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1,500 metres, Men

Date10 February 2014
LocationDvorets Zimnego Sporta Aisberg, Coastal Cluster, Adler
Participants36 from 18 countries
FormatPlacements 1-12 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on placements in earlier rounds, and best time skated.
Olympic Record 2:10.949 / Lee Jeong-Su KOR / 13 February 2010

It was difficult to single out a favorite for this event. Four different racers had won the World Cups earlier in the season: No Jin-Kyu, Charles Hamelin, Lee Han-Bin and J. R. Celski. No, also World Champion in 2011 and 2012, was missing in Sochi due to a broken elbow, but the other three all were there. The 2006 Olympic Champion, An Hyeon-Su, was also considered for a medal, although the former Korean now skated for Russia as Viktor An.

All the favored athletes reached the final, although in Lee’s case it was as a result of being impeded in the semi-final. There was drama in the final when Briton Jack Whelbourne, a surprise finalist, hit one of the rubber blocks and twisted his ankle. As the race progressed Hamelin always stayed near the front and came through to take the gold medal, with Han Tianyu just edging out An for the silver medal. Lee was Korea’s best performer, by their standards a disappointing result in finishing sixth. An won Russia their first ever short-track medal

PosNrSkaterNOCLast RacePositionsBest Time
1205Charles HamelinCANAF-11-12:14.480Gold
2209Han TianyuCHNAF-21-22:15.055Silver
3250Viktor AnRUSAF-32-12:15.062Bronze
4258J. R. CelskiUSAAF-41-22:15.624
5208Chen DequanCHNAF-52-32:15.626
6240Lee Han-BinKORAF-65-12:16.412
7219Jack WhelbourneGBRAF-72-12:14.091
8216Sébastien LepapeFRABF-13-32:15.806
9206François HamelinCANBF-24-22:13.935
10243Sin Da-UnKORBF-34-12:15.530
11251Semyon YelistratovRUSBF-44-22:14.783
12248Sjinkie KnegtNEDBF-53-32:14.249
13242Park Se-YeongKORBF-DQ3-32:16.241
14226Yuri ConfortolaITASF-55-22:14.143
15244Roberto PuķītisLATSF-55-52:16.961
16247Niels KerstholtNEDSF-66-12:13.848
17204Michael GildayCANSF-DQ0-22:16.468
18215Thibaut FauconnetFRASF-DQ0-32:14.054
19256Eddy AlvarezUSASF-DQ0-32:17.532
20224Shaolin Sándor LiuHUNR1-40-42:14.055
21259Chris CrevelingUSAR1-40-42:16.553
22220Robert SeifertGERR1-40-42:16.555
23214Maxime ChâtaignierFRAR1-40-42:17.938
24232Ryosuke SakazumeJPNR1-40-42:17.985
25225Vladislav BykanovISRR1-40-42:21.163
26213Vojtěch LoudínCZER1-50-52:14.906
27227Tommaso DottiITAR1-50-52:17.300
28202Maksim SiarheyuBLRR1-50-52:19.505
29235Aydar BekzhanovKAZR1-50-52:19.713
30221Barton LuiHKGR1-50-52:22.139
31237Denis NikishaKAZR1-60-62:16.452
32231Satoshi SakashitaJPNR1-60-62:18.298
33222Bence BéresHUNR1-60-62:20.327
34223Viktor KnochHUNR1-60-62:47.714
35211Shi JingnanCHNR1-60-62:51.512
DQ233Yuzo TakamidoJPN[R1-DQ][0-0]

Round One (10 February 2014 — 13:45)

Top three finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One (13:45)

12Jack WhelbourneGBR2:14.091Q
23Yuri ConfortolaITA2:14.143Q
36Sjinkie KnegtNED2:14.249Q
44Robert SeifertGER2:16.555
55Roberto PuķītisLAT2:30.671ADV
DQ1Yuzo TakamidoJPN

Heat Two (13:50)

11Viktor AnRUS2:20.865Q
24Han TianyuCHN2:20.911Q
32Park Se-YeongKOR2:21.087Q
46Vladislav BykanovISR2:21.163
55Barton LuiHKG2:22.139
63Viktor KnochHUN2:47.714

Heat Three (13:55)

16Sin Da-UnKOR2:15.530Q
24J. R. CelskiUSA2:15.675Q
35Sébastien LepapeFRA2:15.806Q
41Ryosuke SakazumeJPN2:17.985
52Maksim SiarheyuBLR2:19.505
63Shi JingnanCHN2:51.512

Heat Four (14:00)

11Charles HamelinCAN2:16.903Q
23Semyon YelistratovRUS2:16.904Q
35Eddy AlvarezUSA2:17.532Q
46Maxime ChâtaignierFRA2:17.938
52Aydar BekzhanovKAZ2:19.713
64Bence BéresHUN2:20.327

Heat Five (14:05)

12Niels KerstholtNED2:13.848Q
21François HamelinCAN2:13.935Q
33Thibaut FauconnetFRA2:14.054Q
44Shaolin Sándor LiuHUN2:14.055
56Vojtěch LoudínCZE2:14.906
65Denis NikishaKAZ2:16.452

Heat Six (14:10)

13Lee Han-BinKOR2:16.412Q
26Michael GildayCAN2:16.468Q
32Chen DequanCHN2:16.535Q
44Chris CrevelingUSA2:16.553
51Tommaso DottiITA2:17.300
65Satoshi SakashitaJPN2:18.298

Semi-Finals (10 February 2014 — 15:04)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One (15:04)

15Han TianyuCHN2:15.858Q
24Viktor AnRUS2:16.000Q
36Park Se-YeongKOR2:16.241QB
42François HamelinCAN2:16.473QB
57Roberto PuķītisLAT2:16.961
61Niels KerstholtNED2:17.134
DQ3Thibaut FauconnetFRA

Heat Two (15:09)

12J. R. CelskiUSA2:21.603Q
26Chen DequanCHN2:21.697Q
33Sébastien LepapeFRA2:23.995QB
41Sin Da-UnKOR2:52.061QB
54Lee Han-BinKOR3:11.810ADV
DQ5Michael GildayCAN

Heat Three (15:15)

14Charles HamelinCAN2:14.480Q
21Jack WhelbourneGBR2:14.635Q
33Sjinkie KnegtNED2:14.677QB
45Semyon YelistratovRUS2:14.783QB
52Yuri ConfortolaITA2:19.086
DQ6Eddy AlvarezUSA

Final Round (10 February 2014 — 16:05)

B Final (16:05)

15Sébastien LepapeFRA2:21.483
24François HamelinCAN2:21.592
36Sin Da-UnKOR2:22.066
42Semyon YelistratovRUS2:24.352
51Sjinkie KnegtNED2:39.581
DQ3Park Se-YeongKOR

A Final (16:11)

11Charles HamelinCAN2:14.985
23Han TianyuCHN2:15.055
34Viktor AnRUS2:15.062
45J. R. CelskiUSA2:05.624
56Chen DequanCHN2:15.626
67Lee Han-BinKOR2:16.466
DNF2Jack WhelbourneGBR