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500 metres, Men

Date18 – 21 February 2014
LocationDvorets Zimnego Sporta Aisberg, Coastal Cluster, Adler
Participants32 from 16 countries
FormatPlacements 1-8 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on placements in earlier rounds, and best time skated.
Olympic Record 40.770 / Charles Hamelin CAN / 26 February 2010

In the four World Cup races held in the 2013-2014 season, defending Olympic Champion Charles Hamelin of Canada and converted Korean skater Viktor An had both taken two wins in the 500 m, with An winning the overall title. In Sochi, they would be joined by defending World champion Liang Wenhao of China, and 2012 World Champion Olivier Jean.

The heats of the 500 m immediately saw the exit of Charles Hamelin, who fell in his heat by his own error. Both Korean contenders were eliminated in the quarter-finals, as was Jean. This left An and Liang both making the final, where they were joined by Charle Cournoyer and Wu Dajing.

In an noisy Iceberg Skating Palace, Viktor An took the ice hoping to earn his second gold of the Games. But he had a slow start, and with just two laps to go he was still last. Then, Liang crashed out, and within a lap An first passed Courneyer and then Wu. An held on until the finish, claiming the gold. He had now won all four Olympic short track events at least once.

PosNrSkaterNOCLast RacePositionsBest Time
1250Viktor AnRUSAF-11-1-141.063Gold
2212Wu DajingCHNAF-21-1-140.846Silver
3203Charle CournoyerCANAF-32-2-140.945Bronze
4210Liang WenhaoCHNAF-42-2-141.221
5209Han TianyuCHNBF-13-1-141.151
6258J. R. CelskiUSABF-24-2-241.152
7217Jon EleyGBRBF-34-2-241.337
8248Sjinkie KnegtNEDBF-43-1-141.235
9231Satoshi SakashitaJPNSF-55-3-241.629
10249Freek van der WartNEDQF-30-3-241.190
11240Lee Han-BinKORQF-30-3-241.471
12223Viktor KnochHUNQF-30-3-242.043
13207Olivier JeanCANQF-40-4-141.616
14242Park Se-YeongKORQF-DQ0-0-141.566
15251Semyon YelistratovRUSQF-DQ0-0-241.355
16252Vladimir GrigoryevRUSQF-DQ0-0-241.883
17220Robert SeifertGERR1-30-0-341.624
18224Shaolin Sándor LiuHUNR1-30-0-341.683
19225Vladislav BykanovISRR1-30-0-341.769
20235Aydar BekzhanovKAZR1-30-0-341.800
21226Yuri ConfortolaITAR1-30-0-342.042
22216Sébastien LepapeFRAR1-30-0-342.167
23255Mackenzie BlackburnTPER1-30-0-342.337
24247Niels KerstholtNEDR1-30-0-342.441
25228Anthony LobelloITAR1-40-0-442.133
26215Thibaut FauconnetFRAR1-40-0-442.368
27219Jack WhelbourneGBRR1-40-0-442.513
28260Jordan MaloneUSAR1-40-0-442.533
29238Nurbergen ZhumagaziyevKAZR1-40-0-442.680
30201Pierre BodaAUSR1-40-0-442.702
31256Eddy AlvarezUSAR1-40-0-41:15.108
32205Charles HamelinCANR1-40-0-41:18.871

Round One (18 February 2014 — 14:15)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat One (14:15)

12Park Se-YeongKOR41.566Q
23Satoshi SakashitaJPN41.629Q
31Vladislav BykanovISR41.769
44Pierre BodaAUS42.702

Heat Two (14:18)

11Charle CournoyerCAN41.180Q
22Freek van der WartNED41.190Q
34Shaolin Sándor LiuHUN41.683
43Anthony LobelloITA42.133

Heat Three (14:21)

13Liang WenhaoCHN41.647Q
21Lee Han-BinKOR41.982Q
32Yuri ConfortolaITA42.042
44Eddy AlvarezUSA1:15.108

Heat Four (14:24)

13Han TianyuCHN41.592Q
22Vladimir GrigoryevRUS41.883Q
31Sébastien LepapeFRA42.167
44Jack WhelbourneGBR42.513

Heat Five (14:27)

14Viktor AnRUS41.450Q
22Jon EleyGBR41.554Q
31Aydar BekzhanovKAZ41.800
43Jordan MaloneUSA42.533

Heat Six (14:30)

12Wu DajingCHN41.712Q
21Viktor KnochHUN42.261Q
33Niels KerstholtNED42.441
44Nurbergen ZhumagaziyevKAZ42.680

Heat Seven (14:33)

14Olivier JeanCAN41.616Q
22J. R. CelskiUSA41.717Q
33Mackenzie BlackburnTPE42.337
41Thibaut FauconnetFRA42.368

Heat Eight (14:36)

11Sjinkie KnegtNED41.235Q
24Semyon YelistratovRUS41.355Q
32Robert SeifertGER41.624
43Charles HamelinCAN1:18.871

Quarter-Finals (21 February 2014 — 20:30)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One (20:30)

11Sjinkie KnegtNED41.683Q
23Liang WenhaoCHN41.817Q
34Viktor KnochHUN42.043
DQ2Semyon YelistratovRUS

Heat Two (20:33)

12Han TianyuCHN41.390Q
24J. R. CelskiUSA53.178Q
33Satoshi SakashitaJPN59.249ADV
DQ1Park Se-YeongKOR

Heat Three (20:36)

13Wu DajingCHN41.056Q
21Charle CournoyerCAN41.060Q
32Freek van der WartNED1:01.371
DQ4Vladimir GrigoryevRUS

Heat Four (20:39)

11Viktor AnRUS41.257Q
22Jon EleyGBR41.337Q
34Lee Han-BinKOR41.471
43Olivier JeanCAN41.760

Semi-Finals (21 February 2014 — 21:13)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One (21:13)

11Wu DajingCHN40.846Q
22Charle CournoyerCAN40.945Q
33Han TianyuCHN41.151QB
44J. R. CelskiUSA41.152QB
55Satoshi SakashitaJPN41.661

Heat Two (21:16)

11Viktor AnRUS41.063Q
24Liang WenhaoCHN41.221Q
33Sjinkie KnegtNED41.290QB
42Jon EleyGBR41.441QB

Final Round (21 February 2014 — 21:43)

B Final (21:43)

11Han TianyuCHN41.534
22J. R. CelskiUSA41.786
34Jon EleyGBR41.870
43Sjinkie KnegtNED42.608

A Final (21:46)

13Viktor AnRUS41.312
21Wu DajingCHN41.516
32Charle CournoyerCAN41.617
44Liang WenhaoCHN1:13.590