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Three-Day Event, Individual, Open

Date9 – 12 August 2008
LocationXianggang Tiyu Xueyuan, Hong Kong
Participants69 from 24 countries
FormatDressage, cross-country, and jumping. Top 25 after first round of jumping advanced to second round of jumping - limit of three riders per nation.

The short-course format for the endurance phase was used again. In February 2008 the technical delegate, Giuseppe Della Chiesa and the course designer, Michael Etherington-Smith reduced the length of the cross-country course at Beas River, from 5,700 to 4,560 metres (with 39 jumps and a time optimum of 8 minutes), but the teams were only informed of this at the first Hong Kong briefing.

An early-Olympic year favorite was Britain’s Zara Phillips, granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, and daughter of Mark Phillips, 1972 Olympian, and HRH Princess Anne, a 1976 Olympian. She had to withdraw when her horse Toytown was injured in training. In her absence there was no clear favorite. The leader after dressage was Australian Lucinda Fredericks, followed by Belgian Karin Donckers, and German Ingrid Klimke, the daughter of German dressage legend Reiner Klimke. Australian Shane Rose won the endurance ride, followed by Britains William Fox-Pitt, and German Hinrich Romeike. This moved Romeike into a narrow lead over Klimke by 0.5 points, with Australia’s Megan Jones only 0.8 points back.

As in 2004, the individual three-day jumping now consisted of two rounds, with only the top 25 riders on total score advancing to the final round, but with no more than three riders allowed from any nation. After the first round Romeike still led with 54.2 penalties, followed by Klimke, with 54.7, Jones, with 55.0, and American Gina Miles, with 56.1. The top eight riders after round one were within 3.6 points of Romeike, or a margin less than one missed obstacle, with Britain’s Tina Cook tied for sixth at 57.4 penalties. Cook and Miles went clean in round two of jumping, as they had in the first round. This forced Romeike to ride cleanly, and he did in the second round to win a most surprising gold medal, with Miles taking silver, and Cook the bronze medal. Both Jones and Klimke missed a fence on their second ride and dropped back to fourth and fifth, respectively.

1Hinrich RomeikeGER-54,2-37,4-12,8-4,00,0Gold
2Gina MilesUSA-56,1-39,3-16,80,00,0Silver
3Tina CookGBR-57,4-40,2-17,20,00,0Bronze
4Megan JonesAUS-59,0-35,4-15,6-4,0-4,0
5Ingrid KlimkeGER-59,7-33,5-17,2-4,0-5,0
6Didier DhenninFRA-59,8-42,8-14,0-3,00,0
7Clayton FredericksAUS-61,4-37,0-16,4-4,0-4,0
8Andreas DibowskiGER-65,2-39,6-17,60,0-8,0
9Karin DonckersBEL-65,3-31,7-25,6-4,0-4,0
10Sonja JohnsonAUS-66,8-45,2-13,60,0-8,0
11Mary KingGBR-68,1-38,1-18,0-8,0-4,0
12William Fox-PittGBR-68,2-50,2-10,0-4,0-4,0
13Linda AlgotssonSWE-68,3-41,5-22,80,0-4,0
14Caroline PowellNZL-73,2-48,0-21,2-4,00,0
15Tim LipsNED-75,0-52,6-22,40,00,0
16Vittoria PanizzonITA-77,0-50,6-18,40,0-8,0
17Mark ToddNZL-77,6-49,4-27,2-1,00,0
18Katrin NorlingSWE-81,0-52,0-16,0-5,0-8,0
19Paweł SpisakPOL-82,7-48,7-34,00,00,0
20Eric VigeanelFRA-83,0-53,0-26,00,0-4,0
21Austin O'ConnorIRL-87,2-52,8-34,40,00,0
22Marcelo TosiBRA-89,6-64,8-24,80,00,0
23Susanna BordoneITA-100,6-37,8-28,8-20,0-14,0
24Joe MeyerNZL-102,1-43,9-21,2-25,0-12,0
25Frank OstholtGER-57,8-44,6-13,20,0
26Lucinda FredericksAUS-59,6-30,4-27,2-2,0
27Shane RoseAUS-70,5-53,3-9,2-8,0
28Daisy DickGBR-79,9-51,7-17,2-11,0
29Roberto RotatoriITA-90,8-40,0-22,8-28,0
30Sandra DonnellyCAN-92,2-60,2-24,0-8,0
31Dag AlbertSWE-93,2-65,6-27,60,0
32Geoff CurranIRL-94,1-61,7-30,4-2,0
33Louise LyonsIRL-94,8-57,4-28,4-9,0
34Sharon HuntGBR-95,1-43,5-47,6-4,0
35Kyle CarterCAN-95,9-63,5-18,4-14,0
36Tiziana RealiniSUI-97,7-48,9-32,8-16,0
37Peter ThomsenGER-102,9-53,3-45,6-4,0
38Niall GriffinIRL-109,0-50,6-46,4-12,0
39Jeferson MoreiraBRA-110,7-55,9-50,8-4,0
40Stefano BrecciaroliITA-116,0-50,0-62,0-4,0
41Fabio MagniITA-119,6-49,6-70,00,0
42Becky HolderUSA-125,7-35,7-82,0-8,0
43Patricia RyanIRL-126,5-78,7-34,8-13,0
44Karen O'ConnorUSA-131,7-41,9-84,8-5,0
45Selena O'HanlonCAN-132,9-44,1-76,8-12,0
46Joris Van SpringelBEL-133,4-52,0-66,4-15,0
47André ParoBRA-133,8-59,6-39,2-35,0
48Valery MartyshevRUS-136,8-64,4-60,4-12,0
49Yoshiaki OiwaJPN-136,8-52,4-76,4-8,0
50Heelan TompkinsNZL-138,8-55,6-75,2-8,0
51Mike WinterCAN-145,7-48,9-76,8-20,0
52Artur SpołowiczPOL-154,4-57,0-74,4-23,0
53Viachaslau PoitaBLR-165,7-59,1-75,6-31,0
54Alena TseliapuhskinaBLR-167,0-77,4-59,6-30,0
55Samantha TaylorCAN-188,3-70,7-109,6-8,0
ACSamantha AlbertJAM-56,3-41,6DNF
ACPeter FlarupDEN-53,1-13,2WD
ACViktoria CarlerbäckSWE-46,5-26,4WD
ACMagnus GällerdalSWE-54,6-13,6WD
ACAmy TryonUSA-46,5DNF
ACIgor AtrokhovRUS-65,2DNF
ACJaroslav HatlaCZE-52,8DNF
ACSergio IturriagaCHI-63,0DNF
ACHua TianCHN-49,6DNF
ACAndrew NicholsonNZL-44,6DNF
ACSaulo TristãoBRA-79,6DNF
ACJean Renaud AddeFRA-56,9DNF
ACHarald AmbrosAUT-55,7DNF
ACPhillip DuttonUSADQ1