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1,500 metres, Men

Date20 February 2002
LocationSalt Lake Ice Center, Salt Lake City, Utah
Participants31 from 19 countries
FormatPlacements 1-12 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on points earned in earlier rounds, and time in final round skated.

After the hilarious finish of the 1,000 m, the second final of the men’s short track competitions again gave plenty to discuss. The field for the final contained most of the favorites: Japanese American teenager Apolo Anton Ohno, four-time World Champion Marc Gagnon of Canada, Kim Dong-Seong, the 1998 winner of the 1,000 m and four-fold European Champion Fabio Carta (Italy).

Halfway through the race, Kim kicked up the pace and took the lead. Ohno, meanwhile, remained in the back of the field for much of the race, emerging only with two laps to go. He first moved up to second place behind Kim. In the final lap, he then attempted to pass the South Korean on the inside. The two briefly touched, and Ohno waived his hands in the air signaling obstruction. Both continued to the finish line in full speed, the Korean seemingly taking the gold. But while Kim skated around with the Korean flag, it was announced that Kim was disqualified for cross-tracking, for obstructing Ohno who was trying to pass him. The call left Kim in disbelief on the ice, while Ohno ecstatically celebrated his victory with the crowd.

Disputed disqualifications are not uncommon in short track, and naturally one deciding the Olympic gold was hotly disputed. The referee’s decision fell badly with South Koreans, and Ohno and the IOC received thousands of e-mails and letters, some even containing death threats. Ohno was assigned body guards because of this, and still needs protection when competing in South Korea, where short track speed skating is a major sport. The impact of the decision was visible during the 2002 Football World Cup, held in South Korea and Japan. When Ahn Jung-Hwan scored the equaliser in a match between South Korea and the US, he celebrated his goal by making skating moves, later explaining the reference to Kim’s disqualification. Kim himself would bounce back in the best way possible. At the 2002 World Championships, after the Games, he won all four distances and the overall title - an unprecedented performance.

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsBest Time
1369Apolo Anton OhnoUSAGold
2324Li JiajunCHNSilver
3315Marc GagnonCANBronze
4339Fabio CartaITA
5327Bruno LoscosFRA
6370Rusty SmithUSA
7322Guo WeiCHN
8357Cees JuffermansNED
9364Martin JohanssonSWE
10300Steven BradburyAUS
11311Miroslav BoyadzhievBUL
12350Kim Dong-SeongKOR68DQ
13348Hyeon-Su AnKOR342:23.287
14341Nicola RodigariITA262:19.067
15332André HartwigGER242:22.541
16326Gregory DurandFRA182:20.496
17331Nicky GoochGBR182:25.903
18347Satoru TeraoJPN132:23.680
19363Matúš UžákSVK82:22.557
20358Mark JacksonNZL82:22.906
21308Pieter GyselBEL82:24.161
22330Leon FlackGBR82:25.832
23336Kornél SzántóHUN82:27.467
24334Balázs KnochHUN82:40.617
25362Krystian ZdrojkowskiPOL52:23.015
26365Volodymyr Hryhor'ievUKR52:25.316
27313Kiril PandovBUL52:27.730
28305Mark McNeeAUS52:27.840
29346Naoya TamuraJPN53:06.585
DQ316Jonathan GuilmetteCAN
DQ310Simon Van VosselBEL

Round One (20 February 2002 — 18:00)

Top three finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One

15Hyeon-Su AnKOR2:23.28734QOR
23Bruno LoscosFRA2:23.51721Q
32Satoru TeraoJPN2:23.68013Q
41Pieter GyselBEL2:24.1618
54Volodymyr Hryhor'ievUKR2:25.3165

Heat Two

13Fabio CartaITA2:26.64434Q
21Apolo Anton OhnoUSA2:26.80921Q
32Nicky GoochGBR2:27.08413Q
44Kornél SzántóHUN2:27.4678
55Mark McNeeAUS2:27.8405

Heat Three

14Rusty SmithUSA2:25.17934Q
22Li JiajunCHN2:25.34721Q
31Martin JohanssonSWE2:25.82413Q
43Leon FlackGBR2:25.8328
55Kiril PandovBUL2:27.7305

Heat Four

12Kim Dong-SeongKOR2:22.13334QOR
21André HartwigGER2:22.54121Q
34Steven BradburyAUS2:22.63213Q
43Mark JacksonNZL2:22.9068
55Krystian ZdrojkowskiPOL2:23.0155

Heat Five

11Guo WeiCHN2:18.84634QOR
25Nicola RodigariITA2:19.06721Q
34Miroslav BoyadzhievBUL2:22.08213Q
46Balázs KnochHUN2:40.6178
52Naoya TamuraJPN3:06.5855
DQ3Jonathan GuilmetteCAN

Heat Six

13Marc GagnonCAN2:20.12634Q
24Cees JuffermansNED2:20.39721Q
35Gregory DurandFRA2:20.49613Q
42Matúš UžákSVK2:22.5578
DQ1Simon Van VosselBEL

Semi-Finals (20 February 2002 — 19:42)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One

11Kim Dong-SeongKOR2:15.94234QOR
25Bruno LoscosFRA2:15.98121Q
36Rusty SmithUSA2:16.90613QB
44Miroslav BoyadzhievBUL2:23.4688QB
52Nicola RodigariITA2:53.9075
DQ3Satoru TeraoJPN

Heat Two

14Fabio CartaITA2:25.07234Q
25Apolo Anton OhnoUSA2:25.15221Q
32Guo WeiCHN2:25.32113QB
41Steven BradburyAUS2:25.4578QB
56Nicky GoochGBR2:25.9035
63André HartwigGER2:25.9363

Heat Three

15Li JiajunCHN2:19.87734Q
21Marc GagnonCAN2:20.05021Q
34Cees JuffermansNED2:21.72613QB
46Martin JohanssonSWE2:24.0328QB
52Gregory DurandFRA2:49.9945
DQ3Hyeon-Su AnKOR

Final Round (20 February 2002 — 20:31)

B Final

11Rusty SmithUSA2:27.155
24Guo WeiCHN2:27.376
33Cees JuffermansNED2:27.611
42Martin JohanssonSWE2:28.559
55Steven BradburyAUS2:28.604
66Miroslav BoyadzhievBUL2:29.307

A Final (20:31)

16Apolo Anton OhnoUSA2:18.541
22Li JiajunCHN2:18.731
33Marc GagnonCAN2:18.806
45Fabio CartaITA2:18.947
54Bruno LoscosFRA2:19.587
DQ1Kim Dong-SeongKOR