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Flyweight (≤58 kilograms), Men

Date 8 August 2012
LocationExCeL, Newham, London
Participants16 from 16 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament. All fighters losing to the finalists in each pool advance to repêchage tournament for the bronze medal.

Spain’s Joel González was heavily favored, having won the World Championships in 2009 and 2011, and the European Championships in 2010 and 2012. He was challenged in round one by Sweden’s Uno Sanli but he held on to win and then won his quarter-final and semi easily, advancing to the final against Lee Dae-Hun of Korea. Lee had a difficult time getting there, going extra time to win his first two matches and eking out a tight match against Russia’s Aleksey Denisenko in the semi-finals. Denisenko had won his quarter-final against Chinese Taipei’s Wei Chen-Yang, the original second seed.

The final was not close as González took the lead in round one and simply poured it on, scoring six points early with two head kicks, and then being helped by Lee accumulating penalties that gave González another three points. The final score was 17-8, as González won Spain’s first gold medal in the sport. Denisenko shared the bronze medal with Colombia’s Oscar Muñoz.

1201Joel GonzálezESPGold
2212Lee Dae-HunKORSilver
=3209Óscar MuñozCOLBronze
=3207Aleksey DenisenkoRUSBronze
=5208Safwan KhalilAUS
=5203Pen-Ek KaraketTHA
=7206Tamer SalahEGY
=7214Uno SanliSWE
=9216Tameem Al-KubatiYEM
=9202Wei Chen-YangTPE
=11205Mokdad El-YamineALG
=11210Heiner OviedoCRC
=11204Gabriel MercedesDOM
=11211Nursultan MamayevKAZ
=11213Diego GarcíaMEX
=11215Lê Huỳnh ChâuVIE

Round One (8 August 2012)

Winner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.

Match #1 Joel GonzálezESP Uno SanliSWE Final Score (7 - 6)
Match #2 Safwan KhalilAUS Diego GarcíaMEX Final Score (9 - 4)
Match #3 Óscar MuñozCOL Mokdad El-YamineALG Final Score (8 - 1)
Match #4 Tameem Al-KubatiYEM Gabriel MercedesDOM Final Score (8 - 3)
Match #5 Lee Dae-HunKOR Pen-Ek KaraketTHA Sudden Death (Round 4, 01:31)
Match #6 Tamer SalahEGY Nursultan MamayevKAZ Sudden Death (Round 4, 00:44)
Match #7 Aleksey DenisenkoRUS Heiner OviedoCRC Final Score (5 - 2)
Match #8 Wei Chen-YangTPE Lê Huỳnh ChâuVIE Final Score (5 - 1)

Quarter-Finals (8 August 2012)

Winner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.

Match #1 Joel GonzálezESP Safwan KhalilAUS Final Score (5 - 3)
Match #2 Óscar MuñozCOL Tameem Al-KubatiYEM Superiority (14 - 2)
Match #3 Lee Dae-HunKOR Tamer SalahEGY Sudden Death (Round 4, 00:54)
Match #4 Aleksey DenisenkoRUS Wei Chen-YangTPE Sudden Death (Round 4, 00:11)

Semi-Finals (8 August 2012)

Winner of each match advanced to the final round.

Match #1 Joel GonzálezESP Óscar MuñozCOL Final Score (13 - 4)
Match #2 Lee Dae-HunKOR Aleksey DenisenkoRUS Final Score (7 - 6)

Repêchage Round One (8 August 2012)

Winner of each match advanced to the bronze medal match.

Match #1 Safwan KhalilAUS Uno SanliSWE Sudden Death (Round 4, 00:25)
Match #2 Pen-Ek KaraketTHA Tamer SalahEGY Final Score (6 - 4)

Bronze Medal Matches (8 August 2012)

Match #1 Aleksey DenisenkoRUS Safwan KhalilAUS Final Score (3 - 1)
Match #2 Óscar MuñozCOL Pen-Ek KaraketTHA Final Score (6 - 4)

Final Round (8 August 2012)

Match 1/2 Joel GonzálezESP Lee Dae-HunKOR Final Score (17 - 8)