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Kayak Singles, 200 metres, Women

Date10 – 11 August 2012
LocationEton Dorney, Windsor
Participants29 from 29 countries

Lisa Carrington of New Zealand competed as a favorite in the women’s K-1 200, the third of four new 200 metre canoe sprint events at the 2012 Summer Olympics. It had been on the World Championship program since 1994. In 2011 she had become the first New Zealand woman to win a World Championship in canoeing with her victory in this event, but she would certainly have her share of challengers in London. Hungary’s Natasa Douchev-Janics, for example, had 18 World Championship victories, three of which were the K-1 200 titles that came before Carrington’s. Furthermore, Douchev-Janics had taken the 2011 season off for pregnancy and certainly would have challenged Carrington for the crown had she been present, for she returned to the sport with a victory in the event at the 2012 European Championships. Ukrainian Inna Osypenko-Radomska, an Olympic and World Champion in the K-1 500, was also competing in the inaugural K-1 200 and was certain to be a threat, having been runner-up in the event at the 2010 World Championships. With Maria Teresa Portela of Spain, the 2002 and 2005 World Champion, and Nataliya Lobova of Russia, the 2011 European Champion, thrown into the mix, there were many paddlers in the race with the skill to capture a podium spot.

Douchev-Janics and Carrington met up in the qualification heats, with the former edging out the New Zealander by just under two-tenths of a second to claim the fastest time of the round. Carrington had her revenge in the semi-finals, setting a new quickest time in a round where all of the medal prospects survived to compete for gold. In the final it was Carrington who came out of the start fastest, leading the pack by a thin margin throughout the race and finishing a comfortable distance ahead of them to capture Olympic gold. Osypenko, meanwhile, edged out Douchev-Janics by less than eight-hundredths of a second to claim silver, forcing the Hungarian to settle for bronze.

1161Lisa CarringtonNZL41.401 (2 h1)40.528 (1 h1)44.638 (1 h1)Gold
2245Inna Osypenko-RadomskaUKR42.119 (1 h3)41.360 (3 h1)45.053 (2 h1)Silver
3127Natasa Dusev-JanicsHUN41.221 (1 h1)40.570 (1 h3)45.128 (3 h1)Bronze
488Teresa PortelaESP41.263 (1 h2)40.898 (2 h1)45.326 (4 h1)
5174Marta WalczykiewiczPOL42.290 (2 h2)40.905 (2 h3)45.500 (5 h1)
6197Nataliya LobovaRUS42.447 (3 h1)41.413 (1 h2)45.961 (6 h1)
7109Jess WalkerGBR42.388 (4 h2)41.734 (2 h2)46.161 (7 h1)
8177Teresa PortelaPOR42.673 (3 h3)41.562 (3 h3)46.549 (8 h1)
989Jenni Honkanen-MikkonenFIN42.656 (3 h4)41.859 (4 h1)44.643 (1 h2)
10214Špela Ponomarenko JanićSLO42.884 (4 h4)42.209 (5 h1)44.953 (2 h2)
11219Nikolina MoldovanSRB42.383 (3 h2)42.394 (4 h2)45.064 (3 h2)
1265Darisleydis AmadorCUB42.761 (5 h2)41.949 (5 h3)45.099 (4 h2)
13145Shinobu KitamotoJPN42.007 (1 h4)41.816 (3 h2)45.387 (5 h2)
14230Ivana KmeťováSVK43.445 (6 h3)42.510 (5 h2)45.556 (6 h2)
15117Silke HörmannGER42.697 (4 h3)42.005 (6 h3)45.686 (7 h2)
1615Alana NichollsAUS42.453 (2 h4)41.595 (4 h3)45.819 (8 h2)
1762Zhou YuCHN42.885 (6 h2)42.279 (6 h1)
18153Nataliya SergeyevaKAZ43.257 (5 h3)42.602 (7 h1)
19240Sofia PaldaniusSWE42.596 (2 h3)42.688 (6 h2)
2078Henriette Engel HansenDEN42.866 (4 h1)42.821 (7 h2)
2146Émilie FournelCAN43.117 (5 h1)43.030 (7 h3)
2238Marharyta TsishkevichBLR43.841 (5 h4)43.033 (8 h2)
23247Carrie JohnsonUSA43.355 (6 h1)43.321 (8 h1)
24248Yuliya BorzovaUZB44.872 (6 h4)44.426 (8 h3)
25144Norma MurabitoITA43.820 (7 h1)
26139Arezoo HakimiIRI44.576 (7 h2)
27213Geraldine LeeSGP45.552 (8 h1)
28193Tiffany KrugerRSA46.122 (7 h3)
29241Afef Ben IsmailTUN48.998 (7 h4)

Round One

Date10 August 2012 — 10:19
FormatTop six in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat #1

16Natasa Dusev-JanicsHUN41.221Q
25Lisa CarringtonNZL41.401Q
34Nataliya LobovaRUS42.447Q
41Henriette Engel HansenDEN42.866Q
57Émilie FournelCAN43.117Q
63Carrie JohnsonUSA43.355Q
72Norma MurabitoITA43.820
88Geraldine LeeSGP45.552

Heat #2

16Teresa PortelaESP41.263Q
25Marta WalczykiewiczPOL42.290Q
38Nikolina MoldovanSRB42.383Q
44Jess WalkerGBR42.388Q
57Darisleydis AmadorCUB42.761Q
63Zhou YuCHN42.885Q
72Arezoo HakimiIRI44.576

Heat #3

15Inna Osypenko-RadomskaUKR42.119Q
23Sofia PaldaniusSWE42.596Q
34Teresa PortelaPOR42.673Q
46Silke HörmannGER42.697Q
52Nataliya SergeyevaKAZ43.257Q
68Ivana KmeťováSVK43.445Q
77Tiffany KrugerRSA46.122

Heat #4

15Shinobu KitamotoJPN42.007Q
24Alana NichollsAUS42.453Q
36Jenni Honkanen-MikkonenFIN42.656Q
43Špela Ponomarenko JanićSLO42.884Q
57Marharyta TsishkevichBLR43.841Q
62Yuliya BorzovaUZB44.872Q
78Afef Ben IsmailTUN48.998


Date10 August 2012 — 11:51
FormatTop two in each heat and two fastest number threes advanced to final, places 3-5 and fastest number 6 advanced to final B.

Heat #1

14Lisa CarringtonNZL40.528Q
25Teresa PortelaESP40.898Q
36Inna Osypenko-RadomskaUKR41.360Q
47Jenni Honkanen-MikkonenFIN41.859QB
53Špela Ponomarenko JanićSLO42.209QB
61Zhou YuCHN42.279
72Nataliya SergeyevaKAZ42.602
88Carrie JohnsonUSA43.321

Heat #2

17Nataliya LobovaRUS41.413Q
22Jess WalkerGBR41.734Q
35Shinobu KitamotoJPN41.816QB
44Nikolina MoldovanSRB42.394QB
51Ivana KmeťováSVK42.510QB
66Sofia PaldaniusSWE42.688
73Henriette Engel HansenDEN42.821
88Marharyta TsishkevichBLR43.033

Heat #3

15Natasa Dusev-JanicsHUN40.570Q
26Marta WalczykiewiczPOL40.905Q
37Teresa PortelaPOR41.562Q
44Alana NichollsAUS41.595QB
52Darisleydis AmadorCUB41.949QB
63Silke HörmannGER42.005QB
78Émilie FournelCAN43.030
81Yuliya BorzovaUZB44.426

Final Round

Date11 August 2012 — 10:14

Final A

15Lisa CarringtonNZL44.638
21Inna Osypenko-RadomskaUKR45.053
34Natasa Dusev-JanicsHUN45.128
42Teresa PortelaESP45.326
57Marta WalczykiewiczPOL45.500
66Nataliya LobovaRUS45.961
73Jess WalkerGBR46.161
88Teresa PortelaPOR46.549

Final B

16Jenni Honkanen-MikkonenFIN44.643
22Špela Ponomarenko JanićSLO44.953
34Nikolina MoldovanSRB45.064
43Darisleydis AmadorCUB45.099
55Shinobu KitamotoJPN45.387
68Ivana KmeťováSVK45.556
71Silke HörmannGER45.686
87Alana NichollsAUS45.819