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Normal Hill, Individual, Men

Date12 February 1984
LocationMalo Polje, Igman
Participants58 from 17 countries
FormatTwo jumps, with both scored on distance and form.
Judge #1Sylvester PancherczPOL
Judge #2Jože JavornikYUG
Judge #3Hans OstlerFRG
Judge #4Akio KasayaJPN
Judge #5Odd JørgensenNOR
DetailsK-Point: 90 m

The 1982 World Championship was the international breakthrough for a 19-year old Finn from Jyväskylä, Matti Nykänen, winning on the large hill and placing fourth on the normal hill, after he had won the 1981 Junior World Championships. In the Four Hills Tournament in the Olympic season another teenager hit the headlines, as East Germany’s Jens Weißflog won the tournament after impressive jumping. Those two would dominate international ski jumping for the rest of the 1980s, and they had more in common: They were both extremely thin, with a body weight of around 54 kilograms. This represented the start of a trend, as in the following years a rising number of ski jumpers joined the international top class with a bodyweight below 60 kg.

In the Normal hill competition in Sarajevo, Nykänen was in the lead after the first round, producing a jump of 91.0 m with style points between 17 and 18. Weißflog was in second, jumping one meter shorter than his Finnish rival. Another youngster, 20-year old Andreas Bauer of West Germany, was in third place after a jump of 87.0 m, but well behind the two favorites. The competition was of mediocre quality, mostly due to unstable wind conditions.

In the second round, Stefan Stannarius from East Germany took an early lead after a good 89.5 m jump. Jari Puikkonen from Finland, Olympic bronze medalist in the large hill 1980 and runner-up in the World Championships 1982, made the best jump of the day, 91.5 m, and advanced from 21st place after the first round to the top of the leaderboard. Weißflog could do no more than 87.0 m, but took the lead, 3.4 points ahead of Puikkonen. Nykänen, jumping next-to last of the 58 competitors, could secure the Olympic gold with a decent jump of around 86 m, but he failed, landing at 84.0 m, and had to settle for silver, giving the gold to Weißflog. The reigning World champion on the Normal hill, Austrian Armin Kogler, had an extremely bad day, ending in 52nd place. The Olympic champion Jens Weißflog ended his extremely successful season by winning the Ski Jumping World Cup for the 1983/84-season.

150Jens WeißflogGDR215.2Gold
257Matti NykänenFIN214.0Silver
333Jari PuikkonenFIN212.8Bronze
417Stefan StannariusGDR211.1
531Rolf Åge BergNOR208.5
646Andreas FelderAUT205.6
753Piotr FijasPOL204.5
821Vegard OpaasNOR203.8
955Jeff HastingsUSA203.5
1039Jiří ParmaTCH202.7
1156Andi BauerFRG202.0
1225Pentti KokkonenFIN201.3
1334Klaus OstwaldGDR201.1
1449Pavel PlocTCH198.5
1548Gérard ColinFRA192.5
1632Massimo RigoniITA190.3
1722Vasja BajcYUG190.0
186Steinar BråtenNOR189.9
1936Vladimir BreychevBUL189.4
2010Markku PuseniusFIN188.2
2145Lido TomasiITA188.0
=2230Georg WaldvogelFRG187.8
=2235Masaru NagaokaJPN187.8
2438Hans WallnerAUT186.7
2516Steve CollinsCAN184.8
2658Gennady ProkopenkoURS184.1
2728Miran TepešYUG183.1
281Landis ArnoldUSA182.0
2929Ron RichardsCAN180.9
3013Janusz MalikPOL180.8
3137Valery SavinURS179.5
3252Hansjörg SumiSUI178.5
3323Dennis McGraneUSA178.4
3412Satoru MatsuhashiJPN177.2
359Holger FreitagGDR173.5
3611Ernst VettoriAUT173.2
3754Valentin BozhkovBUL170.8
3843Horst BulauCAN169.4
3914Vladimír PodzimekTCH167.4
402Bojan GlobočnikYUG166.3
4141Mike HollandUSA164.3
425Martin ŠvagerkoTCH161.7
4318Sandro SambugaroITA161.6
4427Peter RohweinFRG161.2
457Hiroo ShimaJPN161.0
4644Per BergerudNOR160.1
474Thomas KlauserFRG159.3
4840Christian HauswirthSUI159.2
4919Angel StoyanovBUL157.2
5026Yury GolovshchikovURS154.5
518David BrownCAN153.8
5224Armin KoglerAUT153.1
5315Fabrice PiazziniSUI152.6
5442José RiveraESP141.5
5547Hirokazu YagiJPN133.2
563Bernat SolaESP132.9
5751Primož UlagaYUG130.9
5820Ángel JaniquetESP121.7