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Middleweight (≤90 kilograms), Men

Date10 August 2016
LocationArena Carioca 2, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants35 from 35 countries

A short time after Haruka Tachimoto won the women’s middleweight competition in the 70 kg division, Japan celebrated another gold thanks to Mashu Baker in the men’s 90 kg division. Top seed Baker, the son of an American father but born and raised in Japan by his Japanese mother, took the gold, while third seeded Varlam Lip’art’eliani from Georgia and second seeded Gwak Dong-Han won silver and bronze, respectively. The other bronze medalist, China’s Cheng Xunzhao, was a surprise medalist from the lower part of the ranking list.

Baker was trained at the Kodokan, the world’s oldest and most prestigious Dojo (judo school). In his first three matches in Rio, he defeated his respective opponents by an Ippon (full point) after approximately two minutes of each contest. In the semi-final, it took him 4:40 min to apply a Kesa-gatame (scarf hold) for an Ippon to beat Cheng. In the final, however, he fought very defensively after scoring a Yuko (advantage) after 2:17 min. To the displeasure of the crowd, Baker carefully held on to this minimal lead although he conceded two penalties for defensive posture. The desperate Lip’art’eliani, however, also failed to score, and thus the Georgian had to settle for silver.

Korea’s reigning World Champion Gwak lost his semi-final against Lip’art’eliani but at least claimed bronze, along with China’s Cheng. Refugee Olympic Athlete Popole Misenga, who defected from the Democratic Republic of Congo, gave a good performance. He defeated India’s Avtar Singh in the first round and resisted Gwak for four minutes in the second.

1Mashu BakerJPNGold
2Varlam Lip'art'elianiGEOSilver
=3Gwak Dong-HanKORBronze
=3Cheng XunzhaoCHNBronze
=5Marcus NymanSWE
=5Lkhagvasürengiin OtgonbaatarMGL
=7Alexandre IddirFRA
=7Məmmədəli MehdiyevAZE
=9Aleksandar KukoljSRB
=9Colton BrownUSA
=9Krisztián TóthHUN
=9Celtus Dossou YovoBEN
=9Popole MisengaEOR
=9Tiago CamiloBRA
=9Ovini UeraNRU
=9Asley GonzálezCUB
=17Marc OdenthalGER
=17Mihael ŽgankSLO
=17Ciril GrossklausSUI
=17Iszlam Monier SulimanSUD
=17Kiplangat SangKEN
=17Ilias IliadisGRE
=17Sherali JuraevUZB
=17Célio DiasPOR
=17Thomas BriceñoCHI
=17Avtar SinghIND
=17Kirill DenisovRUS
=17Zack PiontekRSA
=17Komronshokh UstopiriyonTJK
=17Renick JamesBIZ
=17Noël van 't EndNED
=17Quedjau NhabaliUKR
=33Abderrahmane BenamadiALG
=33Ibrahim KhalafJOR
=33Martín MichelBOL

Round One (10 August 2016 — 10:00)

Winners advance to round two.

Match 1 Mashu BakerJPN bye
Match 2 Marc OdenthalGER bye
Match 3 Mihael ŽgankSLO bye
Match 4 Aleksandar KukoljSRB bye
Match 5 Alexandre IddirFRA bye
Match 6 Ciril GrossklausSUI bye
Match 7 Colton BrownUSA bye
Match 8 Iszlam Monier SulimanSUD bye
Match 9 Krisztián TóthHUN bye
Match 10 Kiplangat SangKEN bye
Match 11 Ilias IliadisGRE bye
Match 12 Cheng XunzhaoCHN bye
Match 13 Marcus NymanSWE bye
Match 14 Sherali JuraevUZB Abderrahmane BenamadiALG 0001/0002 P29 5:00
Match 15 Celtus Dossou YovoBEN bye
Match 16 Célio DiasPOR bye
Match 17 Gwak Dong-HanKOR bye
Match 18 Thomas BriceñoCHI Ibrahim KhalafJOR 0110/0003 OSM 5:00
Match 19 Avtar SinghIND bye
Match 20 Popole MisengaEOR bye
Match 21 Kirill DenisovRUS bye
Match 22 Məmmədəli MehdiyevAZE bye
Match 23 Zack PiontekRSA bye
Match 24 Tiago CamiloBRA bye
Match 25 Varlam Lip'art'elianiGEO bye
Match 26 Komronshokh UstopiriyonTJK bye
Match 27 Ovini UeraNRU bye
Match 28 Renick JamesBIZ bye
Match 29 Noël van 't EndNED bye
Match 30 Lkhagvasürengiin OtgonbaatarMGL bye
Match 31 Asley GonzálezCUB Martín MichelBOL 1100/0000 TOS 3:18
Match 32 Quedjau NhabaliUKR bye

Round Two (10 August 2016)

Winners advance to round three.

Match 1 Mashu BakerJPN Marc OdenthalGER 1000/0000 SOO 2:05
Match 2 Aleksandar KukoljSRB Mihael ŽgankSLO 1000/0001 TNO 3:01
Match 3 Alexandre IddirFRA Ciril GrossklausSUI 0001/0002 P12 5:00
Match 4 Colton BrownUSA Iszlam Monier SulimanSUD 1000/0000 UMA 0:21
Match 5 Krisztián TóthHUN Kiplangat SangKEN 1001/0004 P05 2:56
Match 6 Cheng XunzhaoCHN Ilias IliadisGRE 1000/0000 OSG 0:43
Match 7 Marcus NymanSWE Sherali JuraevUZB 1010/0011 SAJ 3:31
Match 8 Celtus Dossou YovoBEN Célio DiasPOR 1001/0011 KSG 1:48
Match 9 Gwak Dong-HanKOR Thomas BriceñoCHI 1000/0002 SON 1:46
Match 10 Popole MisengaEOR Avtar SinghIND 0010/0002 SON 5:00
Match 11 Məmmədəli MehdiyevAZE Kirill DenisovRUS 1002/0002 TNO 1:51 GS
Match 12 Tiago CamiloBRA Zack PiontekRSA 1011/0001 TOS 5:00
Match 13 Varlam Lip'art'elianiGEO Komronshokh UstopiriyonTJK 1001/0002 KKS 4:41
Match 14 Ovini UeraNRU Renick JamesBIZ 1000/0001 SMK 3:35
Match 15 Lkhagvasürengiin OtgonbaatarMGL Noël van 't EndNED 1000/0001 SOT 2:01
Match 16 Asley GonzálezCUB Quedjau NhabaliUKR 1010/0000 YSG 2:56

Round Three (10 August 2016)

Winners advance to quarter-finals.

Match 1 Mashu BakerJPN Aleksandar KukoljSRB 1001/0000 YSG 2:10
Match 2 Alexandre IddirFRA Colton BrownUSA 0102/0001 ISN 5:00
Match 3 Cheng XunzhaoCHN Krisztián TóthHUN 1000/0000 SOO 0:48
Match 4 Marcus NymanSWE Celtus Dossou YovoBEN 1000/0002 SAJ 2:15
Match 5 Gwak Dong-HanKOR Popole MisengaEOR 1002/0002 OEJ 4:01
Match 6 Məmmədəli MehdiyevAZE Tiago CamiloBRA 0113/0011 UNA 5:00
Match 7 Varlam Lip'art'elianiGEO Ovini UeraNRU 1001/0000 KEG 1:08
Match 8 Lkhagvasürengiin OtgonbaatarMGL Asley GonzálezCUB 1002/0004 P12 3:38

Quarter-Finals (10 August 2016)

Winners advance to semi-finals. Losers advance to repêchage for bronze medal tournament.

Match 1 Mashu BakerJPN Alexandre IddirFRA 1000/0000 YSG 1:58
Match 2 Cheng XunzhaoCHN Marcus NymanSWE 1001/0001 SOO 1:49
Match 3 Gwak Dong-HanKOR Məmmədəli MehdiyevAZE 1002/0004 P18 4:34
Match 4 Varlam Lip'art'elianiGEO Lkhagvasürengiin OtgonbaatarMGL 0001/0002 P12 5:00

Repêchage (10 August 2016)

Winners advance to bronze medal matches.

Match 1 Marcus NymanSWE Alexandre IddirFRA 1000/0000 KKS 2:00
Match 2 Lkhagvasürengiin OtgonbaatarMGL Məmmədəli MehdiyevAZE 0012/0000 KGU 5:00

Semi-Finals (10 August 2016)

Winners advance to gold medal final. Losers advance to bronze medal matches.

Match 1 Mashu BakerJPN Cheng XunzhaoCHN 1011/0000 KEG 4:40
Match 2 Varlam Lip'art'elianiGEO Gwak Dong-HanKOR 1000/0000 UMA 2:15

Final Round (10 August 2016)

Match 3/5 Gwak Dong-HanKOR Marcus NymanSWE 1001/0001 SON 2:31
Match 3/5 Cheng XunzhaoCHN Lkhagvasürengiin OtgonbaatarMGL 0012/0001 UMS 5:00
Match 1/2 Mashu BakerJPN Varlam Lip'art'elianiGEO 0012/0000 OUG 5:00