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Large Hill, Team, Men

Date17 February 1998
LocationHakuba Ski Jumping Stadium, Hakuba
Participants52 from 13 countries
FormatTwo jumps per team member, with both scored on distance and form. Four members per team, with all four jumps in each round to count towards team total.
Judge #1Maurice ArbezFRA
Judge #2Yukio KasayaJPN
Judge #3Walter VogelGER
Judge #4Jerzy CieslarPOL
Judge #5Tapio JunnonenFIN
DetailsK-Point: 120 m

The events of the 1994 Winter Olympics stayed long in the memory for Japanese sports fans. Needing only a modest distance to secure gold for his team Masahiko Harada made a complete mess of his jump and gifted the title to Germany. The most recent World Championship title had gone to Finland but Japanese success in Nagano had earned them the mantle of favourites for this event.

Halfway through the first round all was going well for Japan. Okabe and Saito had put the Japanese into lead and next it was the turn of world champion Harada to jump, but Harada’s effort turned into an unmitigated disaster, and even caused his team to be subtracted points from their total. Austria, Germany and Norway would all overtake Japan and fill the first three places as the first round closed. During the interval between the two rounds snow fell and it seemed possible that the second round might be cancelled and Austria would be crowned champions. To the relief of the home fans the weather improved and the event continued. The pattern for the second set of jumps mirrored the first and Japan gained back points from their opening jumpers. When Harada stood at the top of the hill for his second jump the title was again within his team’s reach. As his nation collectively held their breath he came down the ramp, leapt and then hung in the air for an eternity, landing only at 137.0 m to equal the Olympic best set minutes earlier by Okabe. This gave Japan a clear lead with only a distance of 90.5 needed by Funaki to ensure victory. Funaki’s leap of 125 m was the cue for wild celebrations and considerable relief for the home team.

PosCompetitorsNOCPointsJump #1Jump #2
1JapanJPN933.0397.1 (4)535.9 (1)Gold
Takanobu Okabe 259.3115.7143.6
Hiroya Saito 256.2131.5124.7
Masahiko Harada 177.235.6141.6
Kazuyoshi Funaki 240.3114.3126.0
2GermanyGER897.4401.1 (2)496.3 (2)Silver
Sven Hannawald 258.3125.4132.9
Martin Schmitt 200.173.9126.2
Hansjörg Jäkle 193.671.3122.3
Dieter Thoma 245.4130.5114.9
3AustriaAUT881.5410.7 (1)470.8 (4)Bronze
Reinhard Schwarzenberger 196.583.2113.3
Martin Höllwarth 241.9120.0121.9
Stefan Horngacher 176.583.692.9
Andreas Widhölzl 266.6123.9142.7
4NorwayNOR870.6399.4 (3)471.2 (3)
Henning Stensrud 226.292.7133.5
Lasse Ottesen 208.8107.4101.4
Roar Ljøkelsøy 180.963.4117.5
Kristian Brenden 254.7135.9118.8
5FinlandFIN833.9370.6 (5)463.3 (5)
Ari-Pekka Nikkola 202.985.8117.1
Mika Laitinen 184.1101.682.5
Janne Ahonen 213.280.3132.9
Jani Soininen 233.7102.9130.8
6SwitzerlandSUI735.0345.6 (6)389.4 (7)
Sylvain Freiholz 211.1103.9107.2
Marco Steinauer 175.493.581.9
Simon Ammann 117.740.777.0
Bruno Reuteler 230.8107.5123.3
7Czech RepublicCZE710.3300.2 (8)410.1 (6)
Jakub Sucháček 149.531.6117.9
František Jež 199.1109.489.7
Michal Doležal 205.277.0128.2
Jaroslav Sakala 156.582.274.3
8PolandPOL684.2326.7 (7)357.5 (11)
Adam Małysz
Łukasz Kruczek 165.887.478.4
Wojciech Skupień 135.144.590.6
Robert Mateja 193.399.693.7
9Russian FederationRUS639.7264.9 (9)374.8 (8)
Nikolay Petrushin
Artur Khamidulin 152.163.888.3
Aleksandr Volkov 151.974.477.5
Valery Kobelev 182.770.7112.0
10SloveniaSLO610.3247.1 (10)363.2 (10)
Miha Rihtar 180.765.7115.0
Peter Žonta 104.12.4101.7
Blaž Vrhovnik
Primož Peterka 202.3121.081.3
11KazakhstanKAZ602.0231.2 (11)370.8 (9)
Pavel Gayduk
Aleksandr Kolmakov
Dmitry Chvykov 143.565.578.0
Stanislav Filimonov 156.432.6123.8
12United StatesUSA490.7211.5 (12)279.2 (12)
Mike Keuler 138.165.672.5
Alan Alborn 120.050.769.3
Randy Weber 109.641.668.0
Casey Colby 123.053.669.4
13Republic of KoreaKOR373.8145.0 (13)228.8 (13)
Kim Heung-Soo
Kim Hyeon-Gi 76.727.549.2
Choi Seo-Wu 86.839.347.5
Choi Heung-Cheol