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500 metres, Men

Date23 February 2002
LocationSalt Lake Ice Center, Salt Lake City, Utah
Participants32 from 20 countries
FormatPlacements 1-8 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on points earned in earlier rounds, and time in final round skated.

After his two medals in the 1,000 m and 1,500 m, many of the spectators in the Salt Lake Ice Center were hoping for Apolo Anton Ohno to win a third medal. He was expected to cross blades again with Kim Dong-Seong, who was looking for revenge after his disqualification in the 1,500 m. And while World Record holder Jeffrey Scholten was not selected, the Canadians were assumed to have a shot at a medal, especially Marc Gagnon.

Of these favorites, only Gagnon made it to the final. Ohno was disqualified for an illegal overtaking move in his semi-final, while Kim was narrowly outskated in his. Gagnon did make the final, for the third time in a row. Both in 1994 and 1998, he had fallen and finished outside of the medals. But in Salt Lake, things finally went his way. In a very fast race, the four-time World Champion won the gold ahead of his team mate Jonathan Guilmette and Rusty Smith (USA). It was Gagnon’s second Olympic gold medal after his 1998 relay gold, and he would add another one later on the evening, when the Canadians successfully defended their title.

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsBest Time
1315Marc GagnonCANGold
2316Jonathan GuilmetteCANSilver
3370Rusty SmithUSABronze
4321Feng KaiCHN
5347Satoru TeraoJPN
6350Kim Dong-SeongKOR
7307Wim De DeyneBEL
8343Takafumi NishitaniJPN4742.535
9339Fabio CartaITA4743.113
10324Li JiajunCHN4743.690
11369Apolo Anton OhnoUSA4242.895
12340Nicola FranceschinaITA3442.876
13310Simon Van VosselBEL3443.119
14300Steven BradburyAUS3443.225
15333Arian NachbarGER2943.626
16327Bruno LoscosFRA2943.787
17328Ludovic MathieuFRA2143.790
18334Balázs KnochHUN1342.533
19329Dave AllardiceGBR1342.980
20357Cees JuffermansNED1343.253
21364Martin JohanssonSWE1343.435
22330Leon FlackGBR1343.965
23335Krisztián SzabóHUN1344.143
24363Matúš UžákSVK1344.499
25311Miroslav BoyadzhievBUL843.462
26358Mark JacksonNZL844.064
27362Krystian ZdrojkowskiPOL844.117
28304Andrew McNeeAUS844.289
29354Ganbatyn JargalanchuluunMGL852.225
30365Volodymyr Hryhor'ievUKR81:10.431
31312Asen PandovBUL81:17.124
DQ351Lee Seung-JaeKOR

Round One (23 February 2002 — 18:00)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat One

13Li JiajunCHN43.69034Q
21Arian NachbarGER44.05721Q
34Matúš UžákSVK44.49913
42Asen PandovBUL1:17.1248

Heat Two

12Simon Van VosselBEL43.11934Q
23Apolo Anton OhnoUSA43.21421Q
31Cees JuffermansNED43.25313
44Andrew McNeeAUS44.2898

Heat Three

12Takafumi NishitaniJPN43.21134Q
23Marc GagnonCAN43.39521Q
34Krisztián SzabóHUN44.14313
41Volodymyr Hryhor'ievUKR1:10.4318

Heat Four

13Kim Dong-SeongKOR42.83434Q
21Rusty SmithUSA42.84921Q
32Dave AllardiceGBR42.98013
44Ganbatyn JargalanchuluunMGL52.2258

Heat Five

13Fabio CartaITA43.78734Q
21Bruno LoscosFRA43.86421Q
34Leon FlackGBR43.96513
42Mark JacksonNZL44.0648

Heat Six

11Feng KaiCHN43.08434Q
22Wim De DeyneBEL43.20521Q
33Martin JohanssonSWE43.43513
44Krystian ZdrojkowskiPOL44.1178

Heat Seven

13Jonathan GuilmetteCAN42.32634QOR
22Satoru TeraoJPN42.33421Q
31Balázs KnochHUN42.53313
44Miroslav BoyadzhievBUL43.4628

Heat Eight

14Nicola FranceschinaITA42.87634Q
22Steven BradburyAUS43.22521Q
33Ludovic MathieuFRA43.79013ADV
DQ1Lee Seung-JaeKOR

Quarter-Finals (23 February 2002 — 19:10)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One

12Jonathan GuilmetteCAN42.80934Q
24Apolo Anton OhnoUSA42.89521Q
33Fabio CartaITA43.11313
41Arian NachbarGER43.6268

Heat Two

11Rusty SmithUSA42.35934Q
24Marc GagnonCAN42.38421Q
32Takafumi NishitaniJPN42.53513
DQ3Nicola FranceschinaITA

Heat Three

12Kim Dong-SeongKOR41.80634QOR
21Wim De DeyneBEL41.83221Q
34Li JiajunCHN1:04.51413
43Bruno LoscosFRA1:39.8798

Heat Four

12Satoru TeraoJPN42.69234Q
23Feng KaiCHN42.82021Q
34Steven BradburyAUS44.98213
45Ludovic MathieuFRA1:13.3288
DQ1Simon Van VosselBEL

Semi-Finals (23 February 2002 — 19:36)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One

12Rusty SmithUSA41.91634Q
24Marc GagnonCAN41.98121Q
31Kim Dong-SeongKOR41.99013QB
43Wim De DeyneBEL42.8238QB

Heat Two

12Jonathan GuilmetteCAN42.20134Q
24Feng KaiCHN42.26621Q
33Satoru TeraoJPN1:05.79013ADV
DQ1Apolo Anton OhnoUSA

Final Round (23 February 2002 — 20:07)

B Final

11Kim Dong-SeongKOR42.076
22Wim De DeyneBEL42.961

A Final (20:07)

11Marc GagnonCAN41.802OR
24Jonathan GuilmetteCAN41.994
32Rusty SmithUSA42.027
43Feng KaiCHN42.112
55Satoru TeraoJPN42.219