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Handball, Women

Date30 July – 8 August 1992
LocationPalau Sant Jordi, Barcelona / Palacio de Deportes de Granollers, Granollers
Participants113 from 8 countries
FormatRound-robin pools advance teams to classification matches.

The top four teams of the 1990 World Championships were directly qualified for this event. But they were greatly affected by the political changes after 1990: first-placed USSR was represented by the Unified Team, while war-torn runner-up Yugoslavia was barred from competing due to the United Nations ban. East and West Germany had placed third and fourth respectively, but they now sent a combined team to the Olympics. This meant the teams having placed fifth (Austria) and sixth (Norway) were called up to compete. The other four teams were host nation Spain, Asian champion and defending Olympic champion South Korea, Nigeria (Africa) and the US (Americas).

The Unified Team and Germany easily outplayed their pool opponents and qualified for the semi-finals. In pool B, South Korea soundly beat Norway, but was then held to a draw by Austria (17-17), which featured three former medallists from Yugoslavia and the USSR (Jasna Kolar-Merdan, Natalia Rusnatchenko and Slavica Djukić). As South Korea easily won its final game, the second semi-final spot was decided directly between Norway and Austria. In a tense match, the Norwegian women came out ahead, 19-17.

Both semi-finals were close matches. Germany lost narrowly to the South Koreans (26-25), while Norway beat the Unified Team only in the dying seconds, Siri Eftedal scoring the winning goal with just 3 seconds left on the clock. Compared to these matches, the final was a boring affair. After a brief lead early on, the Norwegians were outplayed by the Koreans, much as in the first pool match. The final score, 28-21 gave Korea its second consecutive gold medal. As the Unified Team defeated Germany, the podium was essentially the same as in 1988.

1Republic of KoreaKORGold
3Unified TeamEUNBronze
6United StatesUSA

Preliminary Round

Date30 July – 3 August 1992

Group A

Date30 July – 3 August 1992
FormatRound-robin pools.
1Unified TeamEUN300677-56
3United StatesUSA102255-76
Match #130 Jul 10:00GermanyGER32 – 17NigeriaNGR
Match #230 Jul 15:00Unified TeamEUN23 – 16United StatesUSA
Match #301 Aug 10:00Unified TeamEUN26 – 18NigeriaNGR
Match #401 Aug 15:00GermanyGER32 – 16United StatesUSA
Match #503 Aug 10:00United StatesUSA23 – 21NigeriaNGR
Match #603 Aug 16:30Unified TeamEUN28 – 22GermanyGER

Group B

Date30 July – 3 August 1992
FormatRound-robin pools.
1Republic of KoreaKOR210582-61
Match #130 Jul 11:30AustriaAUT20 – 16SpainESP
Match #230 Jul 16:30Republic of KoreaKOR27 – 16NorwayNOR
Match #301 Aug 11:30NorwayNOR20 – 16SpainESP
Match #401 Aug 16:30AustriaAUT27 – 27Republic of KoreaKOR
Match #503 Aug 11:30NorwayNOR19 – 17AustriaAUT
Match #603 Aug 15:00Republic of KoreaKOR28 – 18SpainESP


Date6 August 1992
Match #106 Aug 14:00NorwayNOR24 – 23Unified TeamEUN
Match #206 Aug 16:00Republic of KoreaKOR26 – 25GermanyGER

Final Round

Date8 August 1992
FormatMedal round.
Match 1/208 Aug 12:00Republic of KoreaKOR28 – 21NorwayNOR
Match 3/408 Aug 10:00Unified TeamEUN24 – 20GermanyGER
Match 5/608 Aug 11:00AustriaAUT26 – 17United StatesUSA
Match 7/808 Aug 9:00SpainESP26 – 17NigeriaNGR