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Kayak Doubles, 1,000 metres, Men

Date26 – 29 August 1960
LocationLago Albano, Castel Gandolfo
Participants46 from 23 countries
Olympic Record 3:49.6 / Michel Scheuer / Meinrad Miltenberger GER / 1 December 1956

The reigning World Champions in the K-2 1000 were Rik Verbrugghe and Germain Van De Moere, while Yevhen Yatsynenko and Ivan Holovachov of the Soviet Union were the most recent runners-up. Yatsynenko did not attend the 1960 Summer Olympics, but the other three were there and contenders for the podium, with Holovachov partnering with Mykolas Rudzinskas. Hungary’s György Mészáros and András Szente were the reigning European champions and were also in contention. All of these pairs, however, would have to face the Swedish duo of Sven-Olov Sjödelius and Gert Fredriksson, the latter of whom was a multiple Olympic and World Champion in other disciplines.

None of these nations, however, won their opening heats, which were taken by Ruud Knuppe and Toon Geurts of the Netherlands, Danish brothers Kai and Vagn Schmidt, and Germans Wolfgang Lange and Dieter Krause. With different crews, Denmark had been the 1957 European runners-up, while Germany had been the 1957 and 1959 European champion and bronze medalist respectively. The semi-finals had results that were more expected, as the heats were taken by Hungary, the Soviet Union, and the Polish duo of Władysław Zieliński and Stefan Kapłaniak. The only major upset was the elimination of Belgium in the first heat, in favor of Hungary, Sweden, and the Netherlands. The final came down to a race to the finish between Sweden and Hungary, which the former won by a margin of only 0.18 seconds, leaving the latter with silver and giving Fredriksson the rare distinction of having earned a gold medal at four consecutive Olympics. He was the first canoeist to accomplish this and his feat was not repeated until 1984, when Ivan Patzaichin of Romania won his fourth gold medal in the C-2 1000. Poland, meanwhile, took bronze by an ever smaller margin over the Soviet Union: 0.12 seconds. Mészáros and Szente won another silver medal at these Games as members of the K-1 4 x 500 metres relay crew.

1Gert Fredriksson / Sven-Olov SjödeliusSWE3:46.50 (3 h3)3:47.64 (2 h1)3:34.73 (1)GoldOB
2György Mészáros / András SzenteHUN3:38.28 (2 h2)3:46.75 (1 h1)3:34.91 (2)Silver
3Stefan Kapłaniak / Władysław ZielińskiPOL3:39.41 (3 h2)3:48.62 (1 h3)3:37.34 (3)Bronze
4Mykolas Rudzinskas / Ivan HolovachovURS3:39.98 (4 h2)3:45.33 (1 h2)3:46.87 (1 h2)3:37.48 (4)
5Kaj Schmidt / Vagn SchmidtDEN3:45.04 (1 h3)3:51.65 (3 h3)3:39.06 (5)
6František Říha / František VršovskýTCH3:45.49 (2 h1)3:50.40 (2 h3)3:40.78 (6)
7Ruud Knuppe / Toon GeurtsNED3:43.98 (1 h1)3:48.58 (3 h1)3:41.01 (7)
8Wolfgang Lange / Dieter KrauseGER3:37.87 (1 h2)3:49.52 (2 h2)3:41.46 (8)
9Lorenzo Cantarello / Antonio RuccoITA3:45.80 (3 h1)3:52.51 (3 h2)3:44.26 (9)
4 h1 r3/4Rik Verbrugghe / Germaan Van De MoereBEL3:46.42 (4 h1)3:49.34 (1 h1)3:48.71 (4 h1)
4 h2 r3/4Arne Ervig / Rolf OlsenNOR3:52.63 (8 h2)3:50.62 (3 h1)3:53.98 (4 h2)
4 h3 r3/4Staniša Radmanović / Radovan BožinYUG3:47.85 (5 h2)3:49.95 (2 h1)3:52.20 (4 h3)
5 h1 r3/4Vasile Nicoară / Mercurie IvanovROU3:49.00 (6 h1)3:50.84 (2 h2)3:53.80 (5 h1)
5 h2 r3/4Juan Feliz / Joaquín LarroyaESP3:46.36 (2 h3)3:54.14 (5 h2)
5 h3 r3/4Helmut Holzschuster / Franz WolfAUT3:49.37 (5 h3)3:53.48 (3 h2)3:54.46 (5 h3)
6 h1 r3/4Rolf Åkerfelt / Rainer ÅkerfeltFIN3:48.36 (4 h3)3:52.28 (3 h3)3:54.44 (6 h1)
6 h2 r3/4Ken Wilson / John WoltersUSA3:49.96 (6 h2)3:52.15 (2 h3)4:01.46 (6 h2)
6 h3 r3/4Dennis Green / Barry StuartAUS3:46.71 (5 h1)3:51.24 (1 h3)3:55.22 (6 h3)
4 h1 r2/4Ivan Simeonov / Lyubomir OresharovBUL3:49.88 (6 h3)3:53.27 (4 h1)
4 h2 r2/4Alan McCleery / Lou LukanovichCAN3:51.07 (7 h2)3:58.34 (4 h2)
4 h3 r2/4Marcel Lentz / Léon KlaresLUX3:54.73 (7 h3)3:55.58 (4 h3)
5 h1 r2/4John Harris / Basil PrattGBR3:58.25 (7 h1)3:59.33 (5 h1)
5 h2 r2/4Hans Straub / Robert ZikaSUI3:56.17 (8 h3)4:01.10 (5 h2)

Round One (26 August 1960 — 10:10)

Top three in each heat advanced to the final. All others advanced to the Repêchage.

Heat One

1Ruud Knuppe / Toon GeurtsNED3:43.98QOB
2František Říha / František VršovskýTCH3:45.49Q
3Lorenzo Cantarello / Antonio RuccoITA3:45.80Q
4Rik Verbrugghe / Germaan Van De MoereBEL3:46.42
5Dennis Green / Barry StuartAUS3:46.71
6Vasile Nicoară / Mercurie IvanovROU3:49.00
7John Harris / Basil PrattGBR3:58.25

Heat Two

1Wolfgang Lange / Dieter KrauseGER3:37.87QOB
2György Mészáros / András SzenteHUN3:38.28Q
3Stefan Kapłaniak / Władysław ZielińskiPOL3:39.41Q
4Mykolas Rudzinskas / Ivan HolovachovURS3:39.98
5Staniša Radmanović / Radovan BožinYUG3:47.85
6Ken Wilson / John WoltersUSA3:49.96
7Alan McCleery / Lou LukanovichCAN3:51.07
8Arne Ervig / Rolf OlsenNOR3:52.63

Heat Three

1Kaj Schmidt / Vagn SchmidtDEN3:45.04Q
2Juan Feliz / Joaquín LarroyaESP3:46.36Q
3Gert Fredriksson / Sven-Olov SjödeliusSWE3:46.50Q
4Rolf Åkerfelt / Rainer ÅkerfeltFIN3:48.36
5Helmut Holzschuster / Franz WolfAUT3:49.37
6Ivan Simeonov / Lyubomir OresharovBUL3:49.88
7Marcel Lentz / Léon KlaresLUX3:54.73
8Hans Straub / Robert ZikaSUI3:56.17

Repêchage (26 August 1960 — 16:10)

Top three in each heat advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One

1Rik Verbrugghe / Germaan Van De MoereBEL3:49.34Q
2Staniša Radmanović / Radovan BožinYUG3:49.95Q
3Arne Ervig / Rolf OlsenNOR3:50.62Q
4Ivan Simeonov / Lyubomir OresharovBUL3:53.27
5John Harris / Basil PrattGBR3:59.33

Heat Two

1Mykolas Rudzinskas / Ivan HolovachovURS3:45.33Q
2Vasile Nicoară / Mercurie IvanovROU3:50.84Q
3Helmut Holzschuster / Franz WolfAUT3:53.48Q
4Alan McCleery / Lou LukanovichCAN3:58.34
5Hans Straub / Robert ZikaSUI4:01.10

Heat Three

1Dennis Green / Barry StuartAUS3:51.24Q
2Ken Wilson / John WoltersUSA3:52.15Q
3Rolf Åkerfelt / Rainer ÅkerfeltFIN3:52.28Q
4Marcel Lentz / Léon KlaresLUX3:55.58

Semi-Finals (27 August 1960 — 15:00)

Top three in each heat advanced to the final.

Heat One

1György Mészáros / András SzenteHUN3:46.75Q
2Gert Fredriksson / Sven-Olov SjödeliusSWE3:47.64Q
3Ruud Knuppe / Toon GeurtsNED3:48.58Q
4Rik Verbrugghe / Germaan Van De MoereBEL3:48.71
5Vasile Nicoară / Mercurie IvanovROU3:53.80
6Rolf Åkerfelt / Rainer ÅkerfeltFIN3:54.44

Heat Two

1Mykolas Rudzinskas / Ivan HolovachovURS3:46.87Q
2Wolfgang Lange / Dieter KrauseGER3:49.52Q
3Lorenzo Cantarello / Antonio RuccoITA3:52.51Q
4Arne Ervig / Rolf OlsenNOR3:53.98
5Juan Feliz / Joaquín LarroyaESP3:54.14
6Ken Wilson / John WoltersUSA4:01.46

Heat Three

1Stefan Kapłaniak / Władysław ZielińskiPOL3:48.62Q
2František Říha / František VršovskýTCH3:50.40Q
3Kaj Schmidt / Vagn SchmidtDEN3:51.65Q
4Staniša Radmanović / Radovan BožinYUG3:52.20
5Helmut Holzschuster / Franz WolfAUT3:54.46
6Dennis Green / Barry StuartAUS3:55.22

Final Round (29 August 1960 — 16:00)

1Gert Fredriksson / Sven-Olov SjödeliusSWE3:34.73OB
2György Mészáros / András SzenteHUN3:34.91
3Stefan Kapłaniak / Władysław ZielińskiPOL3:37.34
4Mykolas Rudzinskas / Ivan HolovachovURS3:37.48
5Kaj Schmidt / Vagn SchmidtDEN3:39.06
6František Říha / František VršovskýTCH3:40.78
7Ruud Knuppe / Toon GeurtsNED3:41.01
8Wolfgang Lange / Dieter KrauseGER3:41.46
9Lorenzo Cantarello / Antonio RuccoITA3:44.26