| Event type

Light-Heavyweight (≤175 pounds), Men

Date10 – 15 August 1936
LocationDeutschlandhalle, Berlin
Participants21 from 21 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

Roger Michelot of France, who had reached the middleweight semi-finals in Los Angeles, returned for another attempt at Olympic glory and was amongst those touted for success in a division which had a number of contenders but no clear favourite. One of those contenders, Carl Vinciquerra, the US national amateur champion was the victim of a major shock in the opening round, the unheralded Egyptian fighter Mohamed Amin defeating him on points.

The final matched Michelot with Germany’s Richard Vogt and at first it appeared as Vogt was to cruise to victory. The German’s superior reach dominated the first three minutes and he took the round clearly. It was then that Michelot put his experience to work, punishing Vogt for his overconfidence and changing the course of the fight. An attack by Vogt had Michelot reeling in the last few moments of the fight but the Frenchman had done enough to win the championship.

Vogt had a professional career with included three separate reigns as German light-heavyweight champion. An attempt at the European title was lost but he did have the distinction of being the man who ended the career of former heavyweight champion Max Schmeling. Robey Leibbrandt of South Africa, who defaulted through injury from the bronze medal match, served seven years in prison in his native country. He was convicted of treason after working as an agent for the Nazis.

1Roger MichelotFRAGold
2Richard VogtGERSilver
3Francisco RisiglioneARGBronze
4Robey LeibbrandtRSA
=5Tom GriffinGBR
=5Hannes KoivunenFIN
=5Børge HolmDEN
=5František HavelkaTCH
=9Jim GraserLUX
=9Antonio AdipeURU
=9Oliver ShanksCAN
=9Erminio BolzanITA
=9Wim FockNED
=9Leslie HarleyAUS
=9Amin MohamedEGY
=16Paul SchweiferAUT
=16Wang RunlanCHN
=16Walter von BuerenSUI
=16Pol GoffauxBEL
=16Jarl JohnsenNOR
=16Carl VinciquerraUSA
DNSAlf ShawyerGBR
DNSEulogio QuirozPER
DNSPaco BuenoESP
DNSGustav JankovskýTCH
DNSJean PsiakisGRE
DNSJohannes JaspersGER
DNSLuigi MusinaITA
DNSPeter JørgensenDEN
DNSWilliam TownsendUSA

Round One (10 August 1936 — 15:00-20:30)

Winner of each match advanced to the second round.

Match #1 Francisco RisiglioneARG Bye
Match #2 Jim GraserLUX Bye
Match #3 Tom GriffinGBR Bye
Match #4 Antonio AdipeURU Bye
Match #5 Hannes KoivunenFIN Bye
Match #6 Oliver ShanksCAN Bye
Match #7 Richard VogtGER Bye
Match #8 Erminio BolzanITA Bye
Match #9 Roger MichelotFRA Bye
Match #10 Eulogio QuirozPER Bye
Match #11 Børge HolmDEN Paul SchweiferAUT Decision (– - –)
Match #12 Wim FockNED Wang RunlanCHN Decision (– - –)
Match #13 Leslie HarleyAUS Walter von BuerenSUI Decision (– - –)
Match #14 František HavelkaTCH Pol GoffauxBEL Decision (– - –)
Match #15 Robey LeibbrandtRSA Jarl JohnsenNOR Decision (– - –)
Match #16 Amin MohamedEGY Carl VinciquerraUSA Decision (– - –)

Round Two (11 August 1936 — 15:00-20:30)

Winner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.

Match #1 Francisco RisiglioneARG Jim GraserLUX Decision (– - –)
Match #2 Tom GriffinGBR Antonio AdipeURU Decision (– - –)
Match #3 Hannes KoivunenFIN Oliver ShanksCAN Decision (– - –)
Match #4 Richard VogtGER Erminio BolzanITA Decision (– - –)
Match #5 Roger MichelotFRA Eulogio QuirozPER Walkover
Match #6 Børge HolmDEN Wim FockNED Decision (– - –)
Match #7 František HavelkaTCH Leslie HarleyAUS Decision (– - –)
Match #8 Robey LeibbrandtRSA Amin MohamedEGY Decision (– - –)

Quarter-Finals (13 August 1936 — 15:00-20:30)

Winner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.

Match #1 Francisco RisiglioneARG Tom GriffinGBR Decision (– - –)
Match #2 Richard VogtGER Hannes KoivunenFIN Decision (– - –)
Match #3 Roger MichelotFRA Børge HolmDEN Decision (– - –)
Match #4 Robey LeibbrandtRSA František HavelkaTCH Decision (– - –)

Semi-Finals (14 August 1936 — 15:00-20:30)

Winner of each match advanced to the final match.

Match #1 Richard VogtGER Francisco RisiglioneARG Decision (– - –)
Match #2 Roger MichelotFRA Robey LeibbrandtRSA Decision (– - –)

Final Round (15 August 1936 — 20:30)

Match 1/2 Roger MichelotFRA Richard VogtGER Decision (– - –)
Match 3/4 Francisco RisiglioneARG Robey LeibbrandtRSA Walkover