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Kayak Singles, Slalom, Women

Date13 – 15 August 2008
LocationShunyi Aolinpike Shuishang Gongyuan, Mapo, Shunyi
Participants21 from 21 countries

Two former Olympic women’s K-1 slalom champions, Štěpánka Hilgertová of the Czech Republic (1996 and 2000) and Elena Kaliská (2004) returned to the Games in 2008 to vie for glory once more. Kaliská had been the 2005 European and 2006 World Champion, as well as the 2007 World runner-up, while Hilgertová was the 2008 European champion, the 2005 European runner-up, and the 2007 European and World bronze medalist. Germany’s Jennifer Bongardt was the 2007 World Champion , the 2006 European runner-up, and the 2006 World bronze medalist, while Austria’s Violetta Oblinger-Peters was the 2007 European champion.

Kaliská had the highest score in the qualification round, while Hilgertová and Bongardt were third and fourth respectively behind China’s Li Jingjing. Oblinger-Peters, meanwhile, was sixth. The Beijing Olympics introduced a one-round semi-final for the remaining 15 participants, which eliminated Li and Bongardt. Kaliská won this round as well, with Hilgertová third behind France’s Emilie Fer, who was then relatively unknown, but who would go on to win the event at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Oblinger-Peters, meanwhile, sank even further to seventh. These rankings were unchanged after the first run of the final, and Kaliská won the second run by a large margin and successfully defended her Olympic title. Oblinger-Peters, meanwhile, finally improved her position to third, which, due to Fer and Hilgertová finishing seventh and ninth respectively, was sufficient to earn her a bronze medal. Sandwiched in the middle was Australia’s Jacqui Lawrence, who had been fourth after the first run, but was second in the final portion and collected enough points to capture the silver medal.

13Elena KaliskáSVKGold
211Jacqui LawrenceAUSSilver
34Violetta Oblinger-PetersAUTBronze
417Yurika TakeshitaJPN
513Agnieszka StanuchPOL
612Ariane HerdeNED
79Émilie FerFRA
816Heather CorrieUSA
91Štěpánka HilgertováCZE
1010Maria Cristina Giai PronITA
1114Maria FerekidiGRE
1220Yekaterina LukichovaKAZ
136Li JingjingCHN
1421Poliana de PaulaBRA
152Jennifer BongardtGER
168Maialen ChourrautESP
175Fiona PennieGBR
187Aleksandra PerovaRUS
1918Sarah BoudensCAN
2015Montserrat GarcíaAND
2119Luuka JonesNZL

Qualifying (13 August 2008)

Two runs. Total points determined placement. Top 15 advanced to semi-finals.

Downstream gates?
Total gates21
Upstream gates?
PosOrdBoatNOCTotalRun OneRun Two
119Elena KaliskáSVK186.1994.34 (4)91.85 (1)Q
216Li JingjingCHN187.5694.30 (3)93.26 (4)Q
321Štěpánka HilgertováCZE189.1397.14 (6)91.99 (2)Q
420Jennifer BongardtGER189.3792.79 (1)96.58 (5)Q
513Émilie FerFRA189.6896.90 (5)92.78 (3)Q
618Violetta Oblinger-PetersAUT196.7197.27 (7)99.44 (8)Q
711Jacqui LawrenceAUS200.13103.18 (10)96.95 (6)Q
89Agnieszka StanuchPOL202.92101.16 (8)101.76 (10)Q
912Maria Cristina Giai PronITA203.70102.75 (9)100.95 (9)Q
106Heather CorrieUSA211.31105.78 (12)105.53 (13)Q
112Yekaterina LukichovaKAZ221.29113.26 (15)108.03 (14)Q
128Maria FerekidiGRE221.97108.37 (13)113.60 (19)Q
1310Ariane HerdeNED222.28104.30 (11)117.98 (20)Q
141Poliana de PaulaBRA224.19113.47 (16)110.72 (17)Q
155Yurika TakeshitaJPN224.71111.63 (14)113.08 (18)Q
1614Maialen ChourrautESP253.39147.95 (17)105.44 (12)
1717Fiona PennieGBR259.06160.06 (19)99.00 (7)
1815Aleksandra PerovaRUS259.4593.41 (2)166.04 (21)
194Sarah BoudensCAN268.67158.99 (18)109.68 (15)
207Montserrat GarcíaAND268.93166.67 (21)102.26 (11)
213Luuka JonesNZL272.36162.35 (20)110.01 (16)

Semi-Finals (15 August 2008 — 15:00)

One run. Top 10 advanced to final.

Downstream gates?
Total gates21
Upstream gates?
115Elena KaliskáSVK97.131:37.130Q
211Émilie FerFRA98.501:36.502Q
313Štěpánka HilgertováCZE101.781:37.784Q
49Jacqui LawrenceAUS103.401:39.404Q
57Maria Cristina Giai PronITA104.521:42.522Q
61Yurika TakeshitaJPN107.861:47.860Q
710Violetta Oblinger-PetersAUT110.651:48.652Q
85Heather CorrieUSA114.511:52.512Q
98Agnieszka StanuchPOL116.461:54.462Q
103Ariane HerdeNED117.601:53.604Q
114Maria FerekidiGRE118.991:56.992
125Yekaterina LukichovaKAZ128.082:06.082
1314Li JingjingCHN161.791:47.7954
142Poliana de PaulaBRA168.291:56.2952
1512Jennifer BongardtGER203.291:41.29102

Final Round (15 August 2008 — 16:37)

Downstream gates?
Total gates21
Upstream gates?
PosOrdBoatNOCTotalRun OneRun Two
110Elena KaliskáSVK192.6497.13 (1)95.51 (1)
27Jacqui LawrenceAUS206.94103.40 (4)103.54 (2)
34Violetta Oblinger-PetersAUT214.77110.65 (7)104.12 (3)
45Yurika TakeshitaJPN219.30107.86 (6)111.44 (5)
52Agnieszka StanuchPOL221.08116.46 (9)104.62 (4)
61Ariane HerdeNED231.99117.60 (10)114.39 (6)
79Émilie FerFRA251.9698.50 (2)153.46 (7)
83Heather CorrieUSA270.88114.51 (8)156.37 (8)
98Štěpánka HilgertováCZE344.41101.78 (3)242.63 (9)
106Maria Cristina Giai PronITA355.78104.52 (5)251.26 (10)