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200 metres Individual Medley, Women

Date8 – 9 August 2016
LocationEstádio Aquático Olímpico, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants39 from 26 countries
Olympic Record 2:07.57 / Ye Shiwen CHN / 31 July 2012

Katinka Hosszú had already won the 400 IM (and 100 backstroke) and was expected to double in this race. She was World Champion in both IMs in both 2013 and 2015, and had broken the world record at the 2015 Worlds. She came to Rio almost two seconds ahead of the #2 on the world list, Siobhan-Marie O’Connor of Great Britain. Another medal contender was American Maya DiRado, #3 on the world list, fourth at the 2015 Worlds, and the silver medalist in Rio, behind Hosszú, in the 400 IM.

Form held in this race, as Hosszú won her IM double in 2:06.58, just ahead of O’Connor, who broke the British national record with 2:06.88. DiRado won bronze but was well behind Hosszú and O’Connor. Hosszú would finish Rio with three gold medals and one silver, placing second behind DiRado in the 200 backstroke. DiRado would win four medals, including gold medal in the 200 back and the medley relay.

1Katinka HosszúHUN2:07.45 (1 h5)2:08.13 (1 h2)2:06.58 (1)GoldOR
2Siobhan-Marie O'ConnorGBR2:08.44 (1 h4)2:07.57 (1 h1)2:06.88 (2)Silver
3Maya DiRadoUSA2:10.24 (1 h3)2:08.91 (2 h1)2:08.79 (3)Bronze
4Melanie MargalisUSA2:09.62 (2 h4)2:10.10 (3 h2)2:09.21 (4)
5Alicia CouttsAUS2:10.52 (2 h3)2:10.35 (3 h1)2:10.88 (5)
6Sydney PickremCAN2:11.06 (2 h5)2:10.57 (4 h1)2:11.22 (6)
7Viktoriya AndreyevaRUS2:13.01 (6 h5)2:10.87 (5 h1)2:12.28 (7)
8Ye ShiwenCHN2:10.56 (3 h3)2:09.33 (2 h2)2:13.56 (8)
9Miho TeramuraJPN2:10.34 (3 h4)2:11.03 (4 h2)
10Zsu JakabosHUN2:11.69 (3 h5)2:12.05 (5 h2)
11Alexandra WenkGER2:12.46 (5 h5)2:12.13 (6 h2)
=12Kim Seo-YeongKOR2:11.75 (1 h2)2:12.15 (=6 h1)
=12Hannah MileyGBR2:11.84 (4 h3)2:12.15 (=6 h1)
14Erika Seltenreich-HodgsonCAN2:12.56 (4 h4)2:12.25 (8 h1)
15Runa ImaiJPN2:11.78 (4 h5)2:12.53 (7 h2)
16Mireia BelmonteESP2:12.58 (5 h4)2:13.33 (8 h2)
17Kotuku NgawatiAUS2:13.05 (6 h4)
18Joanna MaranhãoBRA2:13.06 (7 h5)
19Maria UgolkovaSUI2:13.77 (2 h2)
20Stina GardellSWE2:14.41 (3 h2)
21Barbora ZávadováCZE2:14.45 (5 h3)
22Luisa TrombettiITA2:14.66 (4 h2)
23Zhou MinCHN2:14.81 (7 h4)
24África ZamoranoESP2:14.87 (5 h2)
25Tanja KylliäinenFIN2:14.97 (1 h1)
26Lisa ZaiserAUT2:15.23 (8 h4)
27Anja CrevarSRB2:15.33 (2 h1)
28Sara FranceschiITA2:15.61 (8 h5)
29Louise HanssonSWE2:15.66 (6 h2)
30Fantine LesaffreFRA2:15.71 (3 h1)
31Lena KreundlAUT2:15.71 (6 h3)
32Nam Yu-SeonKOR2:16.11 (4 h1)
33Nguyễn Thị Ánh ViênVIE2:16.20 (7 h3)
34Marrit SteenbergenNED2:16.59 (5 h1)
35Victoria KaminskayaPOR2:16.78 (6 h1)
36Simona BaumrtováCZE2:17.21 (7 h1)
37Virginia BardachARG2:17.94 (7 h2)
38Ranokhon OmonovaUZB2:18.97 (8 h3)
39Kasia BaranowskaPOL2:19.03 (8 h1)
DNSSiobhán HaugheyHKG– (DNS h2)

Round One (8 August 2016 — 13:56)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (13:56)

12Tanja KylliäinenFIN2:14.970.65
28Anja CrevarSRB2:15.330.77
35Fantine LesaffreFRA2:15.710.83
44Nam Yu-SeonKOR2:16.110.77
53Marrit SteenbergenNED2:16.590.81
61Victoria KaminskayaPOR2:16.780.76
76Simona BaumrtováCZE2:17.210.81
87Kasia BaranowskaPOL2:19.030.78

Heat Two (14:01)

12Kim Seo-YeongKOR2:11.750.68Q
24Maria UgolkovaSUI2:13.770.69
38Stina GardellSWE2:14.410.71
43Luisa TrombettiITA2:14.660.72
57África ZamoranoESP2:14.870.69
65Louise HanssonSWE2:15.660.75
71Virginia BardachARG2:17.940.79
DNS6Siobhán HaugheyHKG

Heat Three (14:06)

14Maya DiRadoUSA2:10.240.70Q
25Alicia CouttsAUS2:10.520.71Q
36Ye ShiwenCHN2:10.560.78Q
43Hannah MileyGBR2:11.840.68Q
52Barbora ZávadováCZE2:14.450.71
68Lena KreundlAUT2:15.710.69
77Nguyễn Thị Ánh ViênVIE2:16.200.75
81Ranokhon OmonovaUZB2:18.970.77

Heat Four (14:11)

14Siobhan-Marie O'ConnorGBR2:08.440.76Q
23Melanie MargalisUSA2:09.620.70Q
35Miho TeramuraJPN2:10.340.72Q
41Erika Seltenreich-HodgsonCAN2:12.560.72Q
52Mireia BelmonteESP2:12.580.67Q
66Kotuku NgawatiAUS2:13.050.70
77Zhou MinCHN2:14.810.76
88Lisa ZaiserAUT2:15.230.69

Heat Five (14:16)

14Katinka HosszúHUN2:07.450.73Q
23Sydney PickremCAN2:11.060.73Q
36Zsu JakabosHUN2:11.690.70Q
47Runa ImaiJPN2:11.780.69Q
52Alexandra WenkGER2:12.460.70Q
65Viktoriya AndreyevaRUS2:13.010.81Q
71Joanna MaranhãoBRA2:13.060.79
88Sara FranceschiITA2:15.610.71

Semi-Finals (8 August 2016 — 23:36)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (23:36)

14Siobhan-Marie O'ConnorGBR2:07.570.73Q
25Maya DiRadoUSA2:08.910.71Q
33Alicia CouttsAUS2:10.350.75Q
46Sydney PickremCAN2:10.570.69Q
58Viktoriya AndreyevaRUS2:10.870.80Q
=62Kim Seo-YeongKOR2:12.150.70
=67Hannah MileyGBR2:12.150.66
81Erika Seltenreich-HodgsonCAN2:12.250.74

Heat Two (23:45)

14Katinka HosszúHUN2:08.130.79Q
26Ye ShiwenCHN2:09.330.78Q
35Melanie MargalisUSA2:10.100.71Q
43Miho TeramuraJPN2:11.030.69
52Zsu JakabosHUN2:12.050.71
61Alexandra WenkGER2:12.130.73
77Runa ImaiJPN2:12.530.64
88Mireia BelmonteESP2:13.330.72

Final (9 August 2016 — 23:29)

15Katinka HosszúHUN2:06.580.67OR
24Siobhan-Marie O'ConnorGBR2:06.880.68
33Maya DiRadoUSA2:08.790.69
42Melanie MargalisUSA2:09.210.71
57Alicia CouttsAUS2:10.880.75
61Sydney PickremCAN2:11.220.70
78Viktoriya AndreyevaRUS2:12.280.76
86Ye ShiwenCHN2:13.560.76