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500 metres, Men

Date24 – 26 February 2010
LocationPacific Coliseum, Vancouver
Participants32 from 16 countries
FormatPlacements 1-8 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on placements in earlier rounds, and best time skated.
Olympic Record 41.802 / Marc Gagnon CAN / 23 February 2002

The Canadian crowd were betting on a gold medal in this event. Charles Hamelin had been a dominant factor in the 500 m since the last Olympics, winning the 2007 and 2009 world titles, while finishing runner-up to Apolo Anton Ohno in 2008. In addition to Ohno, Seong Si-Baek of South Korea was a contender, having held the world record in the distance since 2007, with 40.651. All three favorites reached the final with little trouble. Hamelin made the best impression, clocking two sub-41-second times and bettering the Olympic Record. The trio was complemented by a second Canadian, François-Louis Tremblay.

The final was, as expected, a closely contested affair. Seong went into the final curve first, and seemed headed for the gold medal. But he then stumbled, possibly after a slight touch of Hamelin, and crashed out of the curve. Hamelin nearly fell, but kept on his feet, crossing the line first nearly backwards. Behind these two, Tremblay had also fallen, due to interference from Ohno, who had finished second behind Hamelin. For this, the American was disqualified, and the silver medal went to Seong, who had quickly recovered, and the bronze to Tremblay. The two Canadian medals set off great celebrations, as Charles Hamelin sought out his girlfriend Marianne St. Gelais, who had won a silver medal in the women’s 500 m.

PosNrSkaterNOCLast RacePositionsBest Time
1205Charles HamelinCANAF-1Gold
2244Seong Si-BaekKORAF-2Silver
3208François-Louis TremblayCANAF-3Bronze
4241Gwak Yun-GiKORBF-1
5226Tyson HeungGERBF-2
6220Jon EleyGBRBF-3
7242Lee Ho-SeokKORBF-4
8256Apolo Anton OhnoUSAAF-DQ1-2-141.460
9207Olivier JeanCANSF-DQ0-2-241.275
10209Han JialiangCHNQF-30-3-141.443
11253Simon ChoUSAQF-30-3-241.211
12245Haralds SilovsLATQF-30-3-241.673
13215Thibaut FauconnetFRAQF-40-4-141.730
14238Jumpei YoshizawaJPNQF-40-4-241.906
15202Pieter GyselBELQF-40-4-241.980
16246Niels KerstholtNEDQF-40-4-241.128
17212Ma YunfengCHNR1-30-0-341.954
18228Robert SeifertGERR1-30-0-342.181
19234Nicola RodigariITAR1-30-0-342.190
20231Nicolas BeanITAR1-30-0-342.344
21248Blake SkjellerupNZLR1-30-0-342.510
22229Péter DarázsHUNR1-30-0-342.800
23223Paul WorthGBRR1-30-0-342.936
24250Semyon YelistratovRUSR1-30-0-342.982
25230Viktor KnochHUNR1-40-0-442.197
26236Takahiro FujimotoJPNR1-40-0-442.366
27251Ruslan ZakharovRUSR1-40-0-443.207
28247Sjinkie KnegtNEDR1-40-0-444.448
29255Jordan MaloneUSAR1-40-0-41:03.884
30232Yuri ConfortolaITAR1-40-0-41:17.401
DQ210Liang WenhaoCHN[0-0-DQ]
DQ239Aydar BekzhanovKAZ[0-0-DQ]

Round One (24 February 2010 — 17:47)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat One (17:47)

13Seong Si-BaekKOR41.889Q
22Niels KerstholtNED42.180Q
34Nicolas BeanITA42.344
41Takahiro FujimotoJPN42.366

Heat Two (17:50)

13Lee Ho-SeokKOR41.632Q
24Simon ChoUSA41.726Q
31Semyon YelistratovRUS42.982
42Sjinkie KnegtNED44.448

Heat Three (17:53)

14Gwak Yun-GiKOR42.147Q
21Pieter GyselBEL42.443Q
33Péter DarázsHUN42.800
42Jordan MaloneUSA1:03.884

Heat Four (17:56)

14Charles HamelinCAN41.463Q
21Jon EleyGBR42.081Q
33Nicola RodigariITA42.190
42Ruslan ZakharovRUS43.207

Heat Five (17:59)

12Thibaut FauconnetFRA41.730Q
21Tyson HeungGER41.835Q
34Blake SkjellerupNZL42.510
DQ3Liang WenhaoCHN

Heat Six (18:02)

12François-Louis TremblayCAN41.397Q
21Haralds SilovsLAT41.673Q
34Ma YunfengCHN41.954
43Yuri ConfortolaITA1:17.401

Heat Seven (18:05)

14Apolo Anton OhnoUSA41.665Q
23Olivier JeanCAN41.737Q
32Paul WorthGBR42.936
DQ1Aydar BekzhanovKAZ

Heat Eight (18:08)

13Han JialiangCHN41.869Q
21Jumpei YoshizawaJPN42.158Q
34Robert SeifertGER42.181
42Viktor KnochHUN42.197

Quarter-Finals (26 February 2010 — 18:00)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One (18:00)

11Charles HamelinCAN40.770QOR
23Seong Si-BaekKOR40.821Q
32Simon ChoUSA41.211
44Niels KerstholtNED42.128

Heat Two (18:03)

14Jon EleyGBR41.875Q
21Apolo Anton OhnoUSA42.004Q
33Tyson HeungGER48.554ADV
42Thibaut FauconnetFRA51.339

Heat Three (18:06)

11Lee Ho-SeokKOR41.269Q
22Olivier JeanCAN41.275Q
33Han JialiangCHN41.443
44Jumpei YoshizawaJPN41.906

Heat Four (18:09)

11François-Louis TremblayCAN41.326Q
23Gwak Yun-GiKOR41.761Q
32Haralds SilovsLAT41.837
44Pieter GyselBEL41.980

Semi-Finals (26 February 2010 — 18:43)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One (18:43)

11Charles HamelinCAN40.964Q
22Seong Si-BaekKOR41.126Q
35Tyson HeungGER41.455QB
44Jon EleyGBR41.504QB
DQ3Olivier JeanCAN

Heat Two (18:46)

14Apolo Anton OhnoUSA41.460Q
22François-Louis TremblayCAN41.515Q
33Gwak Yun-GiKOR41.620QB
41Lee Ho-SeokKOR1:24.514QB

Final Round (26 February 2010 — 19:14)

B Final (19:14)

13Gwak Yun-GiKOR42.123
21Tyson HeungGER42.307
32Jon EleyGBR42.681
44Lee Ho-SeokKOR49.149

A Final (19:17)

11Charles HamelinCAN40.981
22Seong Si-BaekKOR41.340
34François-Louis TremblayCAN46.366
DQ3Apolo Anton OhnoUSA