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Kayak Singles, 200 metres, Men

Date10 – 11 August 2012
LocationEton Dorney, Windsor
Participants20 from 20 countries

The men’s K-1 200 was one of four new canoe events at the 2012 Summer Olympics, and Germany’s Ronald Rauhe had long been dominant in the discipline on the international stage; of his thirteen World Championship victories, five (2001, 2002, 2003, 2006, and 2009) were in the K-1 200. His prowess had waned somewhat in recent years, however, and several canoeists had stepped up to take the crown. Among them were Ed McKeever of Great Britain, 2010 World Champion, and Piotr Siemionowski of Poland, the reigning World Champion. With the event’s appearance at the Olympic Games, however, many experienced paddlers had thrown their hats in the ring to contend for the title, ensuring that there would be plenty of worthy challengers vying for the title.

McKeever’s hometown advantage was immediately evident, as he posted the fastest time in the heats amid tough competition. In the semi-finals, however, Canada’s Mark de Jonge and Spain’s Saúl Craviotto were able to complete the course quicker. De Jonge was a relatively unheralded paddler, with his only major international medals having come in different events at the 2003 and 2007 Pan American Games, but Craviotto was a two-time World Champion in the K-1 4x200 metres and an Olympic champion in the K-2 500, certainly making him a prospect for a podium spot in the K-1 200. McKeever posted the third-fastest time and won his semifinal heat, but Siemionowski was eliminated and Rauhe just barely survived to the medal round. In the final McKeever led after the initial burst from the start and never relented, capturing the gold medal without any serious challenge. Craviotto’s effort earned him silver while De Jonge edged out France’s Maxime Beaumont by three-hundredths of a second to win the bronze.

1106Ed McKeeverGBR35.087 (1 h2)35.619 (1 h2)36.246 (1 h2)Gold
286Saúl CraviottoESP35.552 (1 h3)35.597 (2 h1)36.540 (2 h2)Silver
345Mark de JongeCAN35.396 (1 h1)35.595 (1 h1)36.657 (3 h2)Bronze
491Maxime BeaumontFRA35.571 (2 h3)35.814 (2 h2)36.688 (4 h2)
5204Yevgeny SalakhovRUS35.652 (4 h2)36.312 (4 h1)36.825 (5 h2)
6128Miklós DudásHUN35.323 (3 h2)35.993 (3 h2)36.830 (6 h2)
7222Marko NovakovićSRB35.212 (2 h2)36.293 (3 h1)37.094 (7 h2)
8122Ronny RauheGER36.817 (4 h3)36.183 (4 h2)37.553 (8 h2)
977Kasper BleibachDEN36.610 (3 h3)36.667 (5 h1)37.802 (1 h1)
10156Egidijus BalčiūnasLTU36.173 (4 h1)36.495 (5 h2)37.995 (2 h1)
11146Momotaro MatsushitaJPN36.096 (3 h1)37.201 (7 h1)38.040 (3 h1)
1282César de CesareECU36.181 (5 h1)36.975 (6 h1)38.075 (4 h1)
1328Maxime RichardBEL36.125 (5 h2)37.029 (7 h2)38.435 (5 h1)
14173Piotr SiemionowskiPOL35.990 (2 h1)36.507 (6 h2)38.585 (6 h1)
15246Tim HornsbyUSA36.560 (6 h2)37.660 (8 h2)39.370 (7 h1)
1663Zhou YuboCHN38.316 (5 h3)39.042 (8 h1)40.157 (8 h1)
1719Murray StewartAUS37.202 (6 h1)
18243Mohamed MrabetTUN38.291 (7 h1)
1964Joshua UtangaCOK38.966 (6 h3)
2083Mostafa Sa'idEGY40.507 (7 h2)

Round One

Date10 August 2012 — 9:30
FormatTop five in each heat and fastest number six advanced to semi-finals.

Heat #1

14Mark de JongeCAN35.396Q
25Piotr SiemionowskiPOL35.990Q
32Momotaro MatsushitaJPN36.096Q
43Egidijus BalčiūnasLTU36.173Q
56César de CesareECU36.181Q
67Murray StewartAUS37.202
78Mohamed MrabetTUN38.291

Heat #2

15Ed McKeeverGBR35.087Q
23Marko NovakovićSRB35.212Q
36Miklós DudásHUN35.323Q
44Yevgeny SalakhovRUS35.652Q
57Maxime RichardBEL36.125Q
68Tim HornsbyUSA36.560q
72Mostafa Sa'idEGY40.507

Heat #3

13Saúl CraviottoESP35.552Q
24Maxime BeaumontFRA35.571Q
36Kasper BleibachDEN36.610Q
45Ronny RauheGER36.817Q
57Zhou YuboCHN38.316Q
62Joshua UtangaCOK38.966


Date10 August 2012 — 11:16
FormatTop four in each heat advanced to final. Places 5-8 advanced to final B.

Heat #1

15Mark de JongeCAN35.595Q
24Saúl CraviottoESP35.597Q
36Marko NovakovićSRB36.293Q
42Yevgeny SalakhovRUS36.312Q
53Kasper BleibachDEN36.667QB
61César de CesareECU36.975QB
77Momotaro MatsushitaJPN37.201QB
88Zhou YuboCHN39.042QB

Heat #2

15Ed McKeeverGBR35.619Q
26Maxime BeaumontFRA35.814Q
33Miklós DudásHUN35.993Q
47Ronny RauheGER36.183Q
52Egidijus BalčiūnasLTU36.495QB
64Piotr SiemionowskiPOL36.507QB
71Maxime RichardBEL37.029QB
88Tim HornsbyUSA37.660QB

Final Round

Date11 August 2012 — 9:30

Final B

15Kasper BleibachDEN37.802
24Egidijus BalčiūnasLTU37.995
37Momotaro MatsushitaJPN38.040
43César de CesareECU38.075
52Maxime RichardBEL38.435
66Piotr SiemionowskiPOL38.585
78Tim HornsbyUSA39.370
81Zhou YuboCHN40.157

Final A

14Ed McKeeverGBR36.246
23Saúl CraviottoESP36.540
35Mark de JongeCAN36.657
46Maxime BeaumontFRA36.688
51Yevgeny SalakhovRUS36.825
62Miklós DudásHUN36.830
77Marko NovakovićSRB37.094
88Ronny RauheGER37.553