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12.5 kilometres Pursuit, Men

Date10 February 2014 — 19:00
LocationKompleks Dlya Sorevnovaniy Po Lyzhnym Gonkam i Biatlonu Laura, Mountain Cluster, Krasnaya Polyana
Participants59 from 21 countries
FormatStarting margin based on results of 10 kilometer. Penalty loop (150 metres) skied for each missed target.
Venue detailsCourse Length: 12,807 m
Height Differential: 31 m
Maximum Climb: 31 m
Shooting 1: Prone at 2.547 km, 50 m range
Shooting 2: Prone at 5.107 km, 50 m range
Shooting 3: Standing at 7.640 km, 50 m range
Shooting 4: Standing at 10.283 km, 50 m range
Total Climbing: 430 m

Martin Fourcade (FRA) shot flawlessly on his fourth and final shooting round and knew he had won the pursuit event, despite having a 2.5 km loop to ski. He turned to the crowd, and pumped his fists to signify his impending victory. Finishing with silver was Czech Ondřej Moravec, who began the pursuit in eighth place, 15 seconds behind, but earned his silver medal with a perfect shooting performance on the day. Fourcade’s teammate Jean-Guillaume Beatrix finished with bronze, after starting 14th, and 39 seconds back. Finishing just out of the medals was Norwegian legend Ole Einar Bjørndalen, who started in first position but fell behind with three missed shots, and dropped back to fourth, only 1.7 seconds away from his 13th Olympic medal. The course proved challenging with a number of athletes falling in slushy conditions on the course’s banking hairpin turns. The casualties included Canadian Jean-Philippe Le Guellec who had an early lead when he crashed.

PosNrBiathleteNOCTimeMissesStart BehindRace Time (Pos)
16Martin FourcadeFRA33:48.61+0:1233:36.6 (2)Gold
28Ondřej MoravecCZE34:02.70+0:1533:47.7 (7)Silver
314Jean-Guillaume BéatrixFRA34:12.81+0:3933:33.8 (1)Bronze
41Ole Einar BjørndalenNOR34:14.5334:14.5 (20)
515Simon SchemppGER34:27.71+0:4333:44.7 (6)
69Emil Hegle SvendsenNOR34:28.81+0:2933:59.8 (14)
77Simon EderAUT34:28.92+0:1434:14.9 (21)
817Andrejs RastorgujevsLAT34:36.91+0:4733:49.9 (8)
92Dominik LandertingerAUT34:37.53+0:0134:36.5 (25)
1013Nathan SmithCAN34:37.71+0:3634:01.7 (16)
1120Christoph SumannAUT34:43.00+0:5233:51.0 (10)
1218Fredrik LindströmSWE34:45.73+0:4833:57.7 (13)
134Anton ShipulinRUS34:47.13+0:0634:41.1 (26)
1427Yevgeny GaranichevRUS34:47.71+1:1033:37.7 (3)
=1521Erik LesserGER34:53.13+0:5334:00.1 (15)
=1512Lukas HoferITA34:53.12+0:3534:18.1 (23)
1736Simon FourcadeFRA35:15.01+1:3133:44.0 (5)
1834Arnd PeifferGER35:21.41+1:2833:53.4 (11)
193Jaroslav SoukupCZE35:35.04+0:0635:29.0 (40)
2046Simon DesthieuxFRA35:35.61+1:4533:50.6 (9)
2119Tim BurkeUSA35:37.02+0:5034:47.0 (27)
2237Matej KazárSVK35:38.43+1:3134:07.4 (17)
2326Klemen BauerSLO35:39.84+1:0734:32.8 (24)
2411Dominik WindischITA35:40.04+0:3435:06.0 (34)
255Jean-Philippe Le GuellecCAN35:45.33+0:1035:35.3 (41)
2639Tarjei BøNOR35:50.52+1:3734:13.5 (19)
2742Tobias ArwidsonSWE35:51.20+1:3834:13.2 (18)
2843Yan SavitskyKAZ35:57.01+1:4034:17.0 (22)
2925Björn FerrySWE36:06.93+1:0335:03.9 (33)
3010Jakov FakSLO36:11.26+0:3335:38.2 (42)
3155Johannes Thingnes BøNOR36:12.41+2:1833:54.4 (12)
3228Dmitry MalyshkoRUS36:17.02+1:1535:02.0 (31)
3324Carl Johan BergmanSWE36:20.93+1:0235:18.9 (37)
3423Brendan GreenCAN36:21.24+0:5835:23.2 (38)
3522Andriy DeryzemliaUKR36:21.53+0:5635:25.5 (39)
3638Daniel MesotitschAUT36:23.43+1:3334:50.4 (28)
3735Lowell BaileyUSA36:34.83+1:3135:03.8 (32)
3841Serhiy SemenovUKR36:48.13+1:3735:11.1 (36)
3948Tomas KaukėnasLTU36:49.83+1:5334:56.8 (=29)
4029Uladzimir ChepelinBLR36:57.21+1:1635:41.2 (43)
4147Christian De LorenziITA36:58.22+1:5235:06.2 (35)
4258Christoph StephanGER37:18.81+2:2234:56.8 (=29)
4332Artem PrymaUKR37:39.34+1:2436:15.3 (46)
4453Indrek TobrelutsEST38:00.53+2:1335:47.5 (44)
4554Kauri KõivEST38:10.23+2:1435:56.2 (45)
4630Cornel PuchianuROU38:19.86+1:1737:02.8 (51)
4749Krasimir AnevBUL38:47.65+1:5536:52.6 (49)
4851Janez MaričSLO38:58.43+2:0836:50.4 (48)
4933Siarhei NovikauBLR38:59.53+1:2737:32.5 (54)
5056Yauhen AbramenkaBLR39:11.55+2:2236:49.5 (47)
5152Pavol HurajtSVK39:14.31+2:1237:02.3 (50)
5245Leif NordgrenUSA39:31.47+1:4437:47.4 (56)
5360Vladimir IlievBUL39:44.67+2:2237:22.6 (52)
5457Yury LiadauBLR39:46.24+2:2237:24.2 (53)
5540Serafin WiestnerSUI39:48.17+1:3738:11.1 (58)
5659Sergey NaumikKAZ40:06.54+2:2237:44.5 (55)
5750Daniil SteptšenkoEST40:52.07+2:0738:45.0 (59)
AC44Serhiy SednevUKR[39:33.8][3][+1:43][37:50.8] (AC)DQ1
AC16Yevgeny UstyugovRUS[34:25.3][1][+0:46][33:39.3] ([4])DQ2
DNS31Michal ŠlesingrCZE+1:18– (–)