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Team, Women

Date16 – 21 September 2000
LocationSydney International Archery Park, Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales
Participants36 from 12 countries
FormatTeams consisted of three archers. Ranking rounds scores based on scores carried over from individual ranking round. Tie-breaking for the final placements was done by the following method. Losers in each round were ranked according to the score they shot in that round. Ties in that round were broken by the number of 10s shot in that round and then the number of 9s shot in that round. If still tied the score in the preceding round was used as the tie-breaker, followed by number of 10s, and then number of 9s in the preceding round. Team event shot entirely at 70 metres. Matches consisted of 27 arrows, 9 per archer.

In 1999 Korea was upset at the World Championships, which were won by Italy, stopping a streak of five straight Korean world titles. But for the third consecutive Olympics, Korea’s women archers set a world record in the ranking round. Italy struggled, placing only seventh in the ranking round. They would go out in the quarter-finals against Ukraine, who moved on to the final against Korea. But Korea dominated that match, winning their fourth of four gold medals in the women’s archery team event. Germany, which had won silver in 1996, took the bronze medal, defeating Turkey, which had also placed fourth in 1996.

1Republic of KoreaKORGold
Kim Su-NyeongKim Nam-SunYun Mi-Jin
Olena SadovnychaKateryna SerdiukNataliya Burdeina
Cornelia PfohlBarbara MensingSandra Sachse
Elif AltınkaynakNatalia Nasaridze-ÇakirZekiye Şatır
5United StatesUSA
Janet DykmanKaren ScavottoDenise Parker
6People's Republic of ChinaCHN
Yu HuiHe YingYang Jianping
Natalia ValeevaCristina IoriattiIrene Franchini
8Chinese TaipeiTPE
Liu Pi-YuLin Yi-YinWen Chia-Ling
Kate FairweatherMelissa JennisonMichelle Tremelling
Petra EricssonKarin LarssonKristina Nordlander
Joanna NowickaAnna ŁęckaAgata Bulwa
Khatuna LorigiKhatuna PhutkaradzeAsmat Diasamidze

Ranking Round (16 September 2000 — 09:00-11:15)

Ranking round for placement into single-elimination tournament.

1Republic of KoreaKOR1,994WR
Kim Su-Nyeong671WR
Kim Nam-Sun662WR
Yun Mi-Jin661WR
Olena Sadovnycha658
Kateryna Serdiuk644
Nataliya Burdeina632
3Chinese TaipeiTPE1,915
Liu Pi-Yu647
Lin Yi-Yin640
Wen Chia-Ling628
4People's Republic of ChinaCHN1,914
Yu Hui643
He Ying638
Yang Jianping633
Cornelia Pfohl635
Barbara Mensing634
Sandra Sachse628
Elif Altınkaynak638
Natalia Nasaridze-Çakir636
Zekiye Şatır622
Natalia Valeeva667
Cristina Ioriatti618
Irene Franchini611
Petra Ericsson646
Karin Larsson626
Kristina Nordlander618
9United StatesUSA1,889
Janet Dykman636
Karen Scavotto634
Denise Parker619
Kate Fairweather630
Melissa Jennison628
Michelle Tremelling615
Joanna Nowicka633
Anna Łęcka630
Agata Bulwa603
Khatuna Lorigi627
Khatuna Phutkaradze623
Asmat Diasamidze612

Round One (21 September 2000 — 09:00-10:36)

Winner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.

Match #1 KOR bye
Match #2 USA 242 – 230SWE
Match #3 GER 231 – 216GEO
Match #4 CHN bye
Match #5 TPE bye
Match #6 TUR 227 – 217POL
Match #7 ITA 237 – 236AUS
Match #8 UKR bye

Quarter-Finals (21 September 2000 — 10:50-11:36)

Winner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.

Match #1 KOR 252 – 240USA
Match #2 GER 240 – 234CHN
Match #3 TUR 234 – 227TPE
Match #4 UKR 237 – 230ITA

Semi-Finals (21 September 2000 — 14:00-14:46)

Winner of each match advanced to the final round.

Match #1 KOR 251 – 238GER
Match #2 UKR 240 – 233TUR

Final Round (21 September 2000 — 14:56-15:42)

Match 1-2 KOR 251 – 239UKR
Match 3-4 GER 240 – 234TUR