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Small-Bore Rifle, Three Positions, 50 metres, Women

Date 2 August 1984 — 09:00-16:00
LocationPrado Recreational Area, Chino, California
Participants27 from 17 countries
Format50 metres. 60 shots, 20 shots prone, 20 kneeling, and 20 standing. 200 possible at each distance, 600 posible overall.

Two days before this event, Wu Xiaoxuan (CHN) had won a bronze medal in the women’s air rifle. Her gold medal in small-bore was the first ever won by a Chinese woman at the Olympics, and also made her the first Chinese female to win two Olympic medals. He victory was based primarily on her outstanding performance in the kneeling phase, at which she posted the highest score.

1Wu XiaoxuanCHN581197197187ORGold
2Ulrike HolmerFRG57819719019141Silver
3Wanda JewellUSA57819419518939Bronze
4Gloria ParmentierUSA576199190187
5Anne Grethe JeppesenNOR574196188190
6Jin DongxiangCHN571193195183
7Biserka VrbekYUG569196192181
8Mirjana JovovićYUG569196191182
9Christina GustafssonSWE569194191184
10Sarah CooperGBR568196192180
11Noriko KosaiJPN568193189186
=12Sigrid LangFRG567194193180
=12Sirpa YlönenFIN567192190185
14Margareta GustafssonSWE565200189176
15Karin BauerAUT564191191182
16Dominique EsnaultFRA563197183183
=17Soma DuttaIND562193185184
=17Siri LandsemNOR562195183184
19Sharon BowesCAN559195183181
=20Thiranun JindaTHA558192190176
=20Kim Yeong-MiKOR558198183177
22Christina SchulzeCAN554196190168
23Yvette CouraultFRA553193184176
24Go Yeong-HuiKOR552198184170
25Irene DawGBR551195180176
26Sylvia MuehlbergAUS549199177173
27Gladys de SeminarioPER540193180167