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Handball, Women

Date21 – 29 July 1980
LocationDvorets sporta Dynamo, Moskva / Dvorets sporta Sokolniki, Mosvka
Participants82 from 6 countries
FormatRound-robin tournament.

The top four of the 1978 worlds (DDR, USSR, Hungary, Czechslovakia) plus the host nation (5th place Yugoslavia substituted for the Soviets) were pre-qualified. The sixth nation was decided in a tournament between South Korea, Congo-Brazzaville and the US. The South Koreans won, but as they ended up boycotting the Games, second-placed Congo was promoted to the Olympics. The African side turned out to be horribly outmatched by the other five competitors. They lost all five games, scoring only 9.2 goals per game, while having to deal with an average 31.8 goals against. Their loss against Yugoslavia (9-39), stands out as the most lopsided women’s match in Olympic history, second only to the 44-10 thrashing of Kuwait in the men’s competition in Moscow.

The East German women were favored because they had won the 1978 world title (as well as in 1971 and 1975), but they first faltered in a draw with Yugoslavia (15-15). Pitted against the Soviets in the final match, they could still win the tournament if they could claim a victory, similar to the 1976 Olympics. But there was no chance of that happening. The Soviets, who had solidly won all their prior matches, led 7-6 at half-time and then moved away from their opponents to win 18-13. Woman of the match was Olha Zubareva, who scored eight times.

This meant Yugoslavia and East Germany were equal in points, and because they had drawn in their match, goal difference would decide. The Yugoslav women ended with the aforementioned wash-out of Congo, brushing up their goal difference to +40, which beat the +33 advantage of the German women, who had “only” beaten Congo by 22 points.

1Soviet UnionURS5001099–52Gold
3East GermanyGDR311791–58Bronze

Round Robin (21 – 29 July 1980)

Match #121 Jul 17:00URS 30 – 11CGO
Match #221 Jul 18:30GDR 16 – 10TCH
Match #321 Jul 20:00YUG 19 – 10HUN
Match #423 Jul 17:00URS 17 – 7TCH
Match #523 Jul 18:30HUN 39 – 10CGO
Match #623 Jul 20:00GDR 15 – 15YUG
Match #725 Jul 17:00URS 16 – 12HUN
Match #825 Jul 18:30GDR 28 – 6CGO
Match #925 Jul 20:00YUG 25 – 15TCH
Match #1027 Jul 17:00URS 18 – 9YUG
Match #1127 Jul 18:30TCH 23 – 10CGO
Match #1227 Jul 20:00GDR 19 – 9HUN
Match #1329 Jul 13:00YUG 39 – 9CGO
Match #1429 Jul 14:30HUN 10 – 10TCH
Match #1529 Jul 18:30URS 18 – 13GDR


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