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Middle-Heavyweight (≤94 kilograms), Men

Date24 September 2000 — 14:30 (B), 18:30 (A)
LocationSydney Convention Centre, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Sydney, New South Wales (Convention Centre)
Participants19 from 17 countries
FormatTotal of best lifts in snatch and clean & jerk determined placement. Ties broken by lightest bodyweight.

Greece’s Akakios Kakiasvili had won this class in 1992, then competing for the Unified Team as a Georgian, and under the name K’akhi K’akhiashvili. At Atlanta in 1996, Kakiasvili, then competing for Greece, won gold in the heavyweight I class. He was 1998-99 World Champion as a middle-heavy and came to Sydney as the favorite to win his third consecutive gold medal. Kakiasvili succeeded but it was a close contest against Poland’s Szymon Kołecki. Kakiasvili led with a world record snatch of 185.0 kg, but Kołecki and Russian Aleksey Petrov had the best clean & jerk with 222.5 kg, meaning that Kakiasvili and Kołecki tied at 405.0 kg, with Petrov getting the bronze medal. However, Kakiasvili won the gold medal on bodyweight, 92.06 to 93.58 kg.

This was Kakiasvili’s third consecutive gold medal, equalling the record set by Turkey’s Naim Süleymanoğlu in 1988-96 and by his Greek teammate Pyrros Dimas, who had done it the day before in Sydney. Turkey’s Halil Mutlu would also equal this mark at Athinai in 2004. Kakiasvili attempted to win a fourth gold in 2004 but went out after failing on his three clean & jerks.

1Akakios KakiasviliGRE405.0ORGold
2Szymon KołeckiPOL405.0ORSilver
3Aleksey PetrovRUS402.5Bronze
4Kouroush BagheriIRI402.5
5Vadim VacarciucMDA397.5
6Zoltán KovácsHUN397.5
7Bünyamin SudaşTUR392.5
8Julio César LunaVEN392.5
9Michel BatistaCUB385.0
10Alex KarapetyanAUS382.5
11Andriy DemchukUKR377.5
12Slavik NyuKAZ375.0
13Andrey MakarovKAZ375.0
14Kiril KounevAUS375.0
15Bakhyt AkhmetovKGZ367.5
16Pavel BazukBLR365.0
17Lars BetkerGER365.0
18Sergejs LazovskisLAT355.0
19Darío LecmanARG305.0