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1,500 metres, Men

Date13 February 2010
LocationPacific Coliseum, Vancouver
Participants36 from 16 countries
FormatPlacements 1-12 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on placements in earlier rounds, and best time skated.
Olympic Record 2:15.942 / Kim Dong-Seong KOR / 20 February 2002

As is common in short track speed skating, the South Koreans were favored in this event. With Lee Ho-Seok, they entered the reigning world champion in the event. He was joined by two team mates, Seong Si-Baek and Lee Jeong-Su. The three Koreans demonstrated their might in the semi-finals, as they all won their respective heats. They were joined in the final by Apolo Anton Ohno (USA), the 2002 champion, Liang Wenhao (China), Olivier Jean (Canada), who qualified after being interfered with in the semi-finals, and J. R. Celski (USA).

With three men in the final, the Koreans were determined to make it a clean sweep. Their plan appeared to work perfectly, as they were occupying the first three places going into the final lap. While Lee Jeong-Su was leading, Lee Ho-Seok attempted to pass his two team mates on the inside of final curve. But he went too fast, and crashed out of the curve, dragging Seong along with him. Instead of three Koreans on the podium, only Lee Jeong-Su was left, who did take the gold. Behind him, Ohno and Celski took medals for the United States.

For Ohno, it was his sixth Olympic medal, the highest total for any short track skater, and also the highest for any American Winter Olympian (although Bonnie Blair, who he passed, had won more gold medals). Celski’s bronze medal was also remarkable. During the US Olympic Trials, he had crashed badly, severely cutting his thigh with his skate, which required some sixty stiches, and it seemed uncertain if he would skate again. With the help of Dr. Eric Heiden, Celski recovered in time for the Vancouver Olympics.

A notable participant in the B-final was Latvia’s Haralds Silovs. The 1,500 m European Champion for 2008 and 2009, he had competed in the 5,000 m on the long track earlier in the day, becoming the first Olympian to combine both speed skating variants at the same Games - and on the same day.

PosNrSkaterNOCLast RacePositionsBest Time
1243Lee Jeong-SuKORAF-1Gold
2256Apolo Anton OhnoUSAAF-2Silver
3252J. R. CelskiUSAAF-3Bronze
4207Olivier JeanCANAF-4
5244Seong Si-BaekKORAF-5
6210Liang WenhaoCHNAF-6
7205Charles HamelinCANBF-1
8234Nicola RodigariITABF-2
9202Pieter GyselBELBF-3
10245Haralds SilovsLATBF-4
11227Sebastian PrausGERBF-5
12242Lee Ho-SeokKORBF-DQ1-22:14.324
13232Yuri ConfortolaITAAF-DQ3-12:13.645
14247Sjinkie KnegtNEDSF-55-22:13.870
15211Liu XianweiCHNSF-55-22:14.354
16222Jack WhelbourneGBRSF-55-32:14.972
17236Takahiro FujimotoJPNSF-66-32:15.984
18238Jumpei YoshizawaJPNSF-66-52:15.129
19229Péter DarázsHUNSF-77-32:18.349
20246Niels KerstholtNEDSF-77-52:16.352
21218Jean-Charles MatteiFRASF-77-52:33.989
22216Benjamin MacéFRAR1-40-42:12.875
23226Tyson HeungGERR1-40-42:14.461
24250Semyon YelistratovRUSR1-40-42:15.455
25219Anthony DouglasGBRR1-40-42:16.622
26231Nicolas BeanITAR1-40-42:17.089
27249Jakub JaworskiPOLR1-40-42:19.163
28248Blake SkjellerupNZLR1-50-52:14.730
29237Yuzo TakamidoJPNR1-50-52:15.402
30230Viktor KnochHUNR1-50-52:16.826
31251Ruslan ZakharovRUSR1-60-62:14.929
32225Paul HerrmannGERR1-60-62:16.782
33213Song WeilongCHNR1-60-62:20.095
DQ255Jordan MaloneUSA
DQ204Guillaume BastilleCAN
DQ214Maxime ChâtaignierFRA

Round One (13 February 2010 — 17:00)

Top three finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One (17:00)

12Olivier JeanCAN2:14.279Q
21Lee Ho-SeokKOR2:14.324Q
33Liu XianweiCHN2:14.354Q
46Tyson HeungGER2:14.461
55Blake SkjellerupNZL2:14.730
64Ruslan ZakharovRUS2:14.929

Heat Two (17:05)

15Liang WenhaoCHN2:16.152Q
26Charles HamelinCAN2:16.153Q
32Sebastian PrausGER2:17.058Q
43Nicolas BeanITA2:17.089
51Jumpei YoshizawaJPN2:30.701q
DQ4Jordan MaloneUSA

Heat Three (17:10)

16Lee Jeong-SuKOR2:12.380QOR
21J. R. CelskiUSA2:12.460Q
34Nicola RodigariITA2:12.609Q
45Benjamin MacéFRA2:12.875
52Yuzo TakamidoJPN2:15.402
63Paul HerrmannGER2:16.782

Heat Four (17:15)

14Yuri ConfortolaITA2:14.584Q
23Sjinkie KnegtNED2:14.862Q
31Jack WhelbourneGBR2:14.972Q
42Semyon YelistratovRUS2:15.455
56Viktor KnochHUN2:16.826
65Song WeilongCHN2:20.095

Heat Five (17:20)

14Apolo Anton OhnoUSA2:17.653Q
21Pieter GyselBEL2:18.560Q
33Péter DarázsHUN2:18.827Q
42Jakub JaworskiPOL2:19.163
56Jean-Charles MatteiFRA2:33.989ADV
DQ5Guillaume BastilleCAN

Heat Six (17:25)

11Seong Si-BaekKOR2:14.836Q
26Haralds SilovsLAT2:14.900Q
35Takahiro FujimotoJPN2:16.155Q
44Anthony DouglasGBR2:16.622
52Niels KerstholtNED2:46.222ADV
DQ3Maxime ChâtaignierFRA

Semi-Finals (13 February 2010 — 18:18)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One (18:18)

11Lee Jeong-SuKOR2:10.949QOR
25Apolo Anton OhnoUSA2:11.072Q
34Charles HamelinCAN2:11.225QB
42Nicola RodigariITA2:11.402QB
53Sjinkie KnegtNED2:13.870
67Jumpei YoshizawaJPN2:15.129
76Péter DarázsHUN2:18.349

Heat Two (18:24)

12Lee Ho-SeokKOR2:14.833Q
24Liang WenhaoCHN2:15.453Q
35Sebastian PrausGER2:16.240QB
46Pieter GyselBEL2:16.249QB
53Jack WhelbourneGBR2:17.156
61Olivier JeanCAN2:32.358ADV
77Jean-Charles MatteiFRA2:36.291

Heat Three (18:29)

14Seong Si-BaekKOR2:13.585Q
21J. R. CelskiUSA2:13.606Q
33Yuri ConfortolaITA2:13.645QB
45Haralds SilovsLAT2:14.009QB
52Liu XianweiCHN2:14.500
66Takahiro FujimotoJPN2:15.984
77Niels KerstholtNED2:16.352

Final Round (13 February 2010 — 19:18)

B Final (19:24)

11Charles HamelinCAN2:18.243
22Nicola RodigariITA2:18.422
36Pieter GyselBEL2:18.773
44Haralds SilovsLAT2:19.435
55Sebastian PrausGER2:20.374
DQ3Yuri ConfortolaITA

A Final (19:18)

11Lee Jeong-SuKOR2:17.611
22Apolo Anton OhnoUSA2:17.976
34J. R. CelskiUSA2:18.053
47Olivier JeanCAN2:18.806
53Seong Si-BaekKOR2:45.010
66Liang WenhaoCHN2:48.192
DQ5Lee Ho-SeokKOR