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Hammer Throw, Women

Date8 – 10 August 2012
LocationOlympic Stadium, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
Participants37 from 25 countries

German Betty Heidler had been world ranked #1 for the past two years and was slightly favored, but Russian Tatyana Lysenko had won the 2011 World Championships, and was expected to push her. Heidler would struggle as the level of throwing was high. She opened with 73.90 but that placed her only fourth at the end of the first round, led by Lysenko’s 77.56. Heidler did not improve in rounds two or three and barely made the last three throws, placing only eighth at that point.

Round two opened with 2008 bronze medalist Zhang Wenxiu (CHN) throwing 76.34 to move into second. Poland’s Anita Włodarczyk then threw 76.02 to move into third position behind Zhang and Lysenko. On round three Włodarczyk was displaced by Heidler’s teammate Kathrin Klaas, who PRed with 76.05 to move into third. No changes in position occurred in the fourth round. Heidler opened the fifth round with what appeared to be her best mark of the day, one which would eventually get her a bronze medal, but not without some drama. Her mark had landed nearly on top of Lysenko’s 77.12 from round four, the previous attempt, and the data system lost the measurement because the computer had been programmed not to accept consecutive marks of the same distance, feeling that odds against this were very high. Heidler was given a back-up throw but fouled it. Lysenko finished the round improving to 78.08, the eventual gold medal winning throw. In the final round, Włodarczyk moved up to the silver medal with a mark of 77.60, and held that spot when Zhang fouled. After all the throwers had finished, an official found Heidler’s mark and it was re-measured at 77.12, good for the bronze medal.

That was how the event and the results seemed to have ended. In 2015, however, the IOC began re-testing samples from the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympics, using newer, more advanced testing techniques, in an effort to find those who had used performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), but in whom it could not be detected at the time of those Olympics. This was one of the many events affected.

Tatyana Lysenko of Russia, who originally won the gold medal, was disqualified in October 2016 after a failed re-test which showed evidence of turinabol (dehydrochloromethyltestosterone) use. The original second, third, and fourth place finishers moved up one spot, with Anita Włodarczyk of Poland receiving the gold, Betty Heidler of Germany moving up to silver, and Zhang Wenxiu of China given the bronze.

There were also three other finalists disqualified in this event. Original seventh-place finisher Oksana Menkova of Belarus was disqualified in November 2016 for a re-test positive for turinabol (dehydrochloromethyltestosterone) and stanozolol. Mariya Bespalova of Russia, who placed 10th initially, was disqualified in March 2017 for a substance that was not announced. Finally, Russian Gulfiya Khanafeyeva lost her 15th-place finish in March 2017 for a re-test positive for turinabol (dehydrochloromethyltestosterone).

12703Anita WłodarczykPOL75.68 (1)77.60 (1)Gold
21939Betty HeidlerGER74.44 (3)77.12 (2)Silver
31396Zhang WenxiuCHN74.53 (2)76.34 (3)Bronze
41940Kathrin KlaasGER74.14 (4)76.05 (4)
51499Yipsi MorenoCUB73.95 (5)74.60 (5)
61777Stéphanie FalzonFRA71.67 (7)73.06 (6)
72683Joanna FiodorowPOL70.48 (8)72.37 (7)
81859Sophie HitchonGBR71.98 (6)69.33 (8)
93275Amber CampbellUSA69.93 (9)
103280Jessica CosbyUSA69.65 (10)
113092Kıvılcım KayaTUR69.50 (11)
122058Éva OrbánHUN68.64 (12)
131436Eli Johana MorenoCOL68.53 (13)
143192Hanna SkydanUKR68.50 (14)
152994Martina HrašnováSVK68.41 (15)
161645Berta CastellsESP68.41 (16)
172770Bianca PerieROU68.34 (17)
181506Arasay ThondikeCUB67.93 (18)
193099Tuğçe ŞahutoğluTUR67.58 (19)
201508Ariannis VichyCUB67.48 (20)
211308Sultana FrizellCAN67.45 (21)
223354Rosa RodríguezVEN67.34 (22)
233269Amanda BingsonUSA67.29 (23)
242938Barbara ŠpilerSLO67.21 (24)
251541Kateřina ŠafránkováCZE66.16 (25)
262911Amy SèneSEN65.49 (26)
273176Iryna NovozhylovaUKR65.35 (27)
281319Heather SteacyCAN63.40 (28)
292732Vânia SilvaPOR62.81 (29)
302161Silvia SalisITA10.84 (30)
DQ2490Zalina MarghievaMDA[72.19] (DQ)[74.06] (DQ)1
NM1026Jenny DahlgrenARG– (NM)
DQ2877Tatyana LysenkoRUS[74.43] (DQ)[78.18] (DQ)2
DQ1189Aksana MiankovaBLR[73.10] (DQ)[74.40] (DQ)3
DQ2847Mariya BespalovaRUS[73.56] (DQ)[71.13] (DQ)4
DQ2867Gulfiya KhanafeyevaRUS[69.43] (DQ)5
DQ1188Alena MatoshkaBLR[67.03] (DQ)6

Qualifying Round (8 August 2012 — 10:00)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 71.50 metres advanced to the final.

1Anita WłodarczykPOL75.68Q
2Zhang WenxiuCHN74.53Q
3Betty HeidlerGER74.44Q
4Kathrin KlaasGER74.14Q
5Yipsi MorenoCUB73.95Q
6Sophie HitchonGBR71.98q
7Stéphanie FalzonFRA71.67q
8Joanna FiodorowPOL70.48q
9Amber CampbellUSA69.93
10Jessica CosbyUSA69.65
11Kıvılcım KayaTUR69.50
12Éva OrbánHUN68.64
13Eli Johana MorenoCOL68.53
14Hanna SkydanUKR68.50
15Martina HrašnováSVK68.41
16Berta CastellsESP68.41
17Bianca PerieROU68.34
18Arasay ThondikeCUB67.93
19Tuğçe ŞahutoğluTUR67.58
20Ariannis VichyCUB67.48
21Sultana FrizellCAN67.45
22Rosa RodríguezVEN67.34
23Amanda BingsonUSA67.29
24Barbara ŠpilerSLO67.21
25Kateřina ŠafránkováCZE66.16
26Amy SèneSEN65.49
27Iryna NovozhylovaUKR65.35
28Heather SteacyCAN63.40
29Vânia SilvaPOR62.81
30Silvia SalisITA10.84
NMJenny DahlgrenARG
DQZalina MarghievaMDA[72.19]Q7
DQTatyana LysenkoRUS[74.43]Q8
DQAksana MiankovaBLR[73.10]Q9
DQMariya BespalovaRUS[73.56]Q10
DQGulfiya KhanafeyevaRUS[69.43]11
DQAlena MatoshkaBLR[67.03]12

Qualifying Round, Group A (8 August 2012 — 10:00)

PosOrdAthleteNOCDistanceGroup A Round OneGroup A Round TwoGroup A Round Three
13Anita WłodarczykPOL75.6875.68
218Betty HeidlerGER74.4472.6374.44
35Yipsi MorenoCUB73.9573.95
416Sophie HitchonGBR71.9867.21×71.98
511Amber CampbellUSA69.93×69.9367.30
66Jessica CosbyUSA69.6567.3669.6568.97
77Kıvılcım KayaTUR69.5069.5068.4567.84
817Eli Johana MorenoCOL68.5368.53×68.12
910Hanna SkydanUKR68.5068.5066.6857.69
109Martina HrašnováSVK68.4167.6968.4167.75
1115Bianca PerieROU68.34×68.34×
122Ariannis VichyCUB67.48×67.4864.25
131Sultana FrizellCAN67.4566.0767.45×
148Rosa RodríguezVEN67.3466.66×67.34
1514Amy SèneSEN65.4965.4965.43×
1612Silvia SalisITA10.84×10.84×
DQ4Tatyana LysenkoRUS[74.43][74.43][-]13
DQ13Alena MatoshkaBLR[67.03][66.85][67.03][65.22]14

Qualifying Round, Group B (8 August 2012 — 11:40)

PosOrdAthleteNOCDistanceGroup B Round OneGroup B Round TwoGroup B Round Three
15Zhang WenxiuCHN74.5374.53
21Kathrin KlaasGER74.1474.14
38Stéphanie FalzonFRA71.6770.9671.6769.55
43Joanna FiodorowPOL70.4870.4868.4869.89
57Éva OrbánHUN68.64×68.6463.08
65Berta CastellsESP68.4167.7468.4165.26
711Arasay ThondikeCUB67.9367.9365.81×
815Tuğçe ŞahutoğluTUR67.5867.5864.1166.56
914Amanda BingsonUSA67.2965.9666.3267.29
1012Barbara ŠpilerSLO67.2165.6962.8367.21
114Kateřina ŠafránkováCZE66.1666.16×65.25
122Iryna NovozhylovaUKR65.3565.3563.9864.29
1319Heather SteacyCAN63.4062.9961.7963.40
1417Vânia SilvaPOR62.8162.8162.18×
NM18Jenny DahlgrenARG×××
DQ10Zalina MarghievaMDA[72.19][71.89][72.19][72.19]15
DQ16Aksana MiankovaBLR[73.10][69.04][x][73.10]16
DQ9Mariya BespalovaRUS[73.56][72.83][73.56]17
DQ13Gulfiya KhanafeyevaRUS[69.43][68.20][69.43][69.19]18

Final Round (10 August 2012 — 19:35)

14/5Anita WłodarczykPOL77.6075.0176.0275.72×77.1077.60
22/1Betty HeidlerGER77.1273.9071.5272.77×77.1272.77
31/7Zhang WenxiuCHN76.3472.9676.3473.8168.2075.56×
410/6Kathrin KlaasGER76.05×72.2976.0574.6672.88×
59/4Yipsi MorenoCUB74.6074.60×××71.97×
66Stéphanie FalzonFRA73.0673.0669.2971.10
78Joanna FiodorowPOL72.3762.3472.37×
811Sophie HitchonGBR69.3369.3365.75×
DQ5/8Tatyana LysenkoRUS[78.18][77.56][75.86][74.39][77.12][78.18][77.28]19
DQ12/3Aksana MiankovaBLR[74.40][69.50][x][74.40][72.06][x][x]20
DQ7/2Zalina MarghievaMDA[74.06][73.77][74.06][72.32][72.91][72.34][70.72]21
DQ3Mariya BespalovaRUS[71.13][71.13][x][68.15]22