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Kayak Singles, Slalom, Women

Date30 July – 2 August 2012
LocationLee Valley White Water Centre, Waltham Cross
Participants21 from 21 countries

The champion in the kayak singles from the past two Olympics, Slovakian Elena Kaliská, did not reappear to defend her title in 2012, having lost her spot in the event to Jana Dukatova, the 2006 World Champion, during the trials. Dukatova was ranked number one in the world and was a favorite going into the event. The reigning World Champion was Corinna Kuhnle of Austria, who first won the title in 2010. Other notable participants included Germany’s Jasmin Schornberg, the 2009 World Champion, Štěpánka Hilgertová of the Czech Republic, who had competed in the event in every edition of the Games since 1992 (winning in 1996 and 2000), and Australian Jessica Fox, daughter of former World Champions Myriam and Richard Fox.

In this relatively more open field, each of the rounds had its share of unpredicted results. The fastest time in the heats came from Spain’s Maialen Chourraut, a silver and bronze medalist at the World Championships in 2009 and 2011 respectively, with Britain’s Lizzie Neave and Italy’s Clara Giai coming in second and third. In the semi-finals, however, both Neave and Giai were eliminated on penalties in a round won by Poland’s low-ranked Natalia Pacierpnik. In the final Fox, who had the best time in the semi-finals before penalties, went third and had an outstanding run, but was bested by France’s Émilie Fer, another surprise paddler whose only World Championship medal was gold in the K-1 Team Event in 2006. Third place was taken by Chourraut who, after near misses in the men’s C-1 and K-1 events, captured Spain’s first Olympic medal in canoe slalom. Hilgertová finished in fourth, 3.26 seconds off the podium, Dukatova in sixth, and Kuhnle in a distant last place in the final, having accrued 52 penalty points over the course.

17Émilie FerFRA106.46 (10)109.73 (3)105.90 (1)Gold
25Jess FoxAUS100.33 (4)112.63 (8)106.51 (2)Silver
32Maialen ChourrautESP98.75 (1)108.34 (2)106.87 (3)Bronze
44Štěpánka HilgertováCZE100.75 (5)114.10 (9)109.16 (4)
58Jasmin SchornbergGER102.14 (8)112.25 (7)110.97 (5)
61Jana DukátováSVK101.37 (6)110.48 (4)111.60 (6)
713Natalia PacierpnikPOL102.38 (9)107.79 (1)115.08 (7)
83Corinna KuhnleAUT101.77 (7)111.07 (5)119.30 (8)
911Marta KharitonovaRUS108.85 (13)111.44 (6)120.91 (9)
1015Hannah CraigIRL108.99 (14)116.12 (10)127.36 (10)
1110Li JingjingCHN108.53 (12)117.02 (11)
126Lizzie NeaveGBR98.92 (2)117.30 (12)
139Eva TerčeljSLO107.17 (11)117.36 (13)
1416Luuka JonesNZL109.23 (15)121.41 (14)
1512Clara Giai PronITA99.66 (3)176.61 (15)
1618Ana SátilaBRA110.83 (16)
1714Caroline QueenUSA117.05 (17)
1819Ella NicholasCOK118.29 (18)
1920Moe KaifuchiJPN121.29 (19)
2017Elise ChabbeySUI126.46 (20)
2121Jihane SamlalMAR174.09 (21)

Qualifying Round

Date30 July 2012 — 14:22
FormatTwo runs. Total points determined placement. Top 15 advanced to semi-finals.
Downstream gates16
Total gates22
Upstream gates6
PosOrdCompetitorNOCTotal TimeRun #1Run #2
120Maialen ChourrautESP98.7598.75 (1)107.91 (10)Q
216Lizzie NeaveGBR98.92101.95 (4)98.92 (1)Q
310Clara Giai PronITA99.6699.66 (2)112.65 (15)Q
417Jess FoxAUS100.33165.36 (18)100.33 (2)Q
518Štěpánka HilgertováCZE100.75101.50 (3)100.75 (3)Q
621Jana DukátováSVK101.37105.14 (5)101.37 (4)Q
719Corinna KuhnleAUT101.77160.06 (16)101.77 (5)Q
814Jasmin SchornbergGER102.14106.27 (6)102.14 (6)Q
99Natalia PacierpnikPOL102.38110.58 (11)102.38 (7)Q
1015Émilie FerFRA106.46112.77 (12)106.46 (8)Q
1113Eva TerčeljSLO107.17107.17 (7)107.57 (9)Q
1212Li JingjingCHN108.53108.53 (8)111.22 (14)Q
1311Marta KharitonovaRUS108.85108.85 (9)109.77 (12)Q
147Hannah CraigIRL108.99117.07 (14)108.99 (11)Q
156Luuka JonesNZL109.23109.23 (10)258.69 (20)Q
164Ana SátilaBRA110.83179.92 (21)110.83 (13)
178Caroline QueenUSA117.05117.05 (13)136.23 (19)
183Ella NicholasCOK118.29118.69 (15)118.29 (16)
192Moe KaifuchiJPN121.29171.63 (19)121.29 (17)
205Elise ChabbeySUI126.46162.92 (17)126.46 (18)
211Jihane SamlalMAR174.09174.09 (20)276.32 (21)


Date2 August 2012 — 14:12
FormatOne run. Top 10 advanced to final.
Downstream gates17
Total gates23
Upstream gates6
PosOrdCompetitorNOCTotal TimeTimePenalty Seconds
17Natalia PacierpnikPOL107.791:45.792Q
215Maialen ChourrautESP108.341:46.342Q
36Émilie FerFRA109.731:49.730Q
410Jana DukátováSVK110.481:50.480Q
59Corinna KuhnleAUT111.071:49.072Q
63Marta KharitonovaRUS111.441:49.442Q
78Jasmin SchornbergGER112.251:52.250Q
812Jess FoxAUS112.631:48.634Q
911Štěpánka HilgertováCZE114.101:54.100Q
102Hannah CraigIRL116.121:54.122Q
114Li JingjingCHN117.021:53.024
1214Lizzie NeaveGBR117.301:51.306
135Eva TerčeljSLO117.361:51.366
141Luuka JonesNZL121.411:57.414
1513Clara Giai PronITA176.612:04.6152

Final Round

Date2 August 2012 — 15:57
Downstream gates17
Total gates23
Upstream gates6
PosOrdCompetitorNOCTotal TimeTimePenalty Seconds
18Émilie FerFRA105.901:45.900
23Jess FoxAUS106.511:46.510
39Maialen ChourrautESP106.871:46.870
42Štěpánka HilgertováCZE109.161:49.160
54Jasmin SchornbergGER110.971:50.970
67Jana DukátováSVK111.601:49.602
710Natalia PacierpnikPOL115.081:53.082
86Corinna KuhnleAUT119.301:57.302
95Marta KharitonovaRUS120.911:54.916
101Hannah CraigIRL127.362:01.366