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Pole Vault, Women

Date4 – 6 August 2012
LocationOlympic Stadium, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
Participants39 from 25 countries

The greatest women’s vaulter ever was Yelena Isinbayeva, who was the two-time defending champion, twice a World outdoor champion, four times World indoor champion, and had set 17 outdoor world records and 13 indoor world records. But she had taken a year off after not medalling at the 2010 World Indoors, and was not quite as dominant as she once was. Other medal contenders included American Jenn Stuczynski-Suhr, whose best international achievement was a silver at the 2008 World Indoors, and Brazilian Fabiana Murer, who had won the 2011 Worlds and the 2010 World Indoors. But Murer would not make it out of qualifying in a major surprise.

In the finals, the vaulters were met by conditions they hate, gusty winds. Both Issy and Suhr opened at 4.55, with Suhr clearing and Issy missing one attempt and passing to 4.65. She cleared that on one attempt as Suhr passed. They both went over 4.70 on their first try, at which time there were two other vaulters remaining – Cuban Yarisley Silva, who had also cleared 4.70 on one attempt, and German Silke Spiegelburg, who had passed that height after one failure. Silva had missed her first attempt of the event at 4.45, which would prove critical, as she had been perfect since. At 4.75 Spiegelburg missed twice to finish fourth. Isinbayeva also missed twice and then passed to 4.80, after Suhr and Silva both cleared on their second attempts. Isinbayeva could not make 4.80, which dropped her to the bronze medal. Suhr and Silva both failed at 4.80 on all three attempts, giving Suhr the gold medal on fewer total misses – the opening miss for Silva costing her as she won silver.

PosNrAthleteNOCQualifying RoundFinal Round
13318Jenn SuhrUSA4.55 (=1)4.75 (1)Gold
21505Yarisley SilvaCUB4.55 (=1)4.75 (2)Silver
32863Yelena IsinbayevaRUS4.55 (=1)4.70 (3)Bronze
41967Silke SpiegelburgGER4.55 (6)4.65 (4)
51969Martina StrutzGER4.55 (=7)4.55 (5)
=61848Holly BleasdaleGBR4.55 (=7)4.45 (=6)
=61539Jiřina PtáčníkováCZE4.55 (12)4.45 (=6)
=61962Lisa RyzihGER4.55 (4)4.45 (=6)
93296Becky HollidayUSA4.55 (10)4.45 (9)
101773Vanessa BoslakFRA4.55 (=7)4.30 (10)
111069Alana BoydAUS4.55 (11)4.30 (11)
AC r2/22698Anna RogowskaPOL4.55 (5)– (AC)NH
131994Stella-Iro LedakiGRE4.50 (13)
141246Fabiana MurerBRA4.50 (14)
=153298Lacy JansonUSA4.40 (=15)
=152697Monika PyrekPOL4.40 (=15)
172122Jillian SchwartzISR4.40 (17)
=182246Tomomi AbikoJPN4.25 (=18)
=183004Angelica BengtssonSWE4.25 (=18)
=181306Mélanie BlouinCAN4.25 (=18)
=181993Nikoleta KyriakopoulouGRE4.25 (=18)
=182939Tina ŠutejSLO4.25 (=18)
231999Ekaterini StefanidiGRE4.25 (24)
242974Nicole BüchlerSUI4.25 (=18)
=251852Kate DennisonGBR4.25 (=25)
=253170Nataliya Kushch-MazurykUKR4.25 (=25)
=251735Minna NikkanenFIN4.25 (=25)
=252889Anastasiya SavchenkoRUS4.25 (=25)
291376Li LingCHN4.25 (29)
=302361Choi Yun-HuiKOR4.10 (=30)
=302733Maria Leonor TavaresPOR4.10 (=30)
=321785Marion LotoutFRA4.10 (33)
=323187Hanna ShelekhUKR4.10 (32)
AC1491Dailis CaballeroCUB– (AC)NH
AC2855Svetlana FeofanovaRUS– (AC)NH
AC1550Caroline Bonde HolmDEN– (AC)NH
AC1078Liz ParnovaAUS– (AC)NH
AC2110Tori PenaIRL– (AC)NH
AC1198Anastasiya ShvedavaBLR4.40 (AC)DQ1

Qualifying Round (4 August 2012)

Top 12 and ties and all those clearing 4.60 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses
=1Yelena IsinbayevaRUS4.5500q
=1Yarisley SilvaCUB4.5500q
=1Jenn SuhrUSA4.5500q
4Lisa RyzihGER4.5501q
5Anna RogowskaPOL4.5502q
6Silke SpiegelburgGER4.5511q
=7Holly BleasdaleGBR4.5512q
=7Vanessa BoslakFRA4.5512q
=7Martina StrutzGER4.5512q
10Becky HollidayUSA4.5514q
11Alana BoydAUS4.5515q
12Jiřina PtáčníkováCZE4.5524q
13Stella-Iro LedakiGRE4.5001
14Fabiana MurerBRA4.5011
=15Lacy JansonUSA4.4000
=15Monika PyrekPOL4.4000
17Jillian SchwartzISR4.4002
=18Mélanie BlouinCAN4.2500
=18Nikoleta KyriakopoulouGRE4.2500
=18Nicole BüchlerSUI4.2500
=18Tomomi AbikoJPN4.2500
=18Angelica BengtssonSWE4.2500
=18Tina ŠutejSLO4.2500
24Ekaterini StefanidiGRE4.2501
=25Kate DennisonGBR4.2511
=25Nataliya Kushch-MazurykUKR4.2511
=25Minna NikkanenFIN4.2511
=25Anastasiya SavchenkoRUS4.2511
29Li LingCHN4.2522
=30Choi Yun-HuiKOR4.1011
=30Maria Leonor TavaresPOR4.1011
32Hanna ShelekhUKR4.1022
33Marion LotoutFRA4.1022
ACDailis CaballeroCUBNH
ACSvetlana FeofanovaRUSNH
ACCaroline Bonde HolmDENNH
ACLiz ParnovaAUSNH
ACAnastasiya ShvedavaBLR4.4001DQ2

Qualifying Round, Group A (4 August 2012 — 10:10)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses4.10 m4.25 m4.40 m4.50 m4.55 m
=1Yarisley SilvaCUB4.5500---oo
=1Jenn SuhrUSA4.5500----o
3Lisa RyzihGER4.5501--oxoo
=4Holly BleasdaleGBR4.5512--xooxo
=4Vanessa BoslakFRA4.5512-oxooxo
=4Martina StrutzGER4.5512-ooxoxo
7Alana BoydAUS4.5515-oxxoxxoxo
8Monika PyrekPOL4.4000-ooxxx
9Jillian SchwartzISR4.4002oxxooxxx
=10Tomomi AbikoJPN4.2500ooxxx
=10Angelica BengtssonSWE4.2500-oxxx
=10Tina ŠutejSLO4.2500ooxxx
13Ekaterini StefanidiGRE4.2501xooxxx
=14Minna NikkanenFIN4.2511oxoxxx
=14Anastasiya SavchenkoRUS4.2511-xoxxx
16Li LingCHN4.2522-xxoxxx
=17Choi Yun-HuiKOR4.1011xoxxx
=17Maria Leonor TavaresPOR4.1011xoxxx
19Hanna ShelekhUKR4.1022xxo
ACAnastasiya ShvedavaBLR4.4001-xoo-xxxDQ3

Qualifying Round, Group B (4 August 2012 — 10:10)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses4.10 m4.25 m4.40 m4.50 m4.55 m
1Yelena IsinbayevaRUS4.5500---oo
2Anna RogowskaPOL4.5502--xoxoo
3Silke SpiegelburgGER4.5511---oxo
4Becky HollidayUSA4.5514-xoxxooxo
5Jiřina PtáčníkováCZE4.5524--xoxoxxo
6Stella-Iro LedakiGRE4.5001xxooxooxxx
7Fabiana MurerBRA4.5011---xoxxx
8Lacy JansonUSA4.4000-ooxxx
=9Mélanie BlouinCAN4.2500ooxxx
=9Nikoleta KyriakopoulouGRE4.2500-oxxx
=9Nicole BüchlerSUI4.2500xxooxxx
=12Kate DennisonGBR4.2511-xoxxx
=12Nataliya Kushch-MazurykUKR4.2511-xoxxx
14Marion LotoutFRA4.1022xxoxxx
ACDailis CaballeroCUBNH
ACSvetlana FeofanovaRUSNH
ACCaroline Bonde HolmDENNH
ACLiz ParnovaAUSNH

Final Round (6 August 2012 — 19:20)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses4.30 m4.45 m4.55 m4.65 m4.70 m4.75 m4.80 m
1Jenn SuhrUSA4.7511--o-oxoxxx
2Yarisley SilvaCUB4.7512-xooooxoxxx
3Yelena IsinbayevaRUS4.7001--xoo
4Silke SpiegelburgGER4.6500--oo
5Martina StrutzGER4.5501-xoo
=6Holly BleasdaleGBR4.4522-xxoxxx
=6Jiřina PtáčníkováCZE4.4522oxxoxx-x-
=6Lisa RyzihGER4.4522-xxoxxx
9Becky HollidayUSA4.4523xoxxoxxx
10Vanessa BoslakFRA4.3011xoxxx
11Alana BoydAUS4.3022xxoxxx
ACAnna RogowskaPOLNH