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Free Rifle, Three Positions, 300 metres, Team, Men

Date9 – 10 July 1908
LocationBisley Rifle Range, Bisley
Participants54 from 9 countries
Format300 metres. 6-man teams. 120 shots (40 standing, 40 kneeling, 40 prone) per shooter. Individual possible 1,200. Team possible 7,200.

This was the first shooting event contested at the 1908 Olympics. The match began on 9 July in clear, but windy weather. The wind quartered against the shooters from the left and teams using light rifles, especially Finland, were hampered. A variety of rifles were used. Finland used the light Mofferd rifle, Sweden used the Mauser government issue, Denmark used the Krag-Jørgensen, Greece and the Netherlands used the Mannlicher, while France used the Swiss Martini rifle. The wind died down during the afternoon and the shooting improved. Darkness fell, however, and the match could not be finished. It was concluded the next day in very wet, windy weather. The winning Norwegian team used private match rifles.

Albert Helgerud5,055874
Ole Sæther5,055865
Gudbrand Skatteboe5,055841
Olaf Sæter5,055840
Jul Braathe5,055826
Einar Liberg5,055809
Gustaf Adolf Jonsson4,711840
Per-Olof Arvidsson4,711812
Axel Jansson4,711801
Gustav-Adolf Sjöberg4,711760
Claës Rundberg4,711759
Janne Gustafsson4,711739
Léon Johnson4,652836
Eugène Balme4,652801
André Parmentier4,652773
Albert Courquin4,652768
Maurice Lecoq4,652756
Raoul, Count de Boigne4,652718
Lars Jørgen Madsen4,543816
Ole Olsen4,543754
Niels Christian Christensen4,543752
Christian Pedersen4,543748
Hans Schultz4,543748
Niels Andersen4,543725
Charles Paumier du Vergier4,509826
Paul Van Asbroeck4,509787
Ernest Ista4,509786
Henri Sauveur4,509766
Joseph Geens4,509740
Édouard Poty4,509604
6Great BritainGBR4,355
Jesse Wallingford4,355789
Harold Hawkins4,355776
Charles Churcher4,355760
Thomas Raddall4,355754
James Bostock4,355668
Robert Brown4,355608
Gerard van den Bergh4,130751
Christiaan Brosch4,130708
Cornelis van Altenburg4,130689
Antonie de Gee4,130684
Uilke Vuurman4,130653
Jan Brussaard4,130645
Frans Nässling3,962717
Gustaf Nyman3,962700
Heikki Huttunen3,962644
Voitto Kolho3,962642
Emil Nässling3,962637
Huvi Tuiskunen3,962622
Ioannis Theofilakis3,789712
Matthias Triantafyllidis3,789653
Alexandros Theofilakis3,789645
Georgios Orfanidis3,789622
Defkalion Rediadis3,789619
Fragkiskos Mavrommatis3,789538