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Large Hill, Individual, Men

Date 9 February 1964 — 15:47
LocationBergiselschanze, Innsbruck
Participants52 from 15 countries
FormatThree jumps, all scored on distance and form, with best two of three jumps to count.
Judge #1Rolf DokkaCAN
Judge #2Ferdinando ValleITA
Judge #3C. KoskivuoriFIN
Judge #4R. LeonhardGER
Judge #5René ZyssetSUI
DetailsK-Point: 81 m

The Large Hill- competition on the Bergisel-Hill in Innsbruck was contested nine days after the Normal Hill competition, and ski jumping fans were looking forward to another great duel between Veikko Kankkonen and Toralf Engan, the two rivals from the Normal Hill.

The first round showed some excellent jumping. Kankkonen made the longest jump of the day, 95.5 m and had a 4.2 points lead over Engan, who did 93.5 m. Dieter Neuendorf was third, only 0.7 points ahead of the bronze medal winner from the Normal Hill, Torgeir Brandtzæg.

In the second round, with reduced runway length, Engan again made a stylish jump at 90.5 m. Kankkonen equalled Engan’s distance, but was penalized for a bad landing and was 1.8 points behind Engan. Brandtzæg advanced into bronze medal position after a 90 m jump, and was almost ten points ahead of the rest of the field. Engan, Kankkonen and Brandtzæg were all in a position to take the gold medal.

In the third round, the speed was again reduced. Brandtzæg, jumping first of the favorites, improved with another good jump at 87 m, but could not catch Engan and Kankkonen in the total points and had to settle for his second bronze medal. Engan, seemingly nervous, made a total miss at 73 m, but was still in the lead. Kankkonen had to make an 87-88 m jump with decent style points to pass Engan in the fight for the gold medal. The Finn made another excellent jump at 88 m, and seemed to have full control, but just after the landing he lost his balance and touched the snow with one of his hands. The jump was judged as a fall, and Engan had his revenge.

Engan was Norway’s first Olympic ski jumping champion in 12 years, and the Norwegians were back again as a major force in ski jumping. However, both Engan and Brandtzæg had short careers after their 1964 Olympic success. Later in 1964, during training two days before the Holmenkollen competition, Brandtzæg had a bad fall, while jumping 10 m longer than the hill record, and was severely injured. This fearless jumper tried a comeback the year after, but in spite of winning the national Large Hill Championships he felt he was not able to regain his former strength, and therefore decided to quit at the age of 23. After his great 1964- season Engan had two rather disappointing seasons. He was on the Norwegian 1966 World Championship team, and ended his career by coming 10th in the Large Hill Competition at the World Championships in Holmenkollen.

142Toralf EnganNOR230.7Gold
247Veikko KankkonenFIN228.9Silver
324Torgeir BrandtzægNOR227.2Bronze
452Dieter BokelohGER214.6
550Kjell SjöbergSWE214.4
613Aleksandr IvannikovURS213.3
732Helmut RecknagelGER212.8
815Dieter NeuendorfGER212.6
951Józef PrzybyłaPOL211.3
1033Dalibor MotejlekTCH208.8
1143Yukio KasayaJPN206.7
128Willi EggerAUT206.0
1341Giacomo AimoniITA205.9
1429Niilo HalonenFIN205.8
1531Piotr WalaPOL205.5
166Bjørn WirkolaNOR204.1
1735Otto LeodolterAUT204.0
1846Baldur PreimlAUT203.2
1914Zbyněk HubačTCH201.9
209Pyotr KovalenkoURS201.4
212Karl-Heinz MunkGER200.6
2238Josef MatoušTCH200.3
2316Ensio HyytiäFIN198.5
2425Gene KotlarekUSA197.5
2523Nilo ZandanelITA197.4
2610Andrzej SztolfPOL196.2
2727K'oba Ts'akadzeURS195.6
2812Torbjørn YggesethNOR195.5
=2936Kurt ElimäSWE195.3
=294Dave HicksUSA195.3
317Antero ImmonenFIN194.8
3217Olle MartinssonSWE193.5
3311Ansten SamuelstuenUSA189.0
3440László GellérHUN187.4
3519Ryszard WitkePOL187.3
3622Miro OmanYUG185.5
3718Naoki ShimuraJPN184.5
3839Nikolay KamenskyURS184.2
393Peter ErženYUG181.4
4028Božo JemcYUG180.9
4148John BalfanzUSA180.2
4249Ludvik ZajcYUG180.1
4320Sepp LichteneggerAUT179.9
445Yosuke EtoJPN177.8
4544Kaare LienCAN175.3
4645Heribert SchmidSUI175.0
4734Sadao KikuchiJPN174.8
4821Josef ZehnderSUI172.3
4926László CsávásHUN169.8
5037John McInnesCAN167.3
5130Ueli ScheideggerSUI154.3
521Holger KarlssonSWE151.1