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Foil, Individual, Women

Date11 August 2008
LocationGuojia Huiyi Zhongxin, Beijing Aolinpike Gongyuan, Beijing
Participants41 from 24 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament.

The total domination of the event by Italian fencers had continued unabated since the 2004 Games. Italians had won all 3 World Championship titles and 7 of the 12 available medals since then and a medal sweep at Beijing seemed not merely possible but highly probable. So it was no great surprise when the Italian trio of two-time defending champion Valentina Vezzali, Atlanta champion Giovanna Trillini and former World Champion Margherita Granbassi breezed past their opposition and into the semi-finals. The one spanner in the works was the presence of Korean Nam Hyeon-Hui who was ranked 3rd in the world. Vezzali duly booked her place in the final with a win over Granbassi but the dream of an all-Italian final ended when Nam defeated the veteran Trillini. The final was a cautious low scoring affair with Vezzali’s early lead being pegged back by the Korean. With 40 seconds to go Nam took the lead for the first time but the Italian levelled and, with four seconds remaining, scored the decisive score to ensure she won her third successive Olympic title. Granbassi defeated Trillini for the bronze medal. Vezzali would win a fifth successive Olympic medal in this event when she took bronze in 2012.

11Valentina VezzaliITAGold
24Nam Hyeon-HuiKORSilver
33Margherita GranbassiITABronze
42Giovanna TrilliniITA
510Edina KnapekHUN
611Yevgeniya LamonovaRUS
712Chieko SugawaraJPN
824Katja WächterGER
95Carolin GolubytskyiGER
106Aida MohamedHUN
118Corinne MaîtrejeanFRA
1213Gabriella VargaHUN
1315Zhang LeiCHN
1416Aida ShanayevaRUS
1519Viktoriya NikishinaRUS
1625Su WanwenCHN
177Emily CrossUSA
189Cristina StahlROU
1914Delila HatuelISR
2017Sylwia GruchałaPOL
2118Małgorzata WojtkowiakPOL
2220Mariana GonzálezVEN
2321Anja SchacheGER
2422Jeong Gil-OkKOR
2523Sun ChaoCHN
2626Erinn SmartUSA
2728Hanna ThompsonUSA
2830Indra Angad-GaurNED
2931Magdalena MroczkiewiczPOL
3033Misleydis CompañyCUB
3136Iman ShabanEGY
3238Jujie LuanCAN
3327Inès BoubakriTUN
3429Shaimaa El-GammalEGY
3532Jo HallsAUS
3634Olha LeleikoUKR
3735Eman El-GammalEGY
3837Anissa KhelfaouiALG
3939Martina EmanuelGBR
4040Débora NogueiraPOR
4141María DoigPER

Round One

Date11 August 2008
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round two.
MatchDate/TimeCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #111 AugGiovanna Trillini (2)ITAbye
Bout #211 Aug 10:00Misleydis Compañy (33)CUB15 – 13Jo Halls (32)AUS
Bout #311 AugSylwia Gruchała (17)POLbye
Bout #411 AugAida Shanayeva (16)RUSbye
Bout #511 AugCristina Stahl (9)ROUbye
Bout #611 Aug 10:30Katja Wächter (24)GER15 – 4María Doig (41)PER
Bout #711 Aug 10:30Erinn Smart (26)USA15 – 7Martina Emanuel (39)GBR
Bout #811 AugCorinne Maîtrejean (8)FRAbye
Bout #911 AugCarolin Golubytskyi (5)GERbye
Bout #1011 Aug 10:30Hanna Thompson (28)USA11 – 2Anissa Khelfaoui (37)ALG
Bout #1111 AugJeong Gil-Ok (22)KORbye
Bout #1211 AugChieko Sugawara (12)JPNbye
Bout #1311 AugGabriella Varga (13)HUNbye
Bout #1411 AugMariana González (20)VENbye
Bout #1511 Aug 10:30Iman Shaban (36)EGY15 – 12Shaimaa El-Gammal (29)EGY
Bout #1611 AugNam Hyeon-Hui (4)KORbye
Bout #1711 AugMargherita Granbassi (3)ITAbye
Bout #1811 Aug 11:00Indra Angad-Gaur (30)NED13 – 4Eman El-Gammal (35)EGY
Bout #1911 AugViktoriya Nikishina (19)RUSbye
Bout #2011 AugDelila Hatuel (14)ISRbye
Bout #2111 AugYevgeniya Lamonova (11)RUSbye
Bout #2211 AugAnja Schache (21)GERbye
Bout #2311 Aug 11:00Jujie Luan (38)CAN13 – 9Inès Boubakri (27)TUN
Bout #2411 AugAida Mohamed (6)HUNbye
Bout #2511 AugEmily Cross (7)USAbye
Bout #2611 Aug 11:00Su Wanwen (25)CHN15 – 4Débora Nogueira (40)POR
Bout #2711 AugSun Chao (23)CHNbye
Bout #2811 AugEdina Knapek (10)HUNbye
Bout #2911 AugZhang Lei (15)CHNbye
Bout #3011 AugMałgorzata Wojtkowiak (18)POLbye
Bout #3111 Aug 11:00Magdalena Mroczkiewicz (31)POL15 – 9Olha Leleiko (34)UKR
Bout #3211 AugValentina Vezzali (1)ITAbye

Round Two

Date11 August 2008
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round three.
MatchDate/TimeCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #111 Aug 11:30Giovanna Trillini (2)ITA15 – 7Misleydis Compañy (33)CUB
Bout #211 Aug 11:30Aida Shanayeva (16)RUS12 – 11Sylwia Gruchała (17)POL
Bout #311 Aug 11:30Katja Wächter (24)GER15 – 6Cristina Stahl (9)ROU
Bout #411 Aug 11:30Corinne Maîtrejean (8)FRA15 – 9Erinn Smart (26)USA
Bout #511 Aug 12:00Carolin Golubytskyi (5)GER13 – 5Hanna Thompson (28)USA
Bout #611 Aug 12:00Chieko Sugawara (12)JPN11 – 9Jeong Gil-Ok (22)KOR
Bout #711 Aug 12:00Gabriella Varga (13)HUN15 – 2Mariana González (20)VEN
Bout #811 Aug 12:00Nam Hyeon-Hui (4)KOR15 – 6Iman Shaban (36)EGY
Bout #911 Aug 12:30Margherita Granbassi (3)ITA11 – 6Indra Angad-Gaur (30)NED
Bout #1011 Aug 12:30Viktoriya Nikishina (19)RUS10 – 9Delila Hatuel (14)ISR
Bout #1111 Aug 12:30Yevgeniya Lamonova (11)RUS15 – 2Anja Schache (21)GER
Bout #1211 Aug 12:30Aida Mohamed (6)HUN15 – 7Jujie Luan (38)CAN
Bout #1311 Aug 13:00Su Wanwen (25)CHN15 – 7Emily Cross (7)USA
Bout #1411 Aug 13:00Edina Knapek (10)HUN15 – 13Sun Chao (23)CHN
Bout #1511 Aug 13:00Valentina Vezzali (1)ITA15 – 3Magdalena Mroczkiewicz (31)POL
Bout #1611 Aug 13:00Zhang Lei (15)CHN15 – 8Małgorzata Wojtkowiak (18)POL

Round Three

Date11 August 2008
FormatWinner of each match advanced to quarter-finals.
MatchDate/TimeCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #111 Aug 13:30Giovanna Trillini (2)ITA15 – 3Aida Shanayeva (16)RUS
Bout #211 Aug 13:30Katja Wächter (24)GER15 – 10Corinne Maîtrejean (8)FRA
Bout #311 Aug 13:30Chieko Sugawara (12)JPN6 – 5Carolin Golubytskyi (5)GER
Bout #411 Aug 13:30Nam Hyeon-Hui (4)KOR15 – 4Gabriella Varga (13)HUN
Bout #511 Aug 14:00Margherita Granbassi (3)ITA11 – 4Viktoriya Nikishina (19)RUS
Bout #611 Aug 14:00Yevgeniya Lamonova (11)RUS15 – 5Aida Mohamed (6)HUN
Bout #711 Aug 14:00Edina Knapek (10)HUN15 – 10Su Wanwen (25)CHN
Bout #811 Aug 14:00Valentina Vezzali (1)ITA10 – 7Zhang Lei (15)CHN


Date11 August 2008
FormatWinner of each match advanced to semi-finals.
MatchDate/TimeCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #111 Aug 14:40Giovanna Trillini (2)ITA15 – 8Katja Wächter (24)GER
Bout #211 Aug 14:40Nam Hyeon-Hui (4)KOR15 – 10Chieko Sugawara (12)JPN
Bout #311 Aug 14:40Margherita Granbassi (3)ITA12 – 7Yevgeniya Lamonova (11)RUS
Bout #411 Aug 14:40Valentina Vezzali (1)ITA15 – 3Edina Knapek (10)HUN


Date11 August 2008
FormatWinner of each match advanced to final pool.
MatchDate/TimeCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #111 Aug 19:00Nam Hyeon-Hui (4)KOR15 – 10Giovanna Trillini (2)ITA
Bout #211 Aug 19:30Valentina Vezzali (1)ITA12 – 3Margherita Granbassi (3)ITA

Final Round

Date11 August 2008
MatchDate/TimeCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout 1/211 Aug 20:40Valentina Vezzali (1)ITA6 – 5Nam Hyeon-Hui (4)KOR
Bout 3/411 Aug 20:10Margherita Granbassi (3)ITA15 – 12Giovanna Trillini (2)ITA