej DamjanSLO126.5Q
=1534Krzysztof MiętusPOL126.5Q
1722Stefan HulaPOL125.5Q
=1850Pascal BodmerGER123.5Q
=1823Vincent Descombes SevoieFRA123.5Q
=1825Roman KoudelkaCZE123.5Q
2133Anders BardalNOR122.5Q
2217Kim Hyeon-GiKOR121.5Q
=235Volodymyr BoshchukUKR120.5Q
=2337Andreas KüttelSUI120.5Q
258David LazzaroniFRA117.5Q
2626Denis KornilovRUS117.0Q
=2728Pavel KarelinRUS116.5Q
=2727Primož PiklSLO116.5Q
2915Aleksey KorolyovKAZ116.0Q
307Peter FrenetteUSA115.0Q
3118Nikolay KarpenkoKAZ114.5Q
3230Andrea MorassiITA114.0Q
=3320Dmitry IpatovRUS113.5Q
=3331Taku TakeuchiJPN113.5Q
=3513Nick AlexanderUSA113.0Q
=3536Sebastian ColloredoITA113.0Q
=3732Lukáš HlavaCZE112.0Q
=3721Vitaliy ShumbaretsUKR112.0Q
3939Shohei TochimotoJPN111.0Q
=4014Choi Heung-CheolKOR108.5Q
=402Anders JohnsonUSA108.5Q
424Tomáš ZmoraySVK107.5
4310Choi Yong-JikKOR107.0
449Mackenzie Boyd-ClowesCAN105.0
4519Ilya RoslyakovRUS104.5
466Trevor MorriceCAN103.5
473Stefan ReadCAN103.0
4812Oleksandr LazarovychUKR100.0
491Eric MitchellCAN98.5
5011Alexandre MabbouxFRA97.5
PRQ60Gregor SchlierenzauerAUT
PRQ56Adam MałyszPOL
PRQ59Thomas MorgensternAUT
PRQ58Andreas KoflerAUT
PRQ57Wolfgang LoitzlAUT
PRQ61Simon AmmannSUI
PRQ55Janne AhonenFIN
PRQ52Robert KranjecSLO
PRQ53Bjørn Einar RomørenNOR
DQ16Roberto DellasegaITA[108.0]1
DNS54Anders JacobsenNORpQ

Final Round (13 February 2010)

Two jumps, with both scored on distance and form. Only the top 30 jumpers (and ties) from the first jump advance to the second jump.

151Simon AmmannSUI276.5
246Adam MałyszPOL269.5
350Gregor SchlierenzauerAUT268.0
445Janne AhonenFIN263.0
541Michael UhrmannGER262.5
642Robert KranjecSLO259.5
719Peter PrevcSLO259.0
849Thomas MorgensternAUT258.5
944Anders JacobsenNOR257.0
1030Martin SchmittGER256.0
1147Wolfgang LoitzlAUT255.0
=1215Roman KoudelkaCZE252.0
=1231Tom HildeNOR252.0
1434Jakub JandaCZE250.5
1539Daiki ItoJPN249.5
1635Michael NeumayerGER247.0
1736Noriaki KasaiJPN244.5
1823Anders BardalNOR242.5
=1948Andreas KoflerAUT241.5
=1914Janne HapponenFIN241.5
2133Antonín HájekCZE239.5
2225Kalle KeituriFIN238.0
2343Bjørn Einar RomørenNOR235.0
=2437Emmanuel ChedalFRA234.5
=2417Primož PiklSLO234.5
2616Denis KornilovRUS232.5
2732Kamil StochPOL232.0
2813Vincent Descombes SevoieFRA230.0
=2926Sebastian ColloredoITA229.0
=299Nikolay KarpenkoKAZ229.0
=3112Stefan HulaPOL112.5
=3140Pascal BodmerGER112.5
3318Pavel KarelinRUS111.5
3421Taku TakeuchiJPN110.5
3527Andreas KüttelSUI110.0
3624Krzysztof MiętusPOL109.0
3729Shohei TochimotoJPN108.5
=3822Lukáš HlavaCZE108.0
=3828Jernej DamjanSLO108.0
408Kim Hyeon-GiKOR107.0
=413Peter FrenetteUSA106.5
=415Nick AlexanderUSA106.5
4320Andrea MorassiITA106.0
447Aleksey KorolyovKAZ105.0
4511Vitaliy ShumbaretsUKR104.5
4610Dmitry IpatovRUS102.5
474David LazzaroniFRA101.0
486Choi Heung-CheolKOR95.0
491Anders JohnsonUSA92.5
502Volodymyr BoshchukUKR91.5
DQ38Harri OlliFIN[116.0]3