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Kayak Doubles, 500 metres, Women

Date5 – 9 September 1972
LocationOlympia-Regattastrecke, Oberschleißheim, München
Participants24 from 12 countries

West Germany’s Roswitha Esser had won the K-2 500 at the last two Olympics, but was competing with a new partner, 1968 Olympic K-1 500 runner-up Renate Breuer, at the 1972 Games. The reigning World Champions were Katalin Hollósy and Anna Pfeffer of Hungary, the latter of whom was a 1968 Olympic runner-up, while the 1971 World bronze medalist Kateryna Kuryshko of the Soviet Union was joined by two-time Olympic champion in the K-1 500 Lyudmila Pinayeva. East Germany’s Petra Grabowski, meanwhile, had taken silver in 1970 and bronze in 1971 in the event at the World Championships and also had a new partner in Munich, Ilse Kaschube.

The Soviets, East Germans, and Hungarians were all placed in the same opening round heat and finished in that order, while West Germany came in second in the other heat behind Romania’s Maria Nichiforov and Viorica Dumitru, who posted the fastest time of the round. Dumitru was a 1968 Olympic bronze medalist in the K-1 500. In the final, the East Germans chased the Soviets to the finish line, but the latter were the superior crew and finished in Olympic record time, leaving Kaschube and Grabowski with silver. Hungary, West Germany, and Romania, meanwhile, battled in the final stretch for the last podium spot, with the latter capturing bronze over Hungary by a mere 0.11 seconds.

1Lyudmila Pinayeva / Yekaterina KuryshkoURS2:00.31 (1 h1)1:53.50 (1)GoldOB
2142/135Ilse Kaschube / Petra GrabowskiGDR2:00.96 (2 h1)1:54.30 (2)Silver
3292/289Maria Nichiforov / Viorica DumitruROU1:59.59 (1 h2)1:55.01 (3)Bronze
4204/Anna Pfeffer / Katalin HollósyHUN2:01.87 (3 h1)1:55.12 (4)
5Roswitha Esser / Renate BreuerFRG2:00.32 (2 h2)1:55.64 (5)
6Izabella Antonowicz-Szuszkiewicz / Ewa Grajkowska-StańkoPOL2:04.30 (4 h1)1:55.05 (1)1:57.45 (6)
7195/196Mieke Jaapies / Maria van der Holst-BlijlevensNED2:03.33 (3 h2)1:58.11 (7)
838/36Natasha Petrova / Petrana KolevaBUL2:05.16 (5 h1)1:57.31 (2)1:59.40 (8)
9Anastázie Fridrichová / Oldřiška KaplanováTCH2:06.73 (4 h2)1:58.25 (3)1:59.84 (9)
4 h1 r2/3Nancy Purvis / Linda MurrayUSA2:11.50 (6 h2)2:01.27 (4)
5 h1 r2/344/45Marjorie Homer-Dixon / Claudia HuntCAN2:11.24 (6 h1)2:03.60 (5)
6 h1 r2/3123/119Helen Woodhouse / Pamela RenshawGBR2:10.22 (5 h2)2:04.44 (6)

Round One (5 September 1972 — 9:00)

Top three in each heat advanced to the final.

Heat One

1Lyudmila Pinayeva / Yekaterina KuryshkoURS2:00.31Q
2Ilse Kaschube / Petra GrabowskiGDR2:00.96Q
3Anna Pfeffer / Katalin HollósyHUN2:01.87Q
4Izabella Antonowicz-Szuszkiewicz / Ewa Grajkowska-StańkoPOL2:04.30
5Natasha Petrova / Petrana KolevaBUL2:05.16
6Marjorie Homer-Dixon / Claudia HuntCAN2:11.24

Heat Two

1Maria Nichiforov / Viorica DumitruROU1:59.59Q
2Roswitha Esser / Renate BreuerFRG2:00.32Q
3Mieke Jaapies / Maria van der Holst-BlijlevensNED2:03.33Q
4Anastázie Fridrichová / Oldřiška KaplanováTCH2:06.73
5Helen Woodhouse / Pamela RenshawGBR2:10.22
6Nancy Purvis / Linda MurrayUSA2:11.50

Repêchage (8 September 1972 — 9:00)

Top three in each heat advanced to the final.

1Izabella Antonowicz-Szuszkiewicz / Ewa Grajkowska-StańkoPOL1:55.05Q
2Natasha Petrova / Petrana KolevaBUL1:57.31Q
3Anastázie Fridrichová / Oldřiška KaplanováTCH1:58.25Q
4Nancy Purvis / Linda MurrayUSA2:01.27
5Marjorie Homer-Dixon / Claudia HuntCAN2:03.60
6Helen Woodhouse / Pamela RenshawGBR2:04.44

Final Round (9 September 1972 — 10:00)

1Lyudmila Pinayeva / Yekaterina KuryshkoURS1:53.50OB
2Ilse Kaschube / Petra GrabowskiGDR1:54.30
3Maria Nichiforov / Viorica DumitruROU1:55.01
4Anna Pfeffer / Katalin HollósyHUN1:55.12
5Roswitha Esser / Renate BreuerFRG1:55.64
6Izabella Antonowicz-Szuszkiewicz / Ewa Grajkowska-StańkoPOL1:57.45
7Mieke Jaapies / Maria van der Holst-BlijlevensNED1:58.11
8Natasha Petrova / Petrana KolevaBUL1:59.40
9Anastázie Fridrichová / Oldřiška KaplanováTCH1:59.84