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Normal Hill, Individual, Men

Date25 February 1994
LocationLysgårdsbakkene, Lillehammer
Participants58 from 19 countries
FormatTwo jumps, with both scored on distance and form.
Judge #1Gerhard WenningerAUT
Judge #2Kyoichi OmoriJPN
Judge #3Fabio MorandiniITA
Judge #4Rejo VirmavirtaFIN
Judge #5M. MartinakSVK
DetailsK-Point: 90 m

At the 1992 Winter Olympics competition had been dominated by teenagers. Two years later neither of the stars of Albertville, Toni Nieminen and Martin Höllwarth, could qualify for Lillehammer as both men suffered a disintegration of their form. The men who had replaced the two men at the top of the ski jumping rankings included 1993 world champion Masahiko Harada of Japan, the young Austrian Andi Goldberger and the German pair of Thoma and Weißflog. The biggest story of the 1994 ski jumping competition did not concern any of those previously but instead centered about the host nation’s Espen Bredesen. Bredesen’s Olympic debut in 1992 was a humiliating failure as he finished last on the small hill and 57th out of 59th on the large hill and he was heavily criticized at home in Norway. After initially struggling to cope with the switch from the classical to the V-technique his results quickly improved in the 1992-93 season and he won both titles at the Norwegian Championships, the Holmenkollen event, the large hill title at the World Championship and the Pre-Olympic test event.

His performance in Lillehammer was as sensational as his exploits in Albertville had been disastrous. Bredesen’s first round leap may not have been as long as that of fellow Norwegian Lasse Ottesen but his style marks came close to perfection and he led at halfway. The pressure for a home victory had already lifted when Bredesen stood at the start gate for his second jump as Ottesen had already guaranteed a Norwegian gold medal but Ottesen’s hopes for the title were thwarted when Bredesen hung in the air then landed safely at the 104 metre mark. For Norwegian ski jumping the result of this event came as a redemption following the events of Albertville which saw a Norwegian team record a series of disastrous performances as they struggled to make changes to the technical side of the sport. The bronze medal was won by Dieter Thoma of Germany but his margin over the next four jumpers was just 2.5 points.

146Espen BredesenNOR282.0Gold
229Lasse OttesenNOR268.0Silver
334Dieter ThomaGER260.5Bronze
455Jens WeißflogGER260.0
512Noriaki KasaiJPN259.0
657Jani SoininenFIN258.5
749Andi GoldbergerAUT258.0
850Jinya NishikataJPN253.0
936Takanobu OkabeJPN252.0
108Christian MoserAUT246.0
1110Gerd SiegmundGER243.0
1223Stefan HorngacherAUT242.5
1353Jaroslav SakalaCZE235.0
=1418Nicolas DessumFRA233.0
=1447Robert MegličSLO233.0
169Ari-Pekka NikkolaFIN231.0
1754Didier MollardFRA230.0
1826Christof DuffnerGER229.5
=1948Roberto CeconITA226.5
=1935Matjaž KladnikSLO226.5
=1933Jiří ParmaCZE226.5
2240Nicolas Jean-ProstFRA224.5
2358Mikael MartinssonSWE222.5
2452Andrey VerveykinKAZ221.5
=2542Sylvain FreiholzSUI213.0
=2531Heinz KuttinAUT213.0
=2556Martin ŠvagerkoSVK213.0
284Samo GostišaSLO210.0
2938Wojciech SkupieńPOL206.5
3041Janne VäätäinenFIN206.0
3113Ivo PertileITA204.5
3228Ivan LunardiITA198.5
3345Ted LangloisUSA197.0
3430Staffan TällbergSWE195.5
351Bob HolmeUSA195.0
367Zbyněk KrompolcCZE189.5
3720Janne AhonenFIN186.0
3839Aliaksandr SiniauskiBLR179.0
393Bjørn MyrbakkenNOR177.5
4027Martin TrunzSUI175.0
=4116Dejan JekovecSLO174.0
=4144Stanislav PokhilkoRUS174.0
4324Fredrik JohanssonSWE173.0
4415Randy WeberUSA170.5
456Aleksey SolodyankinRUS168.0
4632Aleksandr KolmakovKAZ165.5
475Steve DelaupFRA162.5
4843Jim HollandUSA158.0
4914Kayrat BiekenovKAZ157.5
5022Kakha TsakadzeGEO156.5
5137Miroslav SlušnýSVK152.0
5219Øyvind BergNOR149.5
5311Magnus WestmanSWE148.0
5417Dmitry ChelovenkoRUS136.5
552Masahiko HaradaJPN125.5
5625Vasyl HrybovychUKR102.0
DQ21Ladislav DluhošCZE
DQ51Mikhail YesinRUS