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Featherweight (≤57 kilograms), Men

Date16 – 28 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Gymnastirio Pygmakhias Peristeriou, Peristeri
Participants28 from 28 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

A champion in Sydney at just 20 years old, Bekzat Sattarkhanov of Kazakhstan appeared likely to be one of the stars of amateur boxing for much of the next decade. Tragically he was dead within three months of his Olympic triumph as a victim of a New Year’s Eve car crash in his native country. His replacement on the Kazakh team, Galib Dzhafarov, had proved a worthy successor to Sattarkhanov, and looked destined to follow his late compatriot as Olympic champion after he won the gold medal at the 2003 World Championships in Thailand. By coincidence Dzhafarov’s main rival for Olympic glory was also born in Kazakhstan although Vitali Tajbert was by now representing Germany. Dzhafarov’s hopes were dashed by Aleksey Tishchenko of Russia in the quarter-finals whilst Tajbert exited via the fists of North Korea’s Kim Song-Guk and was made to settle for the bronze medal. Tishchenko, a 20-year-old from Omsk, was inexperienced in international competition but proved a revelation at his 1st Olympic Games. He did have a massive stroke of luck in his 2nd round bout against Şahin İmranov when his Azeri opponent was ruled out by a bad cut in the final round whilst holding a big lead but from then on he put together some fine displays to became the first Russian winner in over 30 years.

1Aleksey TishchenkoRUSGold
2Kim Song-GukPRKSilver
=3Vitali TajbertGERBronze
=3Jo Seok-HwanKORBronze
=5Muideen GaniyuNGR
=5Luis FrancoCUB
=5Viorel SimionROU
=5Galib DzhafarovKAZ
=9Khumiso IkgopolengBOT
=9K'onst'ant'ine K'up'at'adzeGEO
=9 BadolaBRA
=9Khédafi DjelkhirFRA
=9Mikhail BernadskiBLR
=9Benoît GaudetCAN
=9Bekzod KhidirovUZB
=9Şahin İmranovAZE
=17Asylbek TalasbayevKGZ
=17Carlos VelázquezPUR
=17Saifeddine NejmaouiTUN
=17Daniel BrizuelaARG
=17Likar RamosCOL
=17Ryan LanghamAUS
=17Sedat TaşcıTUR
=17Somluck KamsingTHA
=17Sohail AhmedPAK
=17Brian MayanjaUGA
=17Ludumo GaladaRSA
=17Hadj Bel KheirALG

Round One (16 August 2004)

Winner of each match advanced to the second round.

Match #1 Muideen GaniyuNGR Bye
Match #2 Khumiso IkgopolengBOT Bye
Match #3 Kim Song-GukPRK Bye
Match #4 K'onst'ant'ine K'up'at'adzeGEO Bye
Match #5 Luis FrancoCUB Asylbek TalasbayevKGZ Decision (32 - 15)
Match #6 BadolaBRA Carlos VelázquezPUR Decision (43 - 43)
Match #7 Khédafi DjelkhirFRA Saifeddine NejmaouiTUN Decision (38 - 13)
Match #8 Vitali TajbertGER Daniel BrizuelaARG Referee Stops Contest (Outscored) (Round 3, 0:11)
Match #9 Mikhail BernadskiBLR Likar RamosCOL Decision (32 - 18)
Match #10 Viorel SimionROU Ryan LanghamAUS Decision (40 - 15)
Match #11 Jo Seok-HwanKOR Sedat TaşcıTUR Decision (37 - 28)
Match #12 Benoît GaudetCAN Somluck KamsingTHA Decision (32 - 17)
Match #13 Bekzod KhidirovUZB Sohail AhmedPAK Referee Stops Contest (Outscored) (Round 2, 1:30)
Match #14 Galib DzhafarovKAZ Brian MayanjaUGA Referee Stops Contest (Outscored) (Round 3, 1:31)
Match #15 Şahin İmranovAZE Ludumo GaladaRSA Referee Stops Contest (Outscored) (Round 3, 0:26)
Match #16 Aleksey TishchenkoRUS Hadj Bel KheirALG Decision (37 - 17)

Round Two (20 August 2004)

Winner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.

Match #1 Muideen GaniyuNGR Khumiso IkgopolengBOT Decision (25 - 16)
Match #2 Kim Song-GukPRK K'onst'ant'ine K'up'at'adzeGEO Decision (25 - 14)
Match #3 Luis FrancoCUB BadolaBRA Decision (30 - 15)
Match #4 Vitali TajbertGER Khédafi DjelkhirFRA Decision (40 - 26)
Match #5 Viorel SimionROU Mikhail BernadskiBLR Decision (38 - 13)
Match #6 Jo Seok-HwanKOR Benoît GaudetCAN Decision (28 - 16)
Match #7 Galib DzhafarovKAZ Bekzod KhidirovUZB Decision (40 - 22)
Match #8 1 Aleksey TishchenkoRUS Şahin İmranovAZE 2Referee Stops Contest (Injured) (Round 3, 1:08)

Quarter-Finals (23 August 2004)

Winner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.

Match #1 Kim Song-GukPRK Muideen GaniyuNGR Decision (32 - 11)
Match #2 Vitali TajbertGER Luis FrancoCUB Decision (34 - 26)
Match #3 Jo Seok-HwanKOR Viorel SimionROU Decision (39 - 35)
Match #4 Aleksey TishchenkoRUS Galib DzhafarovKAZ Decision (36 - 26)

Semi-Finals (27 August 2004)

Winner of each match advanced to the final match.

Match #1 Kim Song-GukPRK Vitali TajbertGER Decision (29 - 24)
Match #2 Aleksey TishchenkoRUS Jo Seok-HwanKOR Decision (45 - 25)

Final Round (28 August 2004)

Match 1/2 Aleksey TishchenkoRUS Kim Song-GukPRK Decision (39 - 17)