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Individual, Men

Date19 – 24 September 1904
LocationGlen Echo Country Club, Normandy
Participants75 from 3 countries
FormatQualifying for 32 positions in match play. All matches at 36 holes.

On Monday, September 19, 75 golfers teed off for the match play qualifying. First player off the tee was Raymond Havemeyer, later donor of the Havemeyer Trophy given to the U.S. Amateur champion. Qualifying medalists were Stu Stickney and Ralph McKittrick of the St. Louis Country Club, with a 36-hole total of 163, though McKittrick later defeated Stickney, 84-86, in a play-off for the medal. A score of 183 was sufficient to move on to match play. Only one of the three Canadians survived the qualifying, George Lyon of the Lambton Golf & Country Club in Toronto.

Match play began Tuesday and consisted of daily 36-hole matches. Advancing to the semi-finals were Chandler Egan, Lyon, Frank Newton of the Seattle CC, and Burt McKinnie of the Normandie Park Golf Club in St. Louis. McKinnie, a music teacher, was the current St. Louis city champion, while Newton was Pacific Northwest champion in 1902 and would win the first New England Amateur in 1926 at the age of 52. Egan easily defeated McKinnie while Lyon bested Newton to move to the finals.

Egan was the favorite in the final based on his summer record, but Lyon was a fine player. Before Lyon’s career was done he would win the Canadian Amateur eight times and finish second in both the U.S. Amateur and Canadian Open. Lyon was known as one of Canada’s great all-round athletes, having been their top cricket batsman in the 1890s. After five straight days of 36 holes, one factor against him in the final, it was thought, was his age, 46.

The day of the finals dawned cold and gloomy and both contestants would fight the rain for the entire day. When the battle was over, George Lyon was Olympic champion by 3 and 2. His body, hardened by years of athletic endeavour, had pulled him through. While Egan was a classic stylist, Lyon had an ungainly, flat swing, relying on his natural coordination and great strength, which made him easily the longest driver in the tournament. After the match, Egan went to bed exhausted. Lyon went to the awards dinner and further showed his stamina by walking the length of the dining room - on his hands! Egan and Lyon met again at a major tournament, in the second round of the 1906 US Amateur, where Egan was the two-time defending champion, but Lyon won again, in 20 holes.

1George LyonCANGold
2Chandler EganUSASilver
=3Burt McKinnieUSABronze
=3Frank NewtonUSABronze
=5Ned SawyerUSA
=5Harry AllenUSA
=5Al LambertUSA
=5Mason PhelpsUSA
=9Bob HunterUSA
=9Simpson FoulisUSA
=9Art StickneyUSA
=9Nat MooreUSA
=9Stu StickneyUSA
=9Ralph McKittrickUSA
=9Arthur HavemeyerUSA
=9Allan LardUSA
=17Harry WeberUSA
=17Raymond HavemeyerUSA
=17Harry PotterUSA
=17Lee CarletonUSA
=17Clement SmootUSA
=17Warren WoodUSA
=17Orus JonesUSA
=17Harry FraserUSA
=17William SmithUSA
=17Jack CadyUSA
=17Walter EganUSA
=17Doug CadwalladerUSA
=17Fred SempleUSA
=17Sim PriceUSA
=17Abner VickeryUSA
=17Ned CumminsUSA
DNQBart AdamsUSA
DNQWilliam BurtonUSA
DNQCharles ScudderUSA
DNQEdwin HunterUSA
DNQHarold SimpkinsUSA
DNQArt HusseyUSA
DNQHerbert SumneyUSA
DNQEdgar DavisUSA
DNQCampbell BrownUSA
DNQHenry CaseUSA
DNQGeorge PowellUSA
DNQRobert ThachUSA
DNQCharles WillardUSA
DNQGeorge ThomasUSA
DNQClarkson PotterUSA
DNQGeorge OliverUSA
DNQWalter HerseyUSA
DNQBernard EdmundsUSA
DNQJohn BrandtUSA
DNQFrederick NewberyGBR
DNQLeon HazeltonUSA
DNQAlfred AnnanUSA
DNQMurray CarletonUSA
DNQLouis AllisUSA
DNQJohn WatsonUSA
DNQAlexander MackintoshUSA
DNQJarvis HuntUSA
DNQWilliam WithersUSA
DNQWallace ShawUSA
DNQJoseph HowardUSA
DNQAlbert E. AustinCAN
DNQMeade YatesUSA
DNQJames StackUSA
DNQWilliam GrosecloseUSA
DNQSimon HarbaughUSA
DNQEdward LansingUSA
DNQEdward GouldUSA
DNQClarence AngierUSA
DNQAlbert AustinCAN
DNQCharles CoryUSA
DNSJohn LowryUSA
DNSGeorge FisherUSA
DNSJ. O. BallardUSA
DNSSid WalkerUSA
DNSHeyward LeavittUSA
DNSHarold BendUSA
DNSM. J. StewartUSA
DNSRobert FinkbineUSA
DNSRichard KimballUSA
DNSWarren DickinsonUSA
DNSWalter FairbanksGBR
DNSHarry FergusonUSA
DNSFritz GuinandUSA
DNSAlbert KinslerUSA
DNSWilliam ColdhamUSA
DNSHughes DillerUSA
DNSDavid FredericksUSA
DNSWilliam CarnegieUSA
DNSL. H. ThompsonUSA
DNSBonner MillerUSA
DNSGeorge BrokawUSA
DNSArchibald GrahamUSA
DNSClive JaffrayUSA

Qualifying (19 September 1904)

Top 32 finishers advanced to match play.

1Ralph McKittrickUSA1638182
2Stu StickneyUSA1638182
3Frank NewtonUSA1648084
=4Art StickneyUSA1658481
=4Walter EganUSA1658085
=6Mason PhelpsUSA1668680
=6Chandler EganUSA1668878
8Al LambertUSA1688682
=9George LyonCAN1698485
=9Ned SawyerUSA1699079
=11Burt McKinnieUSA1708684
=11Warren WoodUSA1708486
=11Doug CadwalladerUSA1708882
14Bob HunterUSA1718784
15Harry PotterUSA1738786
=16Lee CarletonUSA1749282
=16Harry WeberUSA1748886
=16Simpson FoulisUSA1748985
=19Nat MooreUSA1778790
=19Sim PriceUSA1778592
=19Orus JonesUSA1778394
=22Clement SmootUSA1789187
=22Harry AllenUSA1789385
=22Arthur HavemeyerUSA1788890
25Ned CumminsUSA1798891
26Fred SempleUSA1808991
=27Abner VickeryUSA1829290
=27Jack CadyUSA1829389
=29Raymond HavemeyerUSA1839489
=29Harry FraserUSA1839093
=29William SmithUSA1839390
=29Allan LardUSA1839390
=33Bart AdamsUSA1849193
=33William BurtonUSA1849490
=35Charles ScudderUSA1859095
=35Tim BoydUSA1858897
=37Edwin HunterUSA1879097
=37Harold SimpkinsUSA1879394
39John RahmUSA1889395
=40Art HusseyUSA1919398
=40Herbert SumneyUSA1919299
=42Edgar DavisUSA1929498
=42Campbell BrownUSA19210092
=42Henry CaseUSA1929498
=45George PowellUSA1959699
=45Robert ThachUSA1959897
=45Charles WillardUSA1959798
=48George ThomasUSA19696100
=48Clarkson PotterUSA19692104
50George OliverUSA19795102
51Walter HerseyUSA19810197
=52Bernard EdmundsUSA19910099
=52John BrandtUSA19997102
54Frederick NewberyGBR20199102
=55Leon HazeltonUSA20299103
=55Alfred AnnanUSA202102100
57Murray CarletonUSA20310499
58Louis AllisUSA205101104
59John WatsonUSA20699107
=60Alexander MackintoshUSA207102105
=60Jarvis HuntUSA207103104
=62William WithersUSA209108101
=62Wallace ShawUSA209107102
64Joseph HowardUSA210100110
65Albert E. AustinCAN211105106
=66Meade YatesUSA213104109
=66James StackUSA213112101
=68William GrosecloseUSA21498116
=68Simon HarbaughUSA214111103
70Edward LansingUSA219114105
71Edward GouldUSA222114108
72Clarence AngierUSA226114112
73Albert AustinCAN230117113
74Lee JonesUSA240125115
DNFCharles CoryUSA94DNF

Round One (20 September 1904)

Match #1 Burt McKinnieUSA Harry WeberUSA
Match #2 Bob HunterUSA Raymond HavemeyerUSA
Match #3 Simpson FoulisUSA Harry PotterUSA
Match #4 Ned SawyerUSA Lee CarletonUSA
Match #5 Art StickneyUSA Clement SmootUSA
Match #6 Harry AllenUSA Warren WoodUSA
Match #7 Nat MooreUSA Orus JonesUSA
Match #8 Chandler EganUSA Harry FraserUSA
Match #9 Stu StickneyUSA William SmithUSA
Match #10 George LyonCAN Jack CadyUSA
Match #11 Al LambertUSA Walter EganUSA
Match #12 Ralph McKittrickUSA Doug CadwalladerUSA
Match #13 Mason PhelpsUSA Fred SempleUSA
Match #14 Arthur HavemeyerUSA Sim PriceUSA
Match #15 Allan LardUSA Abner VickeryUSA
Match #16 Frank NewtonUSA Ned CumminsUSA

Round Two (21 September 1904)

Match #1 Burt McKinnieUSA Bob HunterUSA
Match #2 Ned SawyerUSA Simpson FoulisUSA
Match #3 Harry AllenUSA Art StickneyUSA
Match #4 Chandler EganUSA Nat MooreUSA
Match #5 George LyonCAN Stu StickneyUSA
Match #6 Al LambertUSA Ralph McKittrickUSA
Match #7 Mason PhelpsUSA Arthur HavemeyerUSA
Match #8 Frank NewtonUSA Allan LardUSA

Quarter-Finals (22 September 1904)

Match #1 Burt McKinnieUSA Ned SawyerUSA
Match #2 Chandler EganUSA Harry AllenUSA
Match #3 George LyonCAN Al LambertUSA
Match #4 Frank NewtonUSA Mason PhelpsUSA

Semi-Finals (23 September 1904)

Match #1 Chandler EganUSA Burt McKinnieUSA
Match #2 George LyonCAN Frank NewtonUSA

Final Round (24 September 1904)

Match 1/2 George LyonCAN Chandler EganUSA