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200 metres Breaststroke, Men

Date15 – 17 July 1924
LocationPiscine des Tourelles, Saint-Mandé
Participants28 from 16 countries

In the absence of German world record holder Erich Rademacher and his German team-mate Sommer, the mantle of favourite fell on the Americans and in particular, Bob Skelton. Skelton started his tilt for an Olympic title by setting a new Olympic record in the opening heat of the event and was never challenged in the final. He finished clear of Joseph de Combe of Belgium but was six seconds adrift of Rademacher’s world record.

Frigyes Jung-Hollósi of Hungary, who failed to qualify from his heat, returned to Olympic competition twelve years later as part of the Hungarian rowing eight. Turner Chapman‘s role in Olympic history was forever relegated to a footnote when, as the Canadian lined up for his heat, officials ordered him to leave the arena, a victim of a dispute between the Canadian Olympic Committee and the national swimming authorities.

1Bob SkeltonUSA2:56.0 (1 h1)3:00.2 (1 h1)2:56.6 (1)Gold
2Joseph De CombeBEL3:02.0 (1 h2)3:00.2 (1 h2)2:59.2 (2)Silver
3Bill KirschbaumUSA3:01.0 (1 h3)3:02.6 (2 h1)3:01.0 (3)Bronze
4Bengt LindersSWE3:03.4 (1 h5)3:01.4 (2 h2)3:02.2 (4)
5Robert WyssSUI3:03.6 (2 h5)3:04.2 (3 h1)3:05.6 (5)
3 h2 r2/3Thor HenningSWE3:02.4 (2 h1)3:05.0 (3 h2)
4 h1 r2/3Frigyes HollósiHUN3:06.4 (2 h4)3:05.6 (4 h1)
4 h2 r2/3Edward MawGBR3:07.0 (2 h2)3:07.0 (4 h2)
5 h1 r2/3Reggie FlintGBR3:05.2 (1 h4)3:06.8 (5 h1)
5 h2 r2/3Zoltán BitskeyHUN3:05.4 (3 h1)3:09.2 (5 h2)
6 h1 r2/3Rudolf PiowatýTCH3:10.8 (2 h3)3:11.8 (6 h1)
3 h2 r1/3Márton SiposHUN3:09.8 (3 h2)
3 h3 r1/3Bo JohnssonSWE3:12.2 (3 h3)
3 h4 r1/3Henri BouvierFRA3:07.8 (3 h4)
3 h5 r1/3Clarrie HeardNZL3:09.0 (3 h5)
4 h1 r1/3Ivan StedmanAUS3:09.6 (4 h1)
4 h2 r1/3Arvo AaltonenFIN3:11.0 (4 h2)
4 h3 r1/3Viljo WiklundFIN3:12.4 (4 h3)
4 h4 r1/3Gerlacus MoesNED3:18.8 (4 h4)
4 h5 r1/3Tsunenobu IshidaJPN3:09.2 (4 h5)
5 h1 r1/3William StoneyGBR3:10.3 (5 h1)
5 h2 r1/3Marius ZwillerFRA3:11.2 (5 h2)
5 h3 r1/3Luciano TrolliITA3:23.0 (5 h3)
5 h4 r1/3Emerico BiachITA3:26.8 (5 h4)
5 h5 r1/3Jaroslav MüllerTCH3:22.0 (5 h5)
6 h1 r1/3Georges Vallerey, Sr.FRA3:11.2 (6 h1)
6 h4 r1/3Ivo PavelićYUG3:28.4 (6 h4)
6 h5 r1/3Mário da Silva MarquesPOR3:32.4 (6 h5)
DNSJohn FaricyUSA– (DNS h3)
DNSBela DeakYUG– (DNS h2)

Round One (15 July 1924 — 10:30)

Top two in each heat and the fastest third-place advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One

1Bob SkeltonUSA2:56.0QOR
2Thor HenningSWE3:02.4Q
3Zoltán BitskeyHUN3:05.4q
4Ivan StedmanAUS3:09.6
5William StoneyGBR3:10.3
6Georges Vallerey, Sr.FRA3:11.2

Heat Two

1Joseph De CombeBEL3:02.0Q
2Edward MawGBR3:07.0Q
3Márton SiposHUN3:09.8
4Arvo AaltonenFIN3:11.0
5Marius ZwillerFRA3:11.2

Heat Three

1Bill KirschbaumUSA3:01.0Q
2Rudolf PiowatýTCH3:10.8Q
3Bo JohnssonSWE3:12.2
4Viljo WiklundFIN3:12.4
5Luciano TrolliITA3:23.0
DNSJohn FaricyUSA

Heat Four

1Reggie FlintGBR3:05.2Q
2Frigyes HollósiHUN3:06.4Q
3Henri BouvierFRA3:07.8
4Gerlacus MoesNED3:18.8
5Emerico BiachITA3:26.8
6Ivo PavelićYUG3:28.4

Heat Five

1Bengt LindersSWE3:03.4Q
2Robert WyssSUI3:03.6Q
3Clarrie HeardNZL3:09.0
4Tsunenobu IshidaJPN3:09.2
5Jaroslav MüllerTCH3:22.0
6Mário da Silva MarquesPOR3:32.4

Semi-Finals (16 July 1924 — 15:00)

Top two in each heat and the fastest third-place advanced to the final.

Heat One

1Bob SkeltonUSA3:00.2Q
2Bill KirschbaumUSA3:02.6Q
3Robert WyssSUI3:04.2q
4Frigyes HollósiHUN3:05.6
5Reggie FlintGBR3:06.8
6Rudolf PiowatýTCH3:11.8

Heat Two

1Joseph De CombeBEL3:00.2Q
2Bengt LindersSWE3:01.4Q
3Thor HenningSWE3:05.0
4Edward MawGBR3:07.0
5Zoltán BitskeyHUN3:09.2

Final (17 July 1924 — 15:00)

1Bob SkeltonUSA2:56.6
2Joseph De CombeBEL2:59.2
3Bill KirschbaumUSA3:01.0
4Bengt LindersSWE3:02.2
5Robert WyssSUI3:05.6