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30 kilometres, Men

Date19 February 1960
LocationMcKinney Creek Stadium, Tahoma, California
Participants48 from 17 countries
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: ?
Intermediate 1: 10.0 km
Intermediate 2: 20.0 km
Maximum Climb: ?
Total Climbing: ?

This event, new on the Olympic program in 1956, had been dominated internationally by Finnish, Soviet and Swedish skiers after being added to the World Championships program from 1954. The defending champion Veikko Hakulinen, was still among the favorites, now aged 35. Sweden’s Sixten Jernberg, silver medalist from 1956 and third in the World Championships 1958, was highly favored among the experts.

Jernberg, having a late starting number and therefore able to control his rivals, was in the lead after 10 km, 22 seconds ahead of his countryman Rolf Rämgård. He was closely followed by two Soviet skiers, the 23-year old newcomer Gennady Vaganov and the more merited Nikolay Anikin, a member of the Soviet gold winning relay team in 1956. Hakulinen, apparently not in his best shape, was in fifth place, already 1:20 behind the leader. At 20 km, Jernberg was in the lead, still 22 seconds ahead of Rämgård, but the Swedish pair had increased the gap to the two Soviet skiers, who were now almost a minute behind the leader. Hakulinen had dropped to sixth place, 2.20 behind. At the final stage of the race, Jernberg was able to cling to his lead ahead of fast finishing Rämgård, only 13 seconds behind at the finishing line. Anikin secured the bronze medal, almost one and a half minute behind the two Swedes.

Rolf Rämgård finished his cross country skiing career after the 1962 season, aged only 27. He later became a Member of the Swedish Parliament Riksdagen, and served also as Minister of Sport in the Swedish Governement.

143Sixten JernbergSWE1-51:03.9Gold
225Rolf RämgårdSWE1-51:16.9Silver
332Nikolay AnikinURS1-52:28.2Bronze
427Gennady VaganovURS1-52:49.2
518Lennart LarssonSWE1-53:53.2
636Veikko HakulinenFIN1-54:02.0
723Toimi AlataloFIN1-54:06.5
810Aleksey KuznetsovURS1-54:23.9
924Hallgeir BrendenNOR1-55:19.8
101Oddmund JensenNOR1-55:35.0
1126Giulio DeflorianITA1-56:40.6
128Kalevi HämäläinenFIN1-56:54.4
133Allan AnderssonSWE1-57:09.9
1441Pompeo FattorITA1-57:40.5
152Anatoly ShelyukhinURS1-58:21.3
1611Magnar LundemoNOR1-58:46.8
177Ottavio CompagnoniITA1-58:55.0
1817Arto TiainenFIN1-58:56.6
1948Jean MermetFRA1-58:57.9
2037Sverre StensheimNOR1-59:52.8
214Helmut WeidlichGER2-01:25.8
2229Kazimierz ZelekPOL2-01:27.1
2347Andrzej MatejaPOL2-01:54.7
2442Alphonse BaumeSUI2-02:04.2
2519René MandrillonFRA2-02:05.3
2631Sepp MaierGER2-02:10.6
2713Mack MillerUSA2-03:05.4
2815Marcel HugueninSUI2-03:25.6
2940Rudolf DannhauerGER2-03:38.9
3046Rudolf ČillíkTCH2-03:50.6
3138Stefan MitkovBUL2-03:54.3
325Lorenz PossaSUI2-05:41.2
3314Siegfried HugGER2-05:48.6
349Józef Gąsienica SobczakPOL2-06:12.7
3545Takashi MatsuhashiJPN2-06:25.5
3635Clarence ServoldCAN2-06:37.9
3716Kazuo SatoJPN2-07:07.2
3839John MooreGBR2-08:58.6
3928Eiji KuritaJPN2-11:25.8
4022Irvin ServoldCAN2-11:50.4
4120Andrew MorganGBR2-13:38.9
426Leo MassaUSA2-16:47.0
4334Joe Pete WilsonUSA2-22:16.2
4433Francisco JermanARG2-33:27.4
4544Kim Ha-YunKOR2-48:37.2
DNF12Giuseppe SteinerITA
DNF21Sven JohansonUSA
DNF30Fritz KocherSUI